Friday, December 24, 2021

Dear Baby Jesus


Christmas is for reflecting.
Looking back at your own life and remembering special, warm, happy times.
It's for remembering the story of Jesus' birth.
What that means to you and your faith.
The story of baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph is important to me
because it is where my faith begins. And when I get overwhelmed with this crazy world,
and theology and stuff I think about that little baby in the manger and I think about Mary and the Angel and I ask myself,
is it true?
And my heart calms and I know all will be well.
Because in my heart I know it is true.
Merry Christmas dear ones.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Family Christmas Show 1967

I've yet to watch this one all the way through, but I'll be doing that now....

Dean and Frank.  How we loved them.  As I watched the sing Marshmallow world, which is the cutest snazziest song,  I hadn't remembered  Dean being so silly.  And to be honest, I didn't remember the song at all.  Cindy made a Christmas CD many years ago (when we burned CD's) and she put Marshmallow World on it.  I liked it right away ;o).  AND....I've noticed the radio stations are starting to play it again! 

Enjoy another oldie on me.


Donna Elsie



Monday, December 20, 2021

Andy Williams Christmas Special 1966

I've loved to watch tv my whole life.  This is too fun to find the old Christmas specials on YouTube.
Corny with lots and lots of great caroling!!

Ho ho

Donna Elsie

Thursday, December 09, 2021

Thanksgiving in windy Omaha.

River loves to swing!

Melinda has become the family photographer with the best pictures!!!
This is Dotti enjoying a super visit to the park.

Hello Silas!  You are growing so fast and are so smart!

River turned two!  
How adorable is this picture???  

Happy, happy Dotti!

Lorelei and Zeke are just a few  weeks apart in age.  Classic....girls mature earlier.  

River can drink out of a glass now.  Melinda put a little makeup on's cute to see Melinda have a chance to play 'girl auntie'.  

Don't blow away Katie!

My baby with her first nephew ;o)

Emma was a nanny for many boys.....
she is totally enjoying her little girl.

A quick portrait with James and Emma!  

A Thanksgiving miracle!!!  No one thought it possible....but we moved quickly and I'm delighted to have this wonderful grandchildren line-up!!!

I'm so thankful that the girls all get along so well.

Katie cut her bangs for a halloween costume and now has Farrah Faucett hair!!!

My very favorite kind of picture.


This picture is too funny for words.

Sweeney Todd???

You should see Malachi climb!!  Oh so high....I can not watch.

Mr Serious with his dad.

Emma is expecting in May!!!


It's stress hosting twenty-some people!! 
Matthew making us laugh by digging out a high school shirt!

"It fits"

Also making us laugh by reinforcing the benches for the many bottoms.

I loved getting to see everyone. Patrick did not come because he does not want to get covid.  
I hope he gets over that fear.  

Now we are back to the very quiet....quiet life.  
It's either one or the other extreme.

I'm gradually Christmas shopping and decorating.  I'm ready for it this my heart.  Seems everyone is really ready.... super early.....

Happy Christmas time.

Lots of love,

Saturday, November 20, 2021

This and that.

When I spot something I like on the internet or on Instagram I save it to my phone....and if you're lucky,

I send it to you.  It's probably annoying but you know what, I really like to share things so deal with it.



Here is the sweetest Corrie Ten Boom.  If you have not read her book, The Hiding Place, read it soon.

This puddy cat totally cracks me up.  

I like this advice from young Allie Beth Stuckey

River Jean turned two on Friday.
She brings so much fun and joy wherever she goes.

Thinking of things to be thankful for...
starting now.....

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie

Sunday, October 31, 2021

strong like bull

 Strong like bull.  That a phrase I heard a lot growing up.  It wasn't particularly about me, but our dad would say it.  

I'm thrilled to say that my covid is kind of over.  I'm afraid to jinx it.  But apparently, prayers, vitamins, ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies all given early work to treat covid. I was mildly achy on Wednesday and stuffy. Thursday I had the antibodies.  Got a doozy of a fever and chills that night for a few hours. Woke up Friday morning feeling clear headed and just a little coughy and coldy.  Still coughed on Saturday....but am not stuffy today and not coughing.  

And guess what?  I've got my taste back.

So call me blown away!!! 

I was vaxxed and perhaps that helped lessen the symptoms.

But as of today, I feel like my cold is  over and I will wait a few more days to start writing my letters to my local doctor, who did nothing at all to help me.

Just imagine if everyone had a doctor who was willing to give them treatments that kept them out of the hospital.  Shameful.  It didn't have to be this way and doesn't have to be this way...

Guess what, when I got my positive covid test at Walgreens drive-up I also go a email about a trial. 

