Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sallie over at Two Talent Living is having a blog contest.

Quiet Life is a finalist in two categories.

Sallie listed all of the blogs that were nominated along with the finalists.
This is quite a list! (I can not imagine making all of those links!) And I will be visiting many new blogs in the days to come!

So thank you for the nominations...whoever you are.
Voting ends Dec. 6th.

(I have some things to say about the categories I was nominated in....


And....I was tagged with the Seven Meme.
Of course, I altered it a little.
I am not tagging anyone.
Anyone who is interested in doing this...may do it :o)

Seven things to do before I die:

1. Work with the poor or with orphans in a mission setting
2. Go with Emma to the places we have studied
3. Enlarge my list of Classic's read
4. See our boys happily married to Godly women and our girls married to Godly men
5. Read the whole Bible
6. Lose the weight I gained with Katie
7. Live

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Lose weight since I had Katie
2. Control other people or circumstances
3. Imagine eating sushi or calamari
4. Clean enough (this is more a won't)
5. Imagine heaven
6. Memorize well
7. Lie

Seven things that attract me to my husband:

1. He loves me
2. He is passionate
3. He is a hard worker
4. He takes care of us
5. He is generous
6. He is growing in the Lord
7. He loves our children

Seven things I say most often:

1. I love you
2. You are so funny
3. Oh!
4. Emma
5. Katie
6. Wait
7. As soon as I finish this row

Seven books (or a series of books) I love:

1. Where the Red Fern Grows
2. The Princess Bride
3. To Kill A Mockingbird
4. Stepping Heavenward
5. Keep a Quiet Heart
6. A Prayer for Owen Meany
7. Seventeenth Summer

Seven Movies IÂ’d Watch Over and Over Again:

1. Pride and Prejudice
2. White Christmas
3. Sense and Sensibility
4. You've Got Mail
5. The Princess Bride
6. Parenthood
7. To Kill A Mockingbird

I sometimes prefer watching a movie the third and fourth time...even better than the first time through. It's like the 'Knots on a Counting Rope' book. You hear the story over and over until you know it by heart. There is something very comforting about that. Don't you think?

Katie is requesting I type in ''
She's been watching tv while I've been typing.
She often comes to me with web pages to find.

Kids these days :o)

Encourage one another,

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One of the very first entries I wrote for this blog was about how knitting takes courage.

Today I will share my belief that God created knitting in order to humble us.

You see, even tho I have been knitting most of my life, the idea of learning a new technique from a book is beyond me.

You see the hat above?

Where I joined the colors you will see gaps and knots (in the back) and messiness.

I am humbled by the my inability to understand the written explanation.

Set me next to someone who can show me...I am much more likely to understand.

So all of you beginning knitters out there. I understand.


I came to a good part of The Count of Monte Cristo last night. Edmond and Abbe' have meet. Abbe' has helped Edmond figure out why he was sent to jail without a trial by asking excellent, thoughtful questions. Edmond's innocence unravels as he realizes what has been done to him and by whom.


How about that green grass in the above picture?
It has been covered with white two times already this fall. But our strange weather has brought it back to green. Today the green is dusted with white again.



I am almost done with my fabulous mittens.
I hope the hat was my piece of knitting humble pie for the week.

Have mercy!

Encourage one another

Monday, November 28, 2005


I got a Christmas picture this weekend.
It is not perfect.
I don't coordinate outfits anymore.
I don't take two rolls of film anymore.

I've gotten soft.

Katie is highly distractible so being the photographer for this bunch is a character builder. My husband walks around behind me ( sticking out his tongue and acting very juvenile) and I yell at him to get away!

This takes all the self-control I can muster.

I had enough self-control for eight photos this year.

This photo is my favorite of the big kids.
Katie's the blooper.
So we will not be using this particular photo.

I'll share the real photo closer to Christmas :o)

Do you send a Christmas photo?
Have you ever done a clever set-up?

How about posting one of your favorite Christmas pictures on your blog today (or soon, at least :o)

I'd like that :o)

Let me know if you post!

