Friday, February 27, 2015

in its time

San Francisco 2011

He has made everything beautiful in its time.  He has also set eternity in the hearts of men...
~Ecclesiastes 3:11

Donna Elsie

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I love pictures

I love photography.
Is there a better reason than this picture taken in 1960.

Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.
 ~Henri Cartier-Bresson

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

OY dot net

This is how I feel today.
I have been having very bad website struggles.

Blu Domain lost my domain name.
They stink.
Do not work with Blu Domain.  Ever. 

Patrick helped me purchase

Try going there and see if you can get to it.

I have my doubts.

The few people I take pictures for now are friends and family but I still like to have a place to show them the pictures.  My website worked for that. 

So yeah.  I was never cut out for business and the stress this causes me is overwhelming.


Let's talk about Downton.

Distraction please.

Anna and Bates.  Make it stop.
Doggie is dead.  Moving on.
It amuses me the things that go on 'off screen'.
The clothes were sumptuous and abundant.  I hardly take note, isn't that funny.  The styles are so unflattering.  The coats are quite modern now tho aren't they?
I wonder if Downton will jump ahead many years to WWII?
The blatant anti-semitism is shocking. 
I think Tom is really going.
Susan is just nasty.
So is Atticus' scary looking father.  He must have played a very bad guy in a movie I've seen.
Will Mrs Patmore end up with Daisy's father in law.  I am sure that is a huge stretch.
I think the Dowagers maid is bad news and that the goofy butler may have excuses for his distrust of her.
Oh.  I can't think straight today.

Please come and tell me your funny and smart observations about Sunday nights show.
I could use a laugh.

Donna Elsie
dot net

Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Hi friends!  My red carpet review is a bit short this year.  I was gone for most of the show and recorded it so I rushed my way thru the red carpet and the show.  Here are the dresses that I liked well enough to go scouting for this morning.
Some people are very hard to find especially Idina Menzel.  She was a favorite and she happened to be in a bit with John Travolta that was my favorite part of the show.  After some work, I found the clip.
I'll comment a bit more on that below!

Here goes.

Keira Knightly in Valentino
You knew I would like this odd dress didn't you?
I luff her.

I bet you didn't know but black with that blue is my favorite combination. 

This is Cate Blanchett in John Galliano dress and Tiffany necklace.

Here is one for you lovers of red.  Rosamund Pike in Givenchy.
I adore that scalloped neckline.  I love scallops.

Our friend Jen.  She's amazing.

Chloe Maretz in Miu Miu.
I love this gorgeous fabric.  The shiloutte is a bit odd from the front. It looked a little Martha Washington.  But I didn't care.  I loved it anyway.

Sienna Miller in Oscar de la Renta.  I like the bows and the neckline.

Idina's red top, tiny waist and black skirt were perfect as was her makeup.  She was lovely.
John was scary weird, with that chain around his neck and glued on toupee.
He used to be my absolute favorite.  But it's been a long time since I've looked at him as anything other than a weird dude.
The way he kept touching her face.  ICK Factor.

Felicity Jones from The Theory of Everything.  She is very tiny but she can pull off this grand dress very well.  I'd say it's my favorite.  It is Alexander McQueen.  

So there you go.
Did you watch? What did you like about the show and the dresses?
I can guess what many of you liked.
(Can you believe I didn't love gorgeous Jennifer Lopez and her Elie Saab dress.  Not a good color in my opinion.)

Happy Monday.

Downton Abbey talk tomorrow.

Love ya,
Donna Elsie

Friday, February 20, 2015

Learn to draw.

This morning I followed a link on Twitter to Melissa Wiley's blog.  Melissa is a children's book author and besides that I think she is smart and really cool.  Today's tweet sent me to the post she wrote about learning to draw with her children.
Her drawing adventure is encouraging, informative and inspiring.

cultivating-family-art-habit by melissa wiley

Thank you Melissa for writing such a thorough and excellent article!!

Donna Elsie

Ramona by Lois Darling

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Oscar Nominated Movies. 2014


What to see before the big Award Show.

I'd love to be able to write a nice big post about this for Ree @ The Pioneer Woman
but I have not seen all the movies.  And actually I don't want to see them all.  
I will, however, tell you what I have seen and maybe you will want to watch one before Sunday.

Here is the list and I will tell you my opinions and thoughts;

The Nominees

American Sniper
I have not seen this movie.  I am sure it is excellent.  My husband would like it I am sure.
I just can't sit thru intense war movies.
My nerves can not handle it.
Platoon and Finding Private Ryan did me in.


