Saturday, May 11, 2019

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Again

I don't want to use plastic.  I'm heartbroken and disgusted when I see the ocean filled with plastic,
Who ever allowed this practice of dumping trash in the ocean?  I honestly can not imagine this being okay with anyone.  I do not think it should be legal and it makes me mad and sad.

For a while now I have been using my reusable cup and straw from Starbucks.  (I think it is absolutely stupid that plastic straws being 'banned' but not plastic cups and lids and silverware and bags.)  

I decided to write this post because the gal at Starbucks forgot to give me my ten cent rebate for using the cup...and she said it was because no one does it.  I thought, gosh, that's all we hear on the news everyday...the environment...the planet...terrible...extinction.....

Yet, this simple task of bringing a cup is not catching on.

I have not figured much out about this yet, but I will share with you that I bring my cup and I use reusable bags.

I use to use one plastic bag a day.  I went to get my chai and then I would pick up a few things from Target.  That's 365 bags a year.  Just me.  Not Katie.  Not Patrick.  I now carry two or three reusable bags with me.  It's so easy.  It has finally become a habit.  I get a small rebate.  I am happy that today I did not throw a bag in the ocean. I would never do that! Would you? 

Instead of a reusable bag, Katie has been taking my old Longaberger Market basket with her.
That a girl!  

Our plastic is not being recycled like we may think it is.
Apparently aluminum is the way to go.  It is being recycled.
Go Pop.  Go Beer.  haha.
Now there is drinking water in aluminum.  I have not tried it yet.

(On another side note....what did we do when we were little?  We drank out of water fountains.  We lined up after recess and got a messy gulp of water.)

I am not a big water drinker, but Katie is in the habit of carrying her own water bottle.  It is not such a hard thing to do.  She also carries little silicon straws with her. (I am trying to remember to say, "no straws, please".)

Also in the picture of the straws in a reused Patagonia jacket!  This cute coat was first worn by one or two of Nancy's girls.  It is at least 20 years old as it was worn by Emma too!!  
This is the most excellent way to reuse!!  LOVE hand-me-downs!!!
Katie buys a lot of her clothes used at Good Will or on Etsy.  She has gotten a cute pair of high waisted hounds tooth pants and a plaid kilt skirt!

Reducing comes easily for me....well...not weight.. Bwahahaha....
But really I don't mind wearing the same shirts and pants until they fall apart or are STAINED!
(Look at my instagram will see what I mean.)

I once asked my friend Camy what she thought the best diet was, out of all the different choices.

You know what she said?

Eat less food.

And I wrote it down and put it on my fridge.

And in our consumer society....the best and most radical thing I can say to clean up our beautiful planet,  our stunning oceans is:

Buy less stuff.

These are the little things I am doing. And I thought maybe I can encourage one or two of you to get a reusable cup or reusable bag.  
It's not so hard.

I am haunted by plastic in the ocean.

What tricks or tips do you have that can help us use less plastic and create less waste?
I'll bet someone has a "net" bag for produce. 

Please share in the comments!

Encourage one another,

Monday, May 06, 2019

The happiest days....

It's a boy.

Prince Harry and his beloved Meghan had a baby today!
The baby was born at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.  Meghan's mom was there.
So it seems she had a home birth!  How about that?

The baby boy was over due and weighed 7 lbs 3 oz.

Everyone I have spoken to was sure it was a girl.
I was too.
So that was a really fun surprise.

Now!  What do you think the name will be?  I had my girl names...but not my boy names.

So the Royal names are


I don't know if Meghan will be able to squeeze in a more modern, American name...
We shall see.

I like Albert, Bertie.
I think Harry would be fond of the name Philip.  He likes his grandpa.

What do you think?
Any ideas?

God bless the newest Royal baby!!!
Happy Day!