Encourage one another,

Saturday, November 26, 2005

You never met a more naive girl in your life than the girl I was 25 years ago today.
I knew nothing of sacrifice.
Nothing about forgiveness.
Nothing about giving.
Nothing about self-control.
Nothing about trusting God.
Nothing about love.

I was so unprepared for marriage.

And we are.

I had a dream. A dream of a husband and children.
That dream has come true.

That dream has come true because of you, dear husband.

Looks like we made it.

Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

Ain't nothin' better
We beat the odds together
I'm glad we didn't listen
Look at what we would be missin'

(You're still the one)
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
(You're still the one)
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss goodnight

I'm so glad we made it
Look how far we've come my baby

Yeah...Sappy Shania Twain song...

I say it's our song.

Patrick isn't the type to pick a song, to be our song.
And I'm sure it wouldn't be a Shania Twain song...
he is more an Eagles or Rolling Stones kinda guy.

We may be about as different as two people can be...

But, what we do have in common is a deep sense of commitment, ability to forgive, love of our children, and abiding love for one another.

And laughter.

God has held us up and shown us the way.
At least that's the way I look at it :o)

And I think we are getting the hang of it.

Love seems the swiftest but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century. ~Mark Twain

Never feel remorse for what you have thought about your wife; she has thought much worse things about you. ~Jean Rostand, Le Mariage, 1927

Twenty-five years later I am not naive anymore.
I know something about sacrifice.
and forgiveness.
and giving.
and self-control.
and trusting God.
and love.

True Love takes on a much less naive and romantic bent when one looks up the word for 'true'.

Consistent with fact or reality; not false or erroneous.
Real; genuine. See Synonyms at authentic.
Reliable; accurate.
Faithful, as to a friend, vow, or cause; loyal.
Sincerely felt or expressed; unfeigned: true grief.

Love forever true.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Life is just like that.


and the Beast.

Or as little curly haired Emma would have said it, "Booty and the Geist"


Do you ever have the tendency to focus on the bad things that happen...and those 'bad' things get so big, they kind of over shadow the good things?

As I have been sitting here this morning thinking about what I want to say...only the nagging little bad things from yesterday kept coming to mind;
unkind comments and burnt stuffing to name two.

But then I thought I will make a list of beautiful things and a list of beastly things...and I remembered all of the good things about our Thanksgiving day.

The Beautiful Things

The boys are home.
Matthew has a hair cut and a shave.
Patrick Jr. laughs outloud, a lot, when he watches television.
Patrick Sr. had someone to talk sports with.
Emma asked if I needed help. (a little late...but she asked on her own)
Our children and the cousins all went bowling after dinner.
We are healthy.
Matthew loves thanksgiving dinner. He is fun to cook for.
The Pumpkin pies and cheesecake were well liked.
Hubby has a job...and I am privileged to stay home with the children.

See...lots and lots of good stuff.

Too many good things to even consider the small beasties.

So there will be no list of Beasties.

Who needs it anyway.

No wonder God is always telling us to renew our minds...and caste our be thankful...

He's a pretty smart Guy.

Have you ever noticed the holidays give us unlimited ways to improve our character?
On to Christmas....

Encourage one another,

(By the way....I forgot the stuffing in the stove. I think it cooked about two hours.)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

We Thank Thee

For flowers that bloom about our feet;
For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;
For song of bird, and hum of bee;
For all things fair we hear or see,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee.

For blue of stream and blue of sky;
For pleasant shade of branches high;
For fragrant air and cooling breeze;
For beauty of the blooming trees,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee.

~~Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882

O Lord, that lends me life,
Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness!

~~William Shakespeare 1564-1616

Encourage one another,

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Man....that illustration sure says a lot about our culture doesn't it?
It's brilliant, isn't it?


I am going to make a cheesecake for Thanksgiving, along with two pumpkin pies.
I know that sounds like a weird thing to make but both Emma and Patrick Jr. have mentioned that they love cheesecake so I will make one for them.

