Monday, January 27, 2014

Downton Abbey. 1-26-14

There will be spoilers...most likely in the comments.

I have gone ahead and read the story lines for the future episodes.  Those I won't tell.  But after last Sunday I could not stand not knowing what would happen between Anna and Bates.  I could not handle it.  At that point I didn't know the answer would come so quickly.  That's a funny thing, I am so used to American soap operas where story lines DRAG on for months and even years.
This quick attention to something so painful makes me glad.

Joanne Froggatt's (Anna) acting was stupendous last night. Did you see her lip quiver?  Oh man.
I cried for so much tenderness for Anna.

Oh Bates.  I don't trust you tho.  And apparently neither does Anna.

I'm glad Mary could see her Papa as a kind man.

Wasn't Mary happy to see Napier?

The Dowager and Isobel were bickering quite a bit weren't they?

“I wonder your halo doesn’t grow heavy. It must be like wearing a tiara around the clock.”


I was watching while hopping back and forth between the Grammy's and Downton Abbey so I don't think I get a real feel of the episode.  I will re watch it to see what I missed.

What did you think about the episode?


Katie's volleyball team had a wonderful tournament over the weekend.  After years of playing on teams with NO WINS (Blessed Sacrament and last years club team) ....OTT U14 is winning!  The girls are learning and improving!!  They seemed to fix the problems of the last tournament and look so good.  I'm very thankful for our coaches!!  They work so hard with the girls and it's showing!
It really is delightful to win.

Doing so well today!!

Hello from Milton Wi.

Ten hours into it...Katie looking fresh as a daisy....
I was exhausted.

Next tournament will be in our hometown!!! So happy!


Katie is home from school. The Polar Vortex is back.
We love staying home.

Kasey Musgraves won two Grammy's last night.  I cheered loudly and shocked Patrick and Katie!
I love her album and her pretty voice.  "Same Trailer, Different Park."

This is the song she won the Grammy for...and she won Best Country Album.


Have a great Monday!  Stay Warm....and dry LA!!  I heard you had some rain :op

Encourage one another,


  1. More on downton later - I loved it, didnt watch a moment of the Grammys - but I'm so very happy you stayed home!!!!!!!

  2. Kacey is a pretty one isn't she? Schools closed here in Chicago land as well. Zach gets some sleep! The radiators in the house are SMOKIn hot. :) Stay warm Donna and be happy !

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I loved that remark also! I thought "I have to remember this, it's hysterical!" I was amazed at Anna's lip quivering! what a wonderful actress. She needed to break down and cry in Bate's arms, but he isn't putting this behind him at all. What a powerful scene!
    Kris Schwarz

  4. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Late start for our schools today. The wind was scary last night. We watched the Grammy's. I had fun watching and when Kacey Musgraves won last night I yelled, "Miz Booshay is going to be so happy!!!" ha ha ha Kris just looked at me and smiled. My two favorite performances were Sara Bareilles & Carole King and Metallica. I know.....quite different. What can I say? : )
    Enjoy your day at home!!! High five, Katie, on the wins!!!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

    1. I echo Sarah - Yay Katie - sending a virtual high five from over here, too!

      I LOVE the photo of the two of you, and on the court they look sensational in those black outfits!

  5. Donna, I understand about the suspense. When I was watching, week by week as they were shown in England (I have access through a television viewing thingee on my computer - see how techy I am? ;-) anyway as I was watching weekly, I was filled with the same feelings of anxiety. But, I waited - which is so not like me - to view each week.

    As I keep saying, trust the writers. They really are amazing. At least I think so.

    Yes she was pleased to see Evelyn and even gave him a peck on the cheek!

    I was thinking of Carol B. and the shadows in this episode - and then the flashes of light at certain times. Even Mrs. Hughes referenced Anna being brought out of the veil of shadows.

    The quivering chin and lip - oh my goodness it breaks my heart every time. Also, when Bates breaks down in the hall by the aprons, that is very well acted and so sad.

