Saturday, March 24, 2018

Say Yes to the "dress".

With Emma's wedding creeping closer I needed to pick out something to wear.

In my mind, only one thing looks good on me.  My black Chico pants and a blousey (maternity) top.
I do not like cling.  I have not worn a dress or skirt in years as my big tummy just makes this impossible.  So I wear my black pants ( I have four pair) every day.
I'm okay with a uniform.  Really I am.  If someone hates this about me.  I really can't think about it.

It is, what it is.

So as I looked thru Nordstrom and J. Jill and Gap and Talbots and Neiman Marcus online...I kept putting dresses and tops in my checkout bag...but I couldn't do it.  I couldn't click 'buy'.

So Monday I ran to the local Talbots.  I tried on a pretty blue top I saw on the website...and they had the pretty blue shell to go with it.   I even picked out a rehearsal dinner blouse.

They fit.
I bought them.
I was happy.

But I had this strange feeling.  The feeling I was a Golden Girl.

Here is what I will be wearing.

I will wear black shoes. 

Golden Girl or not.  I will be comfortable and happy.

Until Thursday.

When Kate Middleton wore this cream coat to her final engagement before baby #3 is born.

Now, granted, Kate is pregnant.... But she looks wonderful and not at all like a Golden Girl in a polyester pant suit.

It made me so very happy.
Thanks Kate for having superb style and helping me feel better about my wedding outfit.

In conclusion.
I'd rather look pregnant than old.


And as for Emma's dress.  It came last week, all the way from China.
It fits her absolutely perfectly.  I think it's gorgeous.
So, that's a big ....sigh.

Two weeks from today.
At this very moment.

For as long as they both shall live.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

product review

It's a whole new world...

I am low on time and energy to cook lately.
The Easy Chef has turned into the Absent Chef.

But I have a new trick that saves me time and the quality is the same...and that is a big win!

Like you can see on the package this rice takes only ninety seconds in the microwave!  

When I make an old fashioned chicken casserole I use a roasted chicken from the grocery store and this rice.  Chop a few veggies and throw in the other ingredients.  
Fast and easy.
I also add rice to my regular can of tomato soup.  I add diced tomatoes from a can and a splash of white wine.  Spruces up a bland bowl of soup.

So last week when I saw NOODLES in an envelope I was very excited!

But sadly these were yucky.  There was an odd taste and they were dry.  Boo.

My favorite thing to eat lately is Mezzetta marinara with Whole Garlic and Sweet Basil.
This is why I needed those noodles.  But alas, I will keep making my noodles in a pan on the stove.

This sauce is very mild.  I like my sauces to taste like sweet fresh tomatoes and not strong spices.
I find it at Target on the top shelf with all the other fancy marinaras.

I've also been trying Stouffer's dishes on Patrick and he is not a fan of the Salisbury Steak as I hoped he would.  He eats frozen fish, hamburgers and tonight...pork chops in the crock pot.


So anyway, I thought I'd pass on this thrilling product review.

Bon Appetit!


Monday, March 05, 2018

Academy Awards Red Carpet 2018

The ladies looked lovely last night at the Oscars.
Here are my favorites in no particular order. 
I haven't picked my fave yet....I will by the end of the post!

Mary J. Blige

Her perfect figure and amazing fit!  I love the bodice.

Here is director Greta Gerwig, she wrote and directed Lady Bird.
She did not win but she was so very happy for the other winners.
I love this dress.

Gina Rodriguez wearing a gorgeous gown?
She is perfection.  That smile!

Margot Robbie looked stunning in her Chanel dress.  Sorry for the crummy picture.  It was hard to find a good picture that showed the details of her very white dress.   
I would sit in something, like chocolate on the way to the show, or splatter spaghetti sauce on this dress.  One hundred percent.

The announcers lost their minds when Nicole Kidman walked up.  They thought her dress was the most fabulous thing they ever saw.  I love the fabric, fit, shoes, color, cut....
I loved everything...but the bow.
It's so Dynasty.  

Flash from the past!
BTW...I think I saw Joan Collins at the show!

I love this pretty dress on Alison Williams.

Elie Saab.  I will always find an Elie Saab dress to love.
This gal is Zoey Deutch.  I don't know who she is.  But love her style.

Young Zendaya wore one of the most unique dresses and colors.
I LOVE this!! 
Beautiful bracelet too!
Stunning makeup.  

This is Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman.
This dress moved beautifully.  That's fringe at the bottom.
Her necklace is perfection.

My favorite ball gown was worn by Mira Sorvino.  She has not been on the scene lately.  But I seem to remember that she has GREAT taste and wears clothes wonderfully.

In a year of whites and nudes and blushes....

I think my favorite dress was Greta's lovely yellow dress by Rodarte.
A sunny yellow sparkly dress is a pretty sight as March roars in this morning.

Happy Red Carpet friends!

What dresses did you like?

Donna Boo

Sunday, March 04, 2018

We were together...

I have been choosing pictures for a rehearsal slideshow....
What a fun job :o)

James' aunt is putting it together!  Can you imagine I have never made a slide show?!

I have the baby years and high school college years, Emma has the middle years mostly grabbed from her school years scrapbook.  

Emma and James better not pick a super sentimental song to go with it or we will all be blubbering.


James wants to raise goats someday...

Crazy faces are Emma's speciality.

Cindy having her first solids at Aunt Cindy' Columbia Mo.  

We were together,
I forget the rest.

donna boo