I am going to use a recipe I found here
I saw a show on the Food Network about Cheesecakes and this recipe stood out as the one to make. It uses a strange ingredient. Cottage Cheese. I think this may create a lighter cheesecake than the ones found in New York.
Cross your culinary fingers for me :o)


A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth.
Serve the LORD with gladness;
Come before Him with joyful singing.
Know that the LORD Himself is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;

We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.
Enter His gates with thanksgiving, And His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him; bless His name.
For the LORD is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting,
And His faithfulness to all generations.

~Psalm 100

Encourage one another,

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Online treasure

In searching the internet for pictures for the blog last night I came across The Baldwin Project.
I have been to this site before...a long time ago.

Below is a link to just one of the many online classics for children.
Thank you Baldwin Project :o)

Story of the Pilgrims

I noticed on Sandy's page yesterday that she had nice, big, cloth napkins on her Thanksgiving table.
(Your table looked very warm and inviting, Sandy)

Do you prefer cloth napkins?

I know, I do.

I have a few very old white napkins...and I can probably round up six. But it might be time for some new ones.

Where can one purchase those nice, big, restaurant-style napkins?


I made my first pumpkin pie on Sunday night. I used a store bought pie crust and whipped up the custardy insides from scratch. It turned out very well ( although it took ten minutes less than the called for time) Pumpkin pie is a family favorite so I am happy to know how to make it. It was super easy!

If you don't already have a pumpkin pie recipe and you would like one, let me know in the comments and I will post the one I made.

I sure like Thanksgiving!

Encourage one another,

Monday, November 21, 2005

Harvest Home

Come, ye thankful people, come,
Raise the song of harvest home:
All is safely gathered in,
Ere the winter storms begin;
God, our Maker, doth provide
For our wants to be supplied:
Come to God's own temple, come,
Raise the song of harvest home.

All the world is God's own field,
Fruit unto His praise to yield;
Wheat and tares together sown,
Unto joy or sorrow grown;
First the blade, and then the ear,
Then the full corn shall appear:
Lord of harvest, grant that we
Wholesome grain and pure may be.

For the Lord our God shall come,
And shall take His harvest home;
From His field shall in that day
All offenses purge away;
Give His angels charge at last
In the fire the tares to cast;
But the fruitful ears to store
In His garner evermore.

Even so, Lord, quickly come
To Thy final harvest home;
Gather Thou Thy people in,
Free from sorrow, free from sin;
There, forever purified,
In Thy presence to abide:
Come, with all Thine angels, come,
Raise the glorious harvest home.

~~Henry Alford, 1810-1871

Harvest Home and We Gather Together are my favorite Thanksgiving hymns.
We sang them in church and at school.

We had a wonderful Music class in Wheaton. It wasn't choir, it was Music class.
We sat in desks, in rows, and stood with our Music books and sang. We did not sing in parts. We may have sung in rounds from time to time.

We sang traditional songs.

I remember singing songs from Sound of Music, National Anthems, Thanksgiving songs and A Bicycle Built for Two (turn of the century songs).

That class is a very vague memory.
But the songs remain.
And I still love them.

Music is a magical thing.


Go over and visit Linda's scrapbook page.
I love to see how people express their creativity.
Linda's scrapbook pages are amazing.


This week we wait for Wednesday when the boys will come home.
The excitement in my heart is building.

Janie's daughter is out of Iraq and heading home to her family and her country after a year of difficult and dangerous service. Janie has had to be so brave this past year. I personally think it would be too much for me to bare to have my child in constant peril for so long. I know absolutely that I could not do it without God's tremendous comfort. It would be a time when I knew for sure that God was doing all the work...and I would be carried by Him. Cause that's the only way I could handle such stress.

A very special Thanksgiving to Janie and her family.
Emily is on her way home...Emily is on her way home.
To God be the Glory
Great things He hath done.


So tell us about your stuffing/dressing.
We do not use corn bread here in the North.
But it seems pretty popular on the cooking channel.
I love stuffing....and I am the only one who eats it in my family. Isn't that sad.
Mrs. Boucher loved my stuffing. I miss that about her.

Encourage one another,

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Yesterday was so fun jumping back and forth between Janet's blog and mine!
I was thrilled she received so many welcoming comments!
Thank you for visiting and encouraging her!