If I had been 25 I would have done this.  But as I'm over sixty I did not want to get the placebo and I was actually already taking ivermectin.  So.  This is hopeful that someone is not afraid to find treatments.

 Why there is such fear and tremendous lies surrounding these treatments is utter insanity.  I'm thankful for the Frontline Doctors and Alison Morrow and Dr. Drew and even Joe Rogan for their great information and courage to find a cure, tell the truth and get cancelled even when the people with bad motives tried to stop them.  One day soon, I will create a big blog with all my links to what I studied for almost two years...and how doing that helped me save myself from covid...with the help of the Lord and your mighty prayers too.

Cause getting those drugs early and getting my taste back so quickly was pretty miraculous.  

I was the one who was earmarked for death. Mrs. Comorbidities.

I'm so thankful.

Encourage one another,


Happy Birthday Ginny!
Ten years old!

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Prayers please

Good morning friends.

Just wanted to let you know I've got Covid.  So I would like prayers please.

Im getting the Monoclonal Antibodies this afternoon. Yay.  I'm taking everything I can get my hands on.

Unlike the doctors in Wisconsin, I believe in early treatment.  My dr. did absolutely nothing.  So for the biggest crisis in the history of the US (they'd have us believe) you doc says....let us know if you can't breath.

It's criminal.  They didn't even suggest Monoclonal Antibodies.

Gotta doctor yourselves friends. The world has gone mad.

So I am taking Quercetin, Zinc, D and C.  Melatonin, Pepcid.

These are all recommended by Dr. Drew and the Frontline docs. Also I'm gargling and cleaning my nose.  This is the kill the germs in our mouth and nose just like we clean the germs on our hands.

So I feel like I have a cold right now.  My prayer is to stop it in its tracks so I don't go to hospital.  

Melinda has it too and she is going to MA's today too.  She has asthma so let's pray for her too,

Love you guys,

Almost made a clean getaway......

Encourage one another


Thursday, October 21, 2021

All my tho'ts from evil keep

"Never keep a trouble half an hour on your own mind before you tell it to God.  As soon as the trouble comes, quick, the first thing, tell it to your Father.”  

Charles Spurgeon

My favorite Avett Bro song, I think.

I'm not sure what the brothers singing and the cello player just sitting there means....

if you have any ideas feel free to share the with me.  

Encourage one another,

And quick! tell it to your Father.

Let's try this...I think it's a sure path to peace.

Donna Elsie

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

 So what do I want to share with you today??  My dear dear high school friend, Jeanine, came to town on Sunday.  It was a very short and really wonderful visit!

She told me I need to keep blogging.

And while I don't really feel like I have anything to say, I'm gonna dig in and try.

Let's start with aging and death.

I feel old and think I am old.

Yet, a few weeks ago, my friend in France, Corey, shared a story about her mother in law in Normandy.  Said mother in law is 92.  She is moving to a new place and starting on the renovations!!

Well, if this isn't just the thing I need to hear.  No need to park the car quite yet.  I want to live until I die...just like Corey's mother in law.  

My little renovation!!!  A long time coming.  Say...twenty years!  We built a patio but never felt comfortable sitting out there because of the closeness of the neighbors.  They are lovely people but it was just too close to feel relaxed.  I mean I sometimes run Ginny out to her lead in my pajamas!

The fence project took only one day!  The man was great at this job!  I think it's just beautiful. Why would we wait until October?  Because we were in line....a long line.  

Today I bought some white spray paint and I'm going to freshen up a metal side table.  I also bought cement cleaner.  We will see how that goes.  Two jobs I've never done.  I'll let you see how they turn out!

I'd like twinkle lights and a Solo bonfire too.  

Good things come to those who wait. (not in the Bible)

You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor

James and his son singing this lovely song.

Encourage one another,
This one's for Jeanine.


Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Dead in a Ditch

Do you know this song by the Avett Brothers?  
It's called Murder in the City.
It starts off with such an odd premise, so odd that it reminds me of what I always say to the kids when they are on the road and I don't hear from them....  "I thought you were dead in a ditch." 

After the song starts with the idea of murder,  it veers off to the most lovely, tender expressions of family love.

Maybe when the boys (Avett Bros) left home their mother said, "Don't get Murdered in the City."

What do you think?

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie


Sunday, October 03, 2021



See the geese in chevron flight flapping and racing on before the snow They've got the urge for going and they've got the wings so they can go.......

I'll ply the fire with kindling and pull the blankets to my chin I'll lock the vagrant winter out and I'll bolt my wandering in I'd like to call back summertime and have her stay for just another month or so But she's got the urge for going so I guess she'll have to go


Encourage one another,

Donna Elsie

Thursday, September 30, 2021

I remember you

Last night I finished reading Anne Lamott's book Plan B.
I found some of her stories engaging and some hilarious, some were so sad and some were irritating.
But they are her stories told with her remarkable way of putting words together. She is self-deprecating and honest.
She is all about the love, baby. It's important to her to love.

