Sunday, May 31, 2020

Negatory, Big Ben

So I came here to tell you that I took my Covid test this morning.
It was negative.

So I am to isolate and then have my surgery on Tuesday.

Things went very quickly. I closed my eyes after telling the nurse I was afraid.
I never saw the swab.  I sat on my hands.  She said it would take five seconds.
It was pinchy and scratchy and hurt when the swab hit the back and swished around.

But, it was not horrible.  It just hurt some.

Now as for my title.  Negatory Big Ben.

As I was going to type Negative as the title....
Negatory Big Ben. Sprang to my mind.

I didn't know where that came from but google did.

It's from a song called Convoy.

McCall. 1975
The song made it to number ONE!

So. That is how my brain works.
Words and lyrics jumping around like pop corn!

And so it goes.


Monday, May 25, 2020

The rolling stones....

Please, if you will...notice the dates on this Facebook post.

These things pop up in my memories.
 Here is the amazing situation I've got going in 2020.

I've been having kidney stone attacks for a month. 
Had an x-ray this week and I indeed have a stone that is moving into place to cause havoc.
I will be having surgery on June 2nd.

The Doc will go in and blast the trouble maker and hopefully get the other stones (2) that have been sitting in my kidney for all these years.  We take their picture every year and they don't change.  But this month, one of the bigger stones has decided it's time to go.

The procedure is not bad.  But guess what?  I have to get a covid19 test at some drive up place.
This test looks ghastly.

Have any of you gotten the swab test.  Tell me it doesn't hurt.  Tell me it's not bad.

I don't mind the throat swabs.....

I would much rather give blood.  Wish that was a choice.

Tell me it's no big deal.  I need to know.

Big chicken,

Thursday, May 14, 2020

There goes my baby.

Katie is moving to an apartment this weekend.  
She is looking forward to the freedom and well...
the freedom.


She is not going far.
We are wishing her well
and sending her off with real love and virtual hugs and kisses.

And so it goes
and so it goes....

Be always coming home

Saturday, May 09, 2020

Be always coming home....

Oh but all the wonders I have seen
I will see a second time.....

The door is always open
Your pictures on my wall
Everyone's a little broken
And everyone belongs.

Wishing you all a good mother's day....
remembering your own mother
thinking about your children

I am thankful for all I have been blessed with.

Encourage one another,

Monday, May 04, 2020


The Great Realisation by Tom Roberts

I hope there is a reset. 
We can do better.


Friday, May 01, 2020

God will care for us.

How about this perfect Wisconsin shirt?
The Midwest Girl is so much fun!

I've wanted to share this charming, informative piece by talented artist

I have two of K. Barteski's  pieces coming in the mail soon.
I'll share them when they arrive. 
I've been doing quite a bit of retail therapy the last few months.
This is unusual for me...but these are unusual times.
I feel happy to support the small shops I love.

Here is a sweet portion of a speech the Queen gave when she was a young girl.
What a great message.  
For God will care for us.

That is just the best.

Encourage one another,