I never doubted it for a minute :o)


Emma went to a costume party last night.
She dressed in her regular clothes and we pinned a black shoe box on her back.
That's it.
She won most creative costume.

Can you guess what she was?

I'll answer in the comments.


I made Janet's delicious soup last night. I tried two new things with that recipe; Italian sausage and fresh spinach.
Both were easy to use and quite tasty.


Katie is sleeping in her own bed and feeling better.
She still cringes when I say the word 'smoke'...
But she is learning how to deal with her fears and for that I am very thankful!

Emma is having much more success with her Algebra 2/Dive Cd's. I mentioned at the beginning of the year that she was struggling. She seems to have settled into her Algebra routine and is not having any trouble understanding the material!

I think she was just adjusting to serious study after a summer off.

Good to know.

Well...I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thanksgiving and our 25th Anniversary are just around the corner!
Time flies!

Encourage one another,

Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Feast

When do you feel impatient?

How many times in your life have you had a broken heart?

Name a book you would like to see made into a movie.

Main Course
If you could thank one teacher for what they taught you, who would it be and what would you thank them for?

What is your favorite kind of pie?

Show us your quilts!

Kim has requested we show her our quilts.
(I met Kim by following her link in my comments! We have a lot in common!)

This one turned out just how I wanted it to look....and I love it for that. It was also my most difficult quilt to piece.

This is Emma's baby quilt. I loved the bunny fabric for my little girly.
You know how I love yarn....I love fabric just as much :o)


Someone else you can finally visit is....drumroll please....

Just Janet

Yep! That's our little Janet. My sweet baby sister!
She set up a blog so that she could comment at certain other blogs...

And well, I nagged her to post something. And she finally did!

She says she will not be posting often..but I spied a soup recipe over there this morning!

Please go and say hello to Janet and leave her a comment! Perhaps this will encourage her to share more of her wit, wisdom...and food!

Well....that's all folks!
See ya in the comments!

Encourage one another,

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm as corny as Kansas in August,
High as a flag on the Fourth of July!
If you'll excuse an expression I use,

I'm in love, I'm in love,
I'm in love, I'm in love,
I'm in love with a wonderful yarn!

This is sock yarn and was meant for socks...but well the ankle was the size of my wrist so that solved that. Tis now a mitten.

I have sworn off variegated hand-dyed yarns since they pool in Oh such weird ways...and that does not suit my personality.
But hand-dyed self-striping yarn...there you have my true love.

I give to you and you give to me,
True love, true love.
So on and on it'll always be,
True love, true love.
For you and I
Have a guardian angel on high,
With nothin' to do.
But to give to you and to give to me,
Love forever true.

Okay....there you have two musical quotes....
It is very easy...
What movies are the above songs from?


Janet will post the answer to the "To Kill A Mockingbird" question in the comments today. (Okay, Janet :o)


Now about the new Pride and Prejudice movie.
I was NOT going to see it.
BUT...I have now heard two glowing reviews from two people I respect. Diane from
Circle of Quiet
and Emily from my sign language class. Both women have seen the magnificent BBC production...and still enjoyed the new version very much.

So go we must! Emma and I will find a theater and go this weekend!

Tell us if you have seen the movie and what you thought of it!
Please :o)

And speaking of sign language. I taught the girls The Lord's Prayer and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer yesterday. Very fun!

Encourage one another,

And thank you for the wonderful comments!
I enjoy every one!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Do you know what I just love?
I love when my children read a book I recommend, and love it too.

(And I love when they love a movie that I love too :o)

Emma is currently reading "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett. This is not a masterpiece of fiction. But I thought it was interesting historical fiction and remember really liking it...oh say...12 years ago.
And how do I know she is loving it? She totes it around the house and reads it at every spare moment. Just like me :o)
Many books stay up on the nightstand; where they are read dutifully, every night.
But a book that makes it out of the bedroom. That's a keeper.

