Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscars Red Carpet 2016. Plus a little after party glam.

Something was up last night.  I think the stars were flustered as to what to do and how to dress and how to act due to the controversy.  No people of color nominated for the top five awards.
Chris Rock came out and did a great monologue focusing on this point entirely.  Which is how it should be...but what happened I'm afraid is the people who were nominated were intimidated to go all out and celebrate their achievements.  Maybe they didn't want to 'show off'...or maybe the clothes were trivial.  I don't know.  My pretty little head can't quite figure it out.

By the end of the red carpet I had three dresses.  Three dresses that were very pretty.
I had to go looking for other stars who were missing on the red carpet show.

I found two more.

So this morning I wanted to see what everyone wore to the after I could share a few more dresses.

This year I will include those :o)

Let's start off with the very pretty dresses;

Alicia Vikander from The Danish Girl wearing Louis Vuitton.  
I loved it until I saw the poof/highlow bottom. That's so yesterday, isn't it?
But she looks beautiful and not boring, so yay!  She won best supporting actress.

Brie Larson in Gucci.  She won best actress for Room.

My favorite part is the chiffon added around the top part.  That one touch made this prettier.
I love her great big smile.

Charlize Theron in Dior.  She looks amazing.  However I don't like the shoulder straps one bit.  But that color and her figure and her jewels are spectacular.

Jennifer Lawrence did not walk the red carpet so I have seen this only in pictures.  It is a Dior and I like it very much. Looks a little like a negligee,'s not boring.  Her hair and make up are beautiful.

BTW.  I heard that reporters were not suppose to ask 'who are you wearing'....which bummed me out.
Dang they are taking themselves too seriously.  
It's entertainment folks.

I love Saoirse (sur-shu) Ronan. She was in Brooklyn.  She was my favorite actress of the year and in my favorite movie of the year.  Rent Brooklyn.  You will not be disappointed.  This dress is very nice but not my favorite.  The best thing about it is that she picked the green for her home, Ireland.

Kelly Ripa looks absolutely beautiful.  I love it.  I love the fit, I love the hair and makeup, I love the tan.  Go Kelly.

No one showed these two arriving...but I think this woman outdid the celebrities.  I love her dress and her necklace and her figure.  Who are you?  You are on the top of my list!!

Michael Keaton.  You look marvelous!

Now for the after party looks.

Minnie Driver in a beautiful Naeem Khan dress.  
I just love this.

Rachel McAdams (the notebook, spotlight)  looked tons better in this pink dress than she did in her green dress for the show.  I really like this pretty pink dress.

This is Beyonce's sister.  I only know her from being a nut in an elevator.  However. She wins in the fashion department last night!!! Solange wore Naeem Khan.

I saw this picture on google search and was so excited because I thought I found my winner.  This is Nina Dovrev wearing Reem Acra.  BUT  it's from last year and now that I think of it...I think I wrote about it. hahaha

How can I pick?   I do not have the perfect, fabulous, over the top dress this year.  They are all beautiful.


I'm gonna say....

Brie and Minnie.  The girls in blue.

Who did you love?
Why didn't I choose Jennifer Garner and Tina Fey?
There I said it before you could say it.  :oP

Since I did not care about any of the movies (besides Brooklyn) and few of the actors this year....the show was painful for me to I went to bed before the final three awards.  Had Sylvester Stalone won I may have gotten a little thrill and been able to make it...but he lost to a man I only know from Bridge of Spies...and it was super boring too.  I am not a Leo fan.  I don't hate.  But I'm not a fan.  Never even saw.....Titanic.  (I was traumatized by watching A Night To Remember too many times as a child.)

I am baffled by the fact that professionals in the entertainment industry can put on such a terrible and boring show.

Next Sunday we will all watch Downton Abbey and be entertained and delighted and cry and all will be well.  Leave it to England.

Leave your many opinions in the comments!!

Miz Boo

Friday, February 26, 2016

Favorite Oscar Looks

I shouldn't really call this favorite Oscar looks because a few of these dresses are from other award shows.  I have saved them over the years because I thought they were spectacular.
The Oscars are on Sunday night.  I look forward to the fashions as always and I have a few favorite movies and stars I will have my fingers crossed for.  

I've got to run.  When I come back I'll write names and designers under the pictures...haha.
Why don't you guess if you stop by while I'm gone?

Take care, darling.
Miz Booshay

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

lipstick sessions

Katie went to a concert in Milwaukee with her longtime friend Leonie.  Leonie give the ticket to Katie for her birthday/Christmas.  It was such a wonderful gift!!
Leonie's mom drove them too.  Such a nice family!

Katie has been having issues with her eye.  It is getting very bloodshot.  After talking to a nurse and process of elimination...I think it is old makeup.  (She did not wear eye makeup for two days and it cleared up...wore it last night and she work up with a bloodshot eye again.)

