Saturday, April 22, 2017

love shining down

                               The Starry Night Over the Rhone, 1988 by Van Gogh

Perhaps they are not stars but rather
openings in Heaven
where the love of our lost ones shines down to let us know
that they are happy.

Eskimo Legend

Encourage one another,

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Little Katie posing like a Degas ballerina.

We went to the Art Institute last Saturday.  I'm sure Katie does not remember this picture...
But she LOVES the art institute now...with a passion.  
Both of my girls have become great lovers of art.
Katie is rather emotional about it.
She cried her way thru the museum.  
So many friends seen for the first time...or at least with new eyes.

Today is the most gorgeous day.  It is nearing the 70's and the sun is shinning.
The screen door is wide open and I have in heaven.

Ten years ago we went to Paris.
We loved everything about Paris.
Even the rain did not dampen our spirits!

I traveled three weeks in a row in March.
First I went to Columbia Missouri with my sister Cindy for a baby shower for our niece's baby shower.  Sue's daughter in law and son Wesley are expecting a little girl soon.  We wanted to let them know how happy we were for them and show them some Auntie love in person.
Then Katie and I drove to Omaha for Melinda's Nursing School graduation!!!
We are just so happy and proud of Melinda!  She passed her boards this week too!!!  So all sorts of great things going on in Omaha!  The boys were adorable!  So is their dad.

Last weekend Emma turned twenty-eight. She wrote me and said
"Come to Chicago for my birthday and get matching tattoos."

I told her I would come...but would have to think about that whole tattoo thing.
Emma has two. I have never wanted one.  
But I can not say no to my little red headed girl.
And I figured that I am so old, what does it matter if I die with some ink on my arm.

And so.

Friday night we got matching tattoos.

Our tattoo says,

"hey boo"

Mine is at my wrist.
Katie created the font.

It hurt like the dickens.

So now you know!
I'm a wild and crazy mom.

Love you lots, friends.
Any secret tattoos our there I don't know about?

Donna Elsie.