I borrowed "The Count of Monte Cristo" from the library yesterday. I have decided it is time to read this hefty tome. I have read quite a bit of fluff lately and I have enjoyed it, but my sister Janet's enthusiasm over reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" has given me a little literary push. (I love when my sisters read a book that I love too :o)

You see Janet has never read "To Kill A Mockingbird" before and she loved it so much and thinks it was the best book she has ever read. And, you know, it is great fun discussing a classic.

And maybe that is the key to a classic. That it is well written and it has ideas.

Fluff is not discussed well. A classic is.

And maybe that is why "Angela's Ashes" is a classic. Because even though I hated that book...I hated it because it caused me such anguish. And I am still thinking about it and discussing it.

A book club would be fun wouldn't it?
I know I would love it.
I know I could just read books with Emma and discuss them, but I have a hard time coming up with the questions.
I like those thoughtful kinds of questions.

(I'm starting to feel like Winnie the Pooh :o)

In "To Kill A Mockingbird", was the mockingbird, Jem, Boo or Tom?
(Janet, was there a fourth name?)

Now that is a good question. I like thinking about it.

I think I need a literary do over.

Anyone want to read The Count of Monte Cristo with me?

I am going to savor it.

Did I ever tell you I was a late bloomer?

Encourage one another,

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We are here.
We are here.
We are heeeerrrrreeee.


For the last few days we have been in Omaha visiting Patrick and Matthew.
And I just can't announce it on this blog when all of us are going to be away from the house.
I am sorry to worry you :o(

Perhaps we need a code.
My sister Sue thinks I need to figure out how to set up automatic blogging for the days I am away.

I'm not sure what to do.

But it was pretty sweet that both Janet and Sue called last night to check in with me.

Both of the boys are doing very well.

We have not been to Omaha since Patrick graduated from college a year and a half ago. So we got to see his apartment. It was much cleaner than I thought it would be :o) Patrick is filling out a little. I think he must weigh over 150 now :o)

Matthew's room at college (Grace University) is messy. The only thing that indicates that he lives there is his down quilt and his Packer football helmet.
Matthew's appearance is also very messy. He is not cutting his hair AND he says his dorm is celebrating "No shave November." I hope they have an "All shave December."

Knowing Matthew tho, now that he knows his hairiness bothers me....he will never shave again. And really...I don't have a big problem with long hair on men. He just looks messy.

We did meet Matthew's girlfriend Melinda over the weekend. She is a very sweet girl and I liked her right away. She spent much of the weekend with us. She comments here at the I have gotten to know her a little over the last few months. Matthew is extremely private so it's a good thing that Melinda is friendly and open.
I think she would have remained his secret if I wasn't so nosey tho.

Matthew and Katie

Windy Football Game

This is Dodge St. They are constructing a highway right over the existing street.

I found this facinating!

We stayed at the Old Market Embassy Suites. We like it there. The hotel is right across from the old section of Omaha. There are brick streets and old brick buildings. They hang twinkly lights from some of the buildings and there are many stores in which to shop.

We however did not shop.

We went to the High School State football game.
We went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant. (Where they cook right in front of you.
It was entertaining and the food was very good.)
We went to a big mega church where they have people directing parking traffic.
We walked around a big mall.
Patrick, Emma and Katie swam a bit.
The men went to a sports bar to watch the Packers beat the Falcons.
We walked around Old Market.

Just regular stuff.

I just can't believe the boys are gone...
I wish I could make them live nearby...
But you can't make 'em do stuff when they are older...

So don't let you children leave your side, ever.
Cause they might not come back.

Wait. That doesn't work, does it.

Too bad.

I wish.....

Encourage one another,

Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday Feast

If someone made a statue of you, in which pose would you like to be?

Name something that you don't believe?

Name something satisfying about your work.

Main Course
What was the last excuse you made, and why did you need to make it?

Complete this sentence: I wonder why _________________.


Emma taught Katie to tie her shoes yesterday. It was very sweet to listen in on it.
They hit a little snag...and I offered some advice and encouragement...and soon Katie was tying away.


Katie may be becoming a perfectionist...but Emma is becoming silly!

These girls always have a blast with my digital camera!

Do you remember what you were like at 16?

I remember like it was yesterday!

Encourage one another,

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Do you remember last January when our identity was stolen? When ten-thousand dollars was written on our checks?