This is an amazing, interesting, weird, crass, brilliant movie.
The ending is so strange that my husband immediately hated the movie.
I came home and searched on line to figure out 'what the heck just happened.
Let me just say...this movie is so much deeper than my pretty little brain could comprehend...and I liked it so much anyway.  I want to watch it again.  Perhaps there is a viewers guide.
Available on DVD


I liked Boyhood.  This movie is filmed over twelve years.  It is more about a family than it is about one single boy.  I liked it but did not love it.  
Available on DVD

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I wanted to like this movie.  It bored me to tears and I didn't finish watching it.
Sorry Wes Andersen fans.  

The Imitation Game

Did not see.

Did not see.

Did not see.

The Theory of Everything

I loved this movie.  Great story, great styling, great acting.
This one you should watch.  
It is out on DVD.

Three other movies that I think are worth watching from last year are Into the Woods,  Fault in our Stars, and The Hundred Foot Journey.

Did you see and LOVE any of the nominated movies?
What was your favorite movie of 2014?

Donna Elsie

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Twirp. party pics. 2015


TWIRP 2015


Dance two.  In the books :o)
They had fun!

No prom this year.  Too young for that.
Must have something to look forward to!

Encourage one another,

Monday, February 16, 2015

And now do you like my hat?

Hi friends.  I'm back.

Thursday night I drove down to Chicago so I could take Emma to the hospital to get a 24 hour EEG ....attached.

We would go back to Emma's apartment and spend an ordinary day and night..and then take it off and return it the next day.
The people who read EEGs will do that and then will let us know what is going on in that beautiful mind.

Emma said it did not hurt and was not even uncomfortable.
We look forward to hearing what her neurologist has to say.

Now THIS is multitasking!!  24 hour EEG and paralegal work.  She's got this! #goemma

I got to watch Emma at work all day.  She is an assistant to an attorney.  I can tell you her career in counseling is coming in very handy.  

Emma Jean Portrait with gauze "hat". 2-13-15

Heeeyyyy!! Do you like my hat?

Do you like my hat?

I do, I like it, I like that party hat!

Emma is feeling very positive and loved and I am sure that it is due to the many prayers and good wishes coming her way!
So thank you very very much.


I just watched Downton Abbey this morning.  It was such a good one.  I think the best one so far this year!

I have to say I like Mabel so much better than Mary and if you know me and my fondness for Mary...well...she has fallen off her pedestal. ker plunk.

The affection Lord and Mary Grantham so the dog is gag-worthy.
Even letting the dog sleep with Cora and Lord G. just made me so mad at them...because of the way they treat Edith.
I get that the whole baby out of wedlock is just not done back in the day....and they really should stick with that hiding thing.  But I just don't like it.

Daisy's father in law.  I love him every time he is on the show. Go Daisy. Go to the farm!!!

Engagements and proposals and swear words, oh my.

Lord Merten's sons are jerks.

Violet and Isobel.  BFFs.

I wonder what will soften Mary again.  I know they will make me love her again.

How many more episodes until the end of the season?

What did you think of Downton Abbey last night?

Encourage on another,
Donna Elsie

Thursday, February 12, 2015


It's my calling.
It's my blessing.
It's the easiest, hardest thing I have ever done.

Off to do what I do....
ordinary magic.

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie

(Katie likes the name Elsie so I will use it to soften the dislike of Donna that I have)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TWIRP/ How to ask a boy to a dance.

Katie wanted to invite Casey to the turnabout/Sadie Hawkins dance at his high school.  She had been thinking of a unique way to ask him for weeks.  Time was running out.  Then one afternoon we were driving along and "In your eyes" by Peter Gabrielle came on the radio.  I said, THIS! DO THIS!

Stand outside his house and play this song and ask him.

She liked the idea...and immediately came up with a great slogan to write on her poster.

Say Anything but no!

That's my girl!  Very clever!  She thought of writing the no with the pen all by herself and I applaud that stroke of 'genius'.  (In the movie the girl gives Lloyd a pen when she breaks up with him.)

So Saturday morning we went to Casey's house.
To snow was too deep in the backyard to ask him back there so the front door it was.

Katie knocked and knocked.
We couldn't find a boom box like Lloyd's...
so the iphone played In Your Eyes.


TWIRP stands for 
The woman is responsible for paying.

Oh to be fifteen. my mind....


Donna Elsie

For updates on Emma please check the comment section from yesterday.
I posted two, one last night and one this morning.
Love you.
Mean it.