It's just that....she has a real hard time loving her mom. She loves her by taking care of her when she is sick and dying.
But she really resents her for being the person she is. For her flaws and weird ways and inability to be a more normal/better mom.

It made me wonder if my children would only see my stupid flaws and weird ways and focus on those when I die.

And I suppose they will. At first. Parents have a way of hurting us when they are not perfect.

My parents were not perfect. But time has rinsed the pain away. What is left is the love.
I let those bad memories fade. I let them go. Way far way...into the fog.
The good memories, I draw near. I embrace them. I cherish them.

I think we need to be gentle with those who have died.
Not for them. But for us.

Learning to forgive people for being the broken people they were is a balm to our souls.
Learning to have mercy heals our hearts.

Time heals.
Forgiveness heals.
Mercy heals.

And then what is left?
The good parts.

The good parts of them. The good parts of us.

The love remains.
Like the cat's water bowl with the hard caked on lime. That lime that will not come off, no matter how hard you scrub.

That's what you want to be stuck with. That kind of stuck on love.

It's what remains.

Love one another,

reprint: 2009

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Come From Away

Here is a clip of Come From Away.

A perfect September watch.

It won the Tony a few years back. 

Loving this play came as a complete surprise to me.  It was free to me on Apple TV so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I'm so glad I did.  It's just wonderful.

I really hate it when I don't have an app and I hear that something is amazing!!
So I've included the link to Apple TV below.  You can get a one week trial and watch both, Come From Away and all of Ted Lasso.  
I know I could easily fit that into a week.  
You can do it!

 Watch these on your computer if you do not have a smart tv.

Let me know if you give it a try!!!  

Encourage one another,

Monday, September 20, 2021

Emmy's fashion. I'm really only here for Ted Lasso.

The amazing return of the red carpet post!!!


The Emmys were last night which nearly got past me because I watch so little on tv now.
The Wisconsin Badger Volleyball.  On Big 10 network.
The Housewives of here and there.  
I watch on Amazon and Apple+ and well....
I spend most of my time on YouTube and Locals.
I have found a couple of travel bloggers that I'm obsessed with.
Kara and Nate.  LOVE!!  
And I watch my daily podcasts.  
Katie says I have turned into high school.

I have not been successful in getting my family to watch Kara and Nate....although I have tried.
I have, however gotten people to watch Ted Lasso.
And well...they won 7 Emmys last night.
Ted Lasso is created by Bill Lawrence.  VDoozer.
I will watch anything Bill works on.  
He created Scrubs and Cougar Town and and a few others that just didn't make it.
The hallmark of a VDoozer production is fantastic character development. 
Humor and heart!  

Ted Lasso had me at hello.

Here are my favorite dresses of the night.  Let's just start out with my favorite!!!

Her shoes are the perfect color, the bodice is unique, that necklace is stunning!
The fit, style and length are just right.
I love it.

Interesting sleeves.  I like them.

Mindy wins for best hair and makeup.  So beautiful.
I wonder why designers keep doing those big bows.  
They are so 1980's.
There must be something else to do for interest at the waist.

Beautiful neckline.  Emotional speech.
Jean Smart is in a Hbo show called Hacks.  I don't think it's been seen by many but I really liked it and I really love Jean.  Her husband died a few months ago.  They met on Designing Woman.
Like I said her speech was very touching.

I thought this woman looked just lovely and elegant.

Gorgeous styling and perfect fit in this pretty pink dress.

Hi Ladies.  I don't know who you are....and while I don't think you go together AT ALL.
I really like both of your dresses!

Hello Olivia!  You look so pretty.

Oh look. My favorite dress again.

Smile Sarah.  Your dress is amazing!!!

Handsome and perfect!

This odd dress is so beautiful to me.  I think it is cool.

Ya look nice Conan. 
Work hard be kind.

I sure like these colors.  
Cool cut.
I'm not sure what is going on around the hips.  But I don't care.

I don't hate this.  So let's say...
Jason, you rock.

I really do love this dress on this gal.  She shoes are beautiful, the colors are sparkly,
and her hair and makeup are so natural and pretty. 

And we have found...
Where the Wild things Are.

Finally, a classic Miz Boo dress.
Dior, you rocked it.  It is feminine and frilly just like I like.
Jurnee Smolett's  hair and makeup are gorgeous and her necklace is astonishing.


Here is a clip that shows something special about the show Ted Lasso.
Forgiveness.  When was the last time you saw something like this?  It happens more than once in this show.  It's my favorite virtue.

Glad to be back.  
Love you lots.

Check out Kara and Nate on YouTube.  

Encourage one another,