Well, today we were all set to go to the Dane County courthouse to answer the D.A.'s questions. The court date was set for Tuesday Nov. 15.

Last night we received a call from the D.A.'s assistant informing us that Old What's Her Name has taken the plea. She does not want to go to trial and is taking whatever they have to offer. Which I don't know yet. (Cause I was listening to a message on the machine and not LIVE)

I do hope she has to serve SOME time.
Can you imagine causing so much havoc for so many and stealing from so many others...and not going to jail?

I would have liked going the trial. We would have had to testify.
Bong. Bong.

I could have taken Old What's Her Name her mail.
Her Sam's club card is almost expired. You know, the one with my name and address on it.
Bong. Bong.

I could have gone up to the Target Rep and asked them if I could now write checks in their store that they can see, I am a different person than Old What's Her Name.

Bong. Bong.

I coulda been a contenda. I coulda been somebody.
Oops. Wrong Show.

It woulda been interesting and a little exciting.
Ah well.


Did anyone else see the Steve Martin special on PBS last night?
Oh was it good! Steve was receiving The Mark Twain Humor Award for comedy at the Kennedy Center. Tom Hanks, Martin Short, Dave Barry and Larry David were especially funny in honoring Martin. Diane Keaton sang "The Way You Look Tonight." It was simply lovely.

Interested in reading more about the show? Read here.


I am using The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading by Jesse Wise with Katie this fall. Last night at dinner Katie started singing one of the little songs from the book.

Old McDonald had a farm
And on this farm he had an /a/
What an /a/, /a/, here...

(You get the drift:short vowel sounds)

I am very happy with this program for Katie. It fits her quite well.


So that's my life.
Still Quiet.

Encourage one another,

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The wind is gusting so hard it is making the doors rattle and the house crackle.
Did I tell you we have a very noisy house? We have vinyl siding and that stuff creaks, peeps and squeaks. I have wondered if there are mice or bats in the walls due to all of the squeaking. Weird.
Who knew?

Thank you for all of the great advice about vacuums and nightmares.

Katie jumped and startled only once last night...and so did I :o)
She did not need any comforting by that was nice that she wasn't too frightened.
Neither of us remember our scary dreams this morning.

We are memorizing "I will lie down and sleep in peace,
for you alone O lord make me dwell in safety."

I have ordered Miss Spider's Tea Party, Miss Spider's Wedding...and two other Miss Spider books from the library.

We talked and prayed and talked some more about it last night...

I think the spray bottle is a clever and great idea...I just didn't get around to that one yet :o)

About the vacuums...

I still don't know how one would empty the Dyson. Do you dump the dirt and dust right from the machine into the garbage can?

(I have a bagless machine and do not like the dust floating everywhere when I empty the canister....and scrape at the little filters. Ew. It is much messier than a paper vacuum bag. for me.)

So come on Dyson owners, fess up.
What's the scoop?


Here are socks made from the yarn Sister Sue sent me for my birthday.
Aren't they fun! I decided, on purpose, not to match them. There is enough yarn left to make at least one more pair of socks. We really like this style of sock in our house (the anklet) and they are pretty quick to knit.
Which I like :o)
Emma especially likes I am sure we will be sharing them :o)

Opal Yarn
Size Two needles


And speaking of anklets.

The first day of school in Wheaton (I was in 5th grade) I was informed by Janet Bitterman that,
"We do not wear anklets, we wear knee socks!"

I was so embarrassed, and kinda surprised that someone could be so snooty to me.
When I got home I told my mom...
And she bought me some knee socks.

Thanks Mom :o)

You never know what your children will remember about you, what they will appreciate.

Encourage one another,


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This and That

Sally left this comment over the weekend;

Would you ask your readers about what vacuum they have, and if they like it?!? Mine died, and I need to go buy a new one. My husband wants to get a Dyson, but they are $$ and I don't know anyone who has one. I'd love to hear what the general public thinks! Thanks, Sally

Can you help Sally out?
Leave a comment.

I have had terrible luck with appliances. Especially vacuums. So I can not give any advice.