On Saturday she got dressed in her favorite outfit and put on her favorite lipstick (five hours before leaving) and even tho her eye was messed up...I thought she looked so pretty in her braids and matte lipstick.

So I took pictures and tried to 'hide' the red eye.

I think she did a great job of taking the focus off her bloodshot eye and putting it on her lips and hairdo and happiness.

Happy girls are the prettiest.

Miz Boo

Monday, February 22, 2016

Golly Gumdrops!

behind the scenes....
you know they are best friends

Oh man.  I always stand up for Mary and after last night I knew the hate for Mary would be real!

If Mary was not Mary, she would have met with her sister privately and strongly advised her to tell Bertie the truth.

But this has never been something Mary could do.  In fact, she behaves badly to her father and Edith in last night's episode.

We see Mary at her very worst.  Doing the most despicable thing to ....poor Edith.

Edith, who would have a place of superiority over the whole family!!!

Oh my gosh.  How brilliant was that!

(One more episode so I still have HOPE!!!)  But there is no was around it Mary was truly awful last night .....and then she gets the happily ever after!  UGH!

Life is unfair.

(but I don't have to like it and it was almost impossible to be happy for Mary after her hateful behavior.)

And Barrows. Oh my gosh.  So sad.
But then Mary and Master George coming down to visit their lonely friend...
and Mary realizing (and me too) that they are two peas in a pod.
I loved the kindness shown Barrows...and I liked that Carson admitted that he had judged Thomas wrongly.

Okay....I have to start listing...
This episode was jam packed with great Downton moments....

Mrs. Patmore and her terrible, horrible, and apparently hysterical dilemma...
Cousin Violet and her climb up the stairs to converse with Mary. Perfection.
The real reason becomes know.... 'Crash Widow".
Edith's face when Mary came in the room and found that Henry had left...and she knew....she just knew.... the end was near.
Mosely winning over the classroom by sharing that he was in service.  And Daisy listening in and telling the staff how well he did....and everyone cheering :o)
Mary's ugly wedding dress.
That ugly thing on Mary's head.
The beautiful pastels on everyone else.
Sprat. Bananas.
(I like the crew at the paper and I wouldn't mind a show about these gals!)
Edith coming to Mary's wedding....and Edith talking about what they share...
Tom.  Such a great brother in law.  I'm really thrilled they brought him back.  He has been a delightful matchmaker and meddler.
I hope Tom works his magic and gets Bertie back to Downton.
Isobel being sweet and holding Mary's hands at the cemetery.

What am I forgetting?  I cried at least four times last night.
I don't usually cry watching Downton but Fellows is pulling all the strings and
the fact that this lovely experience will soon end may be adding to the emotions.

I didn't know...but it was Sybil's grave the children were playing around.

Oh my goodness.  One more episode.

Mary and Janet are in need of comment therapy.
Please share your Downton Abbey musings in the comments.

Golly Gumdrops!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pretty Pink flowers.

“In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends.” 
~Okakura Kakuzo

Beautiful trees in February.
San Francisco

Encourage one another,

Monday, February 15, 2016

Being hurt is part of being alive.

Edith and Bertie.  Such a perfect match.  Now come on Edith. Tell the truth.  

Sunday's episode was so well done.  The cinematography was first class.  The costumes were interesting and a little goofy...especially Henry's goggles and racing hat.  eek.

Tom had the best advice for Mary.

Tom: You're frightened of being hurt again. But let me tell you this: You will be hurt again, and so will I, because being hurt is part of being alive. But that is no reason to give up on the man who is right for you.

Isobel and Violet are BBFs.  
How I love their honest and true friendship.  They give one another support and wise advice.
I don't think I have ever like the two of them more.


Mrs Hughes' trick on Carson was perfect.  He is a good actor. I believed that he was indeed struggling with the cooking and bottle washing.


That puppies name...ugg.


Why can't he have Mosely's job and that young man who wants to be a farmer?
He could do both of their jobs.

Carson is not my favorite this season.

What else?
I'm forgetting since I watched the show in pieces today.

What were your favorite parts of season six episode seven?

Encourage one another,

Friday, February 12, 2016

Hi friends,

I'm working on a opening a photography shop on Society6.
I am figuring it out error by error, step by step.
Yesterday my MyBook was coming up blank.  I mean empty.
I mean, all my pictures were gone.

And well.   I was slightly paralyzed until I rebooted and unplugged and miraculously got it up and running again.
So I am back at it again this morning.

The school is not calling so I am trying to figure other ways to use my time and earn a living.

Some of my favorite illustrators and photographers use Society6 so I thought I would give it a try.

Here is the link to my page....I am just getting it started and some I have uploaded are not showing up yet.  But, of course, I do not know what I am doing so don't expect too much!

Let me know what pictures you think I should include.
Some of the pictures I have are too small to make bigger items.

But look around and see the different items they offer...and tell me what kind of items you would ever be tempted to buy.

