Monday, April 30, 2012

Unusual signage.


It was, after all, a Catholic Schools track meet.

No prayer was said to start the meet, but Jesus was there in hearts and on hurdles.

New shoes for Katie girl.

Katie got some new running shoes.
For the last month she has been wearing broken down Converse.  She never complained, but numerous times I said she should really get some running shoes.  Well...between Katie and was not remembered until 8:30 on Saturday night.   My husband, the shoe buyer in the family, looked up the mall hours and he and Katie ran to the store to buy shoes.

Katie was happy to have them.
She can be seen from the moon.

She jumped well.
She hurdled and got tangled up on #2.
She ran the 200 and came in third in her heat.

It was an experience.
Next time she can build on this one.

The baseball roster was published last night at 10:00.
Katie is on a team with a friend from softball and drama and there are three coaches.
So happy about that!!

She has new baseball shoes too.

The girl is ready to go. go. go.

I continue in my role as cheerleader.


Encourage one another,

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hi!  I bet you didn't think you'd be hearing from me today :o)

We went on a car buying expedition today.  Just got home.  Phew.
It's good to be home.  The car was nice as it looked in the picture.
And so....


This picture is from Monday.
Sher brought Emma home for a Dr. appointment and then we took Sher to our favorite places to visit in Madison.

Udub union


Look what we found!!!


We walked all the way up State St. and went into the Capital.
It's a pretty place.

Thanks for making the trip Sher!
Sorry about that hammock for a bed.  :0/

Happy cold and dreary weekend.....tomorrow should be better...

Track Meet tomorrow.
I may need to bring my mittens...

Encourage one another,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Does anybody know what time it is?

It's Flash Back Friday time!!!


Here is our cute dad.  He never saw any of his grandchildren...but many of them sure look like him.
This picture must be around 1967.  This is the kitchen in Wheaton before wallpaper.
The drink.  Martini.


Here we are. The seven of us.  We are in order of age.  Of course.


Cindy, Sue, Donna.


Jimmy on beach on Martha's Vineyard.
Dec. 12, 1978


Susie visiting me in Wausau.


Sue was my muse before Katie was my muse.  We were together at college for two years in Columbia Mo. and I had my first fancy camera.


This was my first car.  Sue went with me to buy it.
Her first car was a yellow Capri and then she had a baby blue Firebird.


This is Aunt Betty and cousin Kelly.
March 1977.
Betty was our mom's youngest sister.  I lived with her for two summers.

Beautiful faces.
Beautiful souls.
a part of me.

I remember you.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

My hopes the wind done scattered...



I didn't know it was windy until I tried to take a picture of this pretty flowering tree.


A poem for my pocket, this poem in your pocket Thursday.

Still Here by Langston Hughes

I been scared and battered.
My hopes the wind done scattered.
Snow has friz me,
Sun has baked me,
Looks like between 'em they done
Tried to make me
Stop laughin', stop lovin', stop livin'--
But I don't care!
I'm still here!

Encourage one another,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Homework can wait.


You know I love that pretty time of day when the sun is above our tree line and the rays are still able to shower our yard with their lovliness.



Newest accessory.

Doggie bag.

Later in the evening I wanted to take a picture of Katie and me...
Living and loving.


Eventually we find a way to live on...we simply must.

Encourage one another,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I wrote this on April 15, 2010

It is worth repeating.

Once upon a time my parents died. I was 16 years old. I learned that life is short and beautiful and that you have to make the decision to live and love abundantly.

 And with the birth of our children the love poured out and life was full of life and love.

 And then our sister got sick and I reminded myself that life is short and beautiful and that I have to make the decision again to live and love abundantly.

 And yesterday came the phone call, a little boy is on the way.... a little boy to love. and suffering and joy lived side by side in my heart and I knew that the only way to live is to love and live abundantly because life is short and beautiful.


I miss you sweet sister.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Headshots of my girls.



favorite ball


Cute face Ginny!


This is a reuben pizza.


It was pretty tasty, but I think it would be perfect if the corn beef was sliced and not those chunks.

My favorite pizza ever is from Brother's Three in Marinette.
It was called bacon cheeseburger.
It had dill pickles on it.

I think I am drooling.