I need a little advice on handling nightmares.

Katie has been sleeping with me because of a frightening movie she saw a month ago...and last night she had a scary dream about spiders. This is her recurring dream and she just told me the spider is always sitting on her stomach. So when she wakes up, she sits up and looks for the spider. For a long time.
Last night, I was quite daft.
Couldn't form words, I was so sleepy.
After mumbling, 'It's just a dream...there are no spiders'
And after about five more minutes of fretting,
I sent her to her bedroom to sleep.
I heard a little whimpering but she managed to make it until 'the first number on the clock is a seven.'

I usually say a prayer with her, but last night I was too sleepy to think of it.

Any other ideas to handle these middle of the night fears?


So vacuums and nightmares. What do you think?

Encourage one another,

Monday, November 07, 2005

Dear Friends,

Two weeks ago, for a whole week, I had a difficult time blogging. Nothing horrible was happening, I just felt blah.

I gave it some thought, said a little prayer, and continued on.

And then Julie D. posted her Frappr map and I decided to copy her :o)

That little map has been such a blessing and joy to me. I love seeing your faces and reading your too kind comments.

I find it amazing that people are touched by what I have to share.
It's humbling.

It's hard for me to accept such praise, since this blog is just the 'good parts version' of me.

When I hear a compliment I think...'if they only knew how messy my counter is...
when I last vacuumed the stairs....if they only knew...

...and yesterday, I 'dropped the basket' just before leaving for church. (I couldn't find some important papers and basically lost my temper (my mind)) I acted like the big ole sinner that I am.

For shame :o(

But I suppose many of you are just like me.

Trying...Praying...Succeeding....Failing...Asking for forgiveness...

Dropping your baskets,
And picking them back up again.

May this place encourage you to live all of it... joyfully!
It's the only way :o)

Thank you all for cheering me along.


Fish Teens at the Ronald McDonald House

Our willing workers.

Striking a pose.

Katie had a Princess birthday party to attend Sunday afternoon. She wore her Princess outfit for two days straight :o)

Encourage one another. Again.


Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls:

Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.
~Habakkuk 3:17-18

p.s. I am not fishing for compliments. That would only embarrass me :o)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

1923 New Hampshire
Gathering Leaves
by Robert Frost

Spades take up leaves
No better than spoons,
And bags full of leaves
Are light as balloons.

I make a great noise
Of rustling all day
Like rabbit and deer
Running away.

But the mountains I raise
Elude my embrace,
Flowing over my arms
And into my face.

I may load and unload
Again and again
Till I fill the whole shed,
And what have I then?

Next to nothing for weight,
And since they grew duller
From contact with earth,
Next to nothing for color.

Next to nothing for use.
But a crop is a crop,
And who's to say where
The harvest shall stop?

Poem submitted by Lynn in Wi.


Sandy at Maple Grove has written an encouraging post about homeschooling through high school...
Homeschooling through high school


I wish we could still burn our leaves in the street.
There is so much right about burning your own leaves.
No plastic bags. No waste. No gigantic, gas guzzling, labor intensive refuse truck.
Just a pleasant, aromatic, quiet burn.

Things have gotten too complicated, haven't they?


Today is our (homeschool teens) Ronald McDonald House service project. I am really looking forward to this opportunity. We are serving; Chicken casserole (with biscuits on top), tossed salad, rolls and desserts.

The hard part is done, the organizing.

Can't wait to get started :o)

Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.
~Martin Luther King Jr.

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men,
~Ephesians 6:7

Have a great weekend!

Encourage one another,

Friday, November 04, 2005

Musical Friday Five

1) What was the first song you remember hearing and enjoying on the radio?

2) If you could only listen to five CDs for a year, which five would they be? (Boxed sets can count as one CD. Sigh.)

3) What was your favorite year, music-wise?

4) If you could witness one historical music event through all time, what would you pick, and why?

5) Do you have a song that never fails to cheer you up? What is it and why does it do that for you?

When we moved to Wheaton, when I was in the 5th grade, I got my own clock radio.
I started listening to music of my choice around this time; mostly at bedtime and around the pool in the summer.