Monday, February 09, 2015

fuzzy wuzzy

 I can't blog and talk about Downton this morning.
Please pray for Emma.

Love you.

Friday, February 06, 2015

As You Wish

I wrote a post about romantic movies for The Pioneer Woman.
It's up today!

Wild Hearts Can't be Broken didn't make the cut.  I wanted to include it but to tell the truth...I couldn't remember it enough to talk about it....but in my heart...I remembered it being a sweet love story.  But mainly because it has the enigmatic Michael Schoeffling in it!! 

Also this morning I remembered The English Patient.
Oh!  And Out of Africa with it's flying and hand holding and hair washing.
And French Kiss with Kevin Klein and Meg Ryan.  I can't seem to find French Kiss to rent or buy.  I have looked many times.  

Head on over to The Pioneer Woman's website to see my favorite romantic movies.
I'm having a fun time reading the comments and seeing all the great romantic movies I didn't choose.  I am also so surprised when people comment to say they haven't seem any of them.  Imagine that!  :o)

Have fun reading the list.

Encourage one another,
Donna aka Miz Boo

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Luke's Truck. The Gilmore Girls

Guess whose car???

I asked on the internets if anyone could guess who drove this truck?
No one guessed.  Until I gave clues, that is.

But I like trucks and I especially like Luke Danes from the Gilmore Girls driving around in this truck.
So I took note.  I had never seen words under the door handle like this so I made an effort to read them one day.  Then last Friday Katie and I parked on a street in Chicago and Katie said, "cool truck".  (And I thought "my job is done here.")
But as we got closer I realized it was Luke's truck: a green Custom Camper.

So we took pictures.

Other favorite trucks that I have pinned over the years...


Donna Elsie

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Chip and Joanna Gaines: Fixer Upper

These crazy kids have a tv show on hgtv.
I love it. They are super cute together and they do amazing things with old yucky houses.

Makes me want to move to Waco Texas so they can do a fixer upper for me.

This is the inside of their farmhouse.  
Chip does construction and Joanna decorates. 
I love her style.

They have four children and LOTS of pets.  Chip keeps bringing new critters to the farm.

You can visit Joanna's blog which has a whole section on renovations they have done.

Love them!!


Monday, February 02, 2015

Downton and Lincoln Square

Katie and I drove down to Chicago on Friday morning so we could go to Emma's neurologist appointment with her.  After nearly four months of trying, Emma got in to see a neurologist who came highly recommended by our dear nurse friend Kathyb and the other nurses at Evanston hospital.
She was great!  She is taking 'charge' of Emma's case.  Emma is not left on her own any more to guess and continue to have seizures (as has been the case in the last few months.)
New Doctor is ordering tests and checking blood levels...and then she is calling to give results immediately.  She said to call any time and we know she means it.
We are both so happy and feel Emma is in good hands.  Thankful. Thankful. Thankful.

We came home Saturday afternoon because Katie was suppose to have a volleyball tournament on Sunday...which was cancelled due to a snowstorm.

Saturday morning we walked around and shopped a little in Lincoln Square.  I took a few pictures.

Love you.
Mean it.


Last night after the Super Bowl (which was a great game) I watched Downton Abbey.

Briefly, my observations...

I love watching this show but I am not very happy with some of the mail story lines.
I do not like the whole investigation of Anna.  That whole topic should have been left in the past.  There must have been something more interesting that Anna and Bates could have done this season.  Blech.

I don't mind the Cora and Mr. Bricker storyline.  I just can't tell if she is totally naive or if she is being passive aggressive.  What do you think?
Lord Grantham is mad.

"When you choose to ignore a woman like Cora."

I didn't care about Mrs. Patmore and the investing plot.  I suppose it was entirely done so we could see Mrs. Hughes manipulate Carson into thinking he had a good idea.

My favorite relationship is Mary and Tom.

I was right about Barrow.  Sad story.

I understand that Edith is bound by cultural and family rules and mores but gosh, 
I want her to run away with Marigold and I will not be happy until she does.  It's funny, Tom and Mary don't really care to spend time with their children (the way it was) and the one person who can't be with her child....wants to be with her child.  Classic.

"There must be another way."
"infinite danger to your reputation."

Miss Bunting. 
Don't let the door hit ya!

And lastly Daisy.  Shush.
"You're one of us."  
I disagree.  

"Get downstairs!" ~carson

Oh yes.  That rascally Mr. Bricker.  Letch.


Encourage one another,