Katie had baseball tryouts over the weekend. Her daddy took her.
We sure hope she gets on a nice team this year. A team with a coach.
But I am taking myself out of it, as best I can, so I don't get too over emotional about it all.
Last year was very frustrating for me.

Do you watch The Amazing Race?
Do you think they are obligated to list the legs of the race that will have a non-elimination before hand?
We think it is fishy.

We love the guys who got to stick around (Bopper and Mark) and hope they do well...
but it just seemed....fishy.

The couple from Madison is kicking butt. We are super excited about that.


Emma just called. She is coming home today for a quick trip with Sher.


Encourage one another,

Saturday, April 21, 2012


This morning Katie and Jack volunteered to serve for the First Communion service.
Children learn all about the Eucharist for the whole second grade and then in the spring they get to join in with communion.

First communion.

They are so little.

Farmers market

Then we went to 'opening day' of the farmer's market.

It was a good morning.

Encourage one another,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Flash Back Friday

When I flip thru my pictures I do not think of a theme...I just pick out cute pictures.


This is Matthew. Love him.


This is Emma. Love her.


The whole crew. Love them.


Patrick and Matthew.


I mean...come on....

Patrick Sr and Patrick Jr.


Emma verses the cake.


"He likes to butt things with his head."
"How proud you must be."

not really....a bucket of jays caramel corn makes the perfect size hat for a one year old.


apparently a bicycle helmet doubles for a football helmet.

With a stay at home learn to make do.
It's good for them.


darling boys....
boyers and bouchers


our precious twins
they are not my babies....but i am very fond of them :o)

no theme...just cuteness galore.


Enjoy your babies.

Be always coming home.


Encourage one another,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Man. I like this song.

The group is called Carolina Liar.

Here's how it goes around here....
I hear a song on the radio.
I hand the iphone to Katie and tell her to search for it on itunes.
Katie finds it.
I am surprised by who sings it.
I write it down.

Here are some other notes I have taken on my phone in the last year.

The Last Girls. A book.

Seventeenth Summer, Sister of my Heart and 50 Acres and a Poodle: Books to Movies. Yeah. I fancy myself a movie producer.

Castle on a cloud: Audition Piece

Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle: Keys hotel

maisy lucy nelle matilda misshoney jilly monroe minny harper honey sallybelle libby calliet hadley ginny:dognames

Saving Dinner: book

Glymakopoulos: Our family name before it was changed

Real Chili: Restaurant in Milwaukee

Adelle Dinkler: I don't know

I also have directions and movie lists on my phone.
It's quite handy.

Come back tomorrow for Flash Back Friday.

Ya never know what you're gonna get.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Instagram/phone camera


fancy pants camera

Nature XVIII
Emily Dickinson

TWO butterflies went out at noon
And waltzed above a stream,
Then stepped straight through the firmament
And rested on a beam;

And then together bore away 5
Upon a shining sea,—
Though never yet, in any port,
Their coming mentioned be.

If spoken by the distant bird,
If met in ether sea 10
By frigate or by merchantman,
Report was not to me

I am thankful every day for this gorgeous planet we live upon....
I always find something to delight in...

The lilacs smell was delicate and perfectly lilac-y.

I once made a lei of lilac petals and gave it to my mother.

That was long ago.

Encourage one another,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't Look Back.

I've decided.
This is my favorite rock song.

I love the guitars.
I have no idea what the words are.

Hope they're not naughty.

I heard this on the radio on the way to track practice last night with Katie.
She begged me to turn it down.


I may or may not have done it.

What is your favorite rock band? song?

Monday, April 16, 2012


Off to the play.
Katie enjoyed herself very much.


Making new friends and


putting on lots of makeup.

Apparently. Tons of fun.



Ginny is such a nice girl.

Waz that?

She learns quickly and is brave about new things.

I am far from the perfect dog trainer. But we have fun and Ginny is learning in spite of me....and my baby talk....


Fettuccine Alfredo. Tomatoes on side.

I made homemade fettuccine Alfredo. It's Martha's recipe. I jotted it down one day while watching her show. It's quite easy.
I decided to have some tomato with it.

It was a great idea.

How delicious the fresh tomatoes tasted with the fettuccine Alfredo. If you haven't tried this. You must.

Happy wonderful windy Monday, everybody!!!