(Midnight at the Oasis...get your camel to bed)

Our parents loved music and we listened with them in the car, on the stereo in the family room, and watched performers on television.

Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis and Herb Albert and the Tiauana Brass were very popular at our home.

The first 45 I bought with my own money (given to me by my mother, not earned) was Love is Blue. (I also remember buying Precious and Few)


I also loved American Bandstand! I watched every Saturday.
And well...I watched Soul Train too. Wooooooooooooo.

And the Jackson 5 cartoon...and the Osmond cartoon...and the Monkees....

And there was even a Jewish television show on Sunday morning that I watched....

Oh. my. goodness.

Is there anyone else that watched as much television as me???

Chauncey Gardner, perhaps?


Don't forget to add yourself to the Quiet Life Frappr Map.

Isn't this great fun!

Thanks for playing and thanks for de-lurking :o)

Encourage one another,

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Oh, this could be a very fun day on the old blog!

How would you like to see where everyone lives...who visits Quiet Life?
A new mapping tool is making it's way around the internet.

Here is my map. I am all alone :o)

Quiet Life Frappr Map

Go on over and add yourself to the Quiet Life map!

If you do not want your exact city listed, choose the zip code of a large/different city nearby.

I love to stare at this map and name the big cities that glow, bright in the night.

I see Omaha.

And about the Frappr map...I would love to see your faces...but if that is not possible, just add your town and leave a little note!


Encourage one another,

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Seen and Heard

I finished reading The Nanny Diaries a few nights ago.
I knew it was fluff going into it.
So when I closed the book, I was a little depressed and thought,

Is that all there is?
Is that all there is?

It was fun being a voyeur. Peeking at the ultra rich being ultra ridiculous, self-loving and rude.
But at the end of the book when Nanny doesn't even tell Mrs. X off and walks out the door with her tail between her legs...and nothing changes or is learned...well...yuck.

So I read- which is good.
I thought-yeah, I thought, 'why am I reading this'.
And I learned-choose your books more wisely Donna.

There are too many great books to read...
And I am not the fastest reader :o)


And then yesterday, Emma and I watched "Sunday in the Park with George."
This is the Pulitzer Prize winning Steven Sondheim play about Geroge Seurat.

It was rich, and layered and thought provoking.
I highly recommend it! Especially to Art History students....and students of theater.

And the set direction in the play is remarkable and clever and worth the price of the ticket :o)
(We had fun sitting with a copy of the original painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte." while we were watching the play)

This is the kind of play that grows on you.
And leaves you thinking.

After about an hour of watching the play I say to Katie (who has been running in and out of the room) Do you know, that man is Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride?
(Katie and Emma just watched The Princess Bride, last weekend)
And Emma says, "It is?"

Now I must dig out my dusty old Mandy Patinkin tapes so Emma can hear more of Mandy's beautiful singing.


How many of you managed to stay dry eyed at the end of The Amazing Race last night?
So sad to see this sweet family and their nice little children go. I hope they got to stay and visit and rest up before heading home.

There I go...always looking for the happy ending.

Encourage one another,

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

You must go see Alison's Thing One and Thing Two.
She designed and knit these darling costumes, and finished them just in time!

The Blue Blog

We had the most perfect night for trick or treating. The weather was warm (50's) and dry. I walked along with three other moms and Katie and her friends (mostly new friends...cause when you are Katie everyone is a potential friend) dashed from house to mom to next house with glee. The children really care about each piece of candy!
"It's a KitKat!"
"It's dark chocolate."
"It has nuts"

So exciting!

And aerobic ;o)

I was sure we would come home with holes in those brand new white tights. But, they survived without incident!

Clean bill of health :o)
No cavities....but one slightly wiggly bottom tooth.
Man, the excitement never ends around here :o)

I'm so thankful that I learned to enjoy the simple things in life from my mother.

I learned, every day has treasure just waiting to be found.
Treasures that would disappear if I forgot to look for them.

I hope you are looking for and appreciating the simple things your life has to offer!
(And for Alison that would be....Thing One and Thing Two! he he)


Encourage one another,