I like the coffee cup and tote bag and I have seen some phone covers made that are really cute.
Can you imagine they sell shower curtains and throws!  Yikes.  A little strange.

Let's see if this works....

okay...the special linky poo didn't work....

So here is the old fashioned link.

Alrighty then...
Let me know what you think.



Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Super Bowl ads. My faves.

Of course I would love this "Portrait" commercial.
Beautiful images Jeep.
I cried a little.

Sheep + Queen = Yes!

While this one is too sad...
I liked the music and the happy ending.

What do you think?

I liked the half time very much.
I liked all the bright colors and love Coldplay.
Bruno and Beyonce were fun additions.

I have nothing critical to say about that!  Too bad everyone else is so judgmental.
And I liked Lady Gaga's Star Spangled Banner.
I thought she felt it and that was kind of different.
Good job everyone.

Encourage one another,

Monday, February 08, 2016

Downton Open House.

How interesting to watch the Grantham family grapple with opening the Abbey for charity.

"I think it's crackers."  said Lord Grantham.

"Even Elizabeth Bennett wanted to see what Pemberly was like inside."
Said Matthew's mum.

And Lord Grantham who was going stir crazy shocks Carson with this comment...

"Lady Granthan knitting."
"Lady Mary in the bathe."


I found it curious that the family didn't know anything about the items in the Abbey.
Not the artwork or the details or even who was in the pictures.
What a very incurious bunch.

Oh and then the Dowager storming in an causing a scene.

"What else did he collect?"
"Horses and women."

She was so upset and I can't say I blame her.  I would not have taken the job.  Wait a few years out of respect.

"Golly, they've socked the Captain."

And Carson is still Carson would.  I mean, what does he know about marriage and empathy and caring for a woman?   Nothing.  So judge-y.

"We certainly talk about what it's like to cook dinner for you."

***  oh by the way...

Mosely should have given the tours.

I liked this kiss but thought Henry's hat was goofy on him and was glad he too it off :o)

I've gotta run.
What were your impressions of this episode?

I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to share my three favorite super bowl ads.

ta ta for now,

Friday, February 05, 2016

The Hat. REDUX

The Hat.


On Katie it's a bit cloche-like, don't you think.


You'd think she had the most quiet and gentle spirit from the pictures I shoot.



Here she is about to burst.....


She wouldn't do it, if it wasn't fun.
well...maybe she would.

make avatar
Make avatar

Thank you, for your auto animation gif generator!!!


She loves me.

There is something about this hat....


Emma is using this picture as her profile pic on facebook....
It was funny to notice when I put up a picture of Katie wearing the same hat.

I knit it by the way. It's soft alpaca. With huge needles, I can knit this in a a day.


This is a repost from January 2011.
I forgot about the wiggle bum gif  :o)

Encourage one another,

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke

Yesterday it snowed heavily but briefly.
It thundered five or six times.

That is how the report should go.
All the drama over the weather is annoying me.

We got less than two inches. 

The solution is to stop watching television.

That pine tree on the left is getting skinny.  It must be sick.



Song list.

 ""Adventure of a Lifetime," "Yellow," "Hymn for the Weekend," and "Viva La Vida," David Bowie's "Heroes," "Us Against the World," "Paradise," and an improvised Superbowl song on a toy keyboard."

Encourage one another,

Monday, February 01, 2016

Downton Abbey. Bad Harvest.

This was by far the craziest dinner party ever.  I bet Fellows had a blast writing it.
I wonder if they let them film that at the castle.  I would guess no.

Oh poor Lord Grantham.
He had sweet 'i think i might be dying' words for Cora.

And Violet pulling out all the stops to get her way.  Oy.
Not a nice dinner.  

I'm glad I wasn't there for that.

But what I do love is that Violet and Mrs. Crawley are true friends.
They really do care about each other.  (oh my they bicker and differ...but they care deeply.)

(More great writing.  More fabulous character development)

My favorite scene last night was Bates and Anna. (shocker I know)
(seriously, I read a Facebook quote I wrote from a few years ago and it said,
I hate that chauffeur. And now I love him.  And Barrows....used to hate him, now I am cheering and crying for him.)

Call me wishy washy.

My husband was watching me watch "The Way We Were" yesterday and he said,  look at you smiling at all the times they want you to smile.

I said, I'm an empath.

I am the perfect heart is in it, that is for sure.

Any way....Bates and Anna!!  I loved the BAD HARVEST scene.

I didn't like Mrs Hughes and Carson bickering.  It made me feel bad inside.
I didn't find it funny.  Where is my sense of humor?
Perhaps this was too close to home....
I have a hard time pleasing my family in the kitchen and with my housekeeping ways.

So tell me what you thought?

Did you laugh out loud when Lord Grantham got sick?  Like my sister Janet! haha

I love all the extra historical tidbits Fellows is adding this season.
Just love it!!!

Bad Harvest!!!