    Other gems: Mrs. Pattmore not being a "modern" - hehe. Lord G. being kind to Mr. Drewe and helping him to keep the farm. Sybie and the hurricane (a quick peek in the nursery). And of course the Young Pegg story.

    Did you notice the eye roll by Dr. Clarkson at Isobel? HA!

    "Wars have been waged with less fervor!" ... too funny.

    Sorry, I could go on and on. To say I love the show is an understatement.

  6. I just appreciate that they didn't make Mr. Bates the clueless-bumbling-husband for too long (I was worried about it last week, kind of annoyed that he was portrayed that way), cause we all know he's way smarter than anyone thinks he is (except Thomas). Mr. Green's gonna get it, IMO.

    And Thomas telling the new maid that he leaves Anna alone b/c she's "incorruptible". But really because he's afraid of Mr. Bates! Anna was perfect last night.

  7. I was glad they resolved the Anna/Bates thing quickly. Downton does seem to move things along MUCH faster than the typical US drama or soap. It was so hard to see Anna and Bates each so terribly hurt in their own way by a cruel, detestable man so I was glad to see a bit of closure to the turmoil they have felt.

    The dowager had some great lines last night. I like the growing relationship between Isobel and the Dowager. I was also impressed by Lord Grantham. I liked his remark about Tom's socialism! Over all it seemed a bit of an "in-between" episode. A little calmer than usual and nothing too shocking or dramatic.

  8. True confession: I am watching this episode AGAIN. Every time I appreciate something different.

    side note: a good drinking game? Having a shot every time someone says "Poor Edith" or "Oh Edith" - except I might get a little tiddly. ;-)

  9. Oh, man. At least half of this episode looked like a living Vermeer painting. And the deep shadows and small patches of light thrill me to the bone. There's a still of Ivy and Daisy on opposite sides of the table that captures the magic of the lighting.

    I think Isobel and the Dowager getting digs at each other is a marker that a "new normal" is almost back.

    I'm very impatient with the Thomas/new lady's maid (Baxter) thread. I almost loved Thomas last week when he told off Braithwaite.

    Three cheers for Mary's line to Tom about Lord Grantham: You and I are in partnership with a very decent man. We expected her to rip into her father and she says that. I loved it.

    We all could probably agree on this desire: more Violet, more Violet!!

    1. Hi Carol! Like I said in my comment above, I was thinking of you specifically with all the lighting. I also thought the music was particularly effective in this episode :-)

      I agree about Isobel and Violet. Back on familiar territory. These two are golden!

  10. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Tom CANNOT leave Downton. That is all.

    Love that shot of Katie settng -- and the one of you two together. So cute! After years of club, Molly took a break this year so as not to have a conflict with the musical. I miss watching it so very much. Congrats to Katie and her team and best wishes for a great season!

    Mary Z

  11. Mary, what is the musical this year?

    1. Anonymous5:26 PM

      We're kicking off our Sunday shoes with Footloose this year! :)
      I'm loving the 80s costumes and hair and Moll is having so much fun with the dances!

      Mary Z

    2. What a fun play!!!

  12. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Hooray for Katie and her team…hope you keep winning and having fun. Volleyball was one of my favorite P.E. activities in school…that and badminton. Really neat picture of you and Katie, too. Happy for KM and her win at the Grammy Awards. Hope you can stay warm in this really cold weather. We are even getting cold weather tonight down here. love and prayers, jep

  13. Enjoyed Downton tonight and liked reading comments here tonight. Was thrown off by Tom's comment of going to America and being good for his daughter. And Grandma agreeing, huh? Sad there is so little connection to the children. I was really moved by Bages and Anna reunion, she look so relieved to embrace him. I think Bates will come out on top.

    Love the volleyball stories and the WINS! It's not whether you win or lose...but winning sure is fun.

    1. I agree that the lack of push back from Grandma was surprising. She protested a lot in Season 3 when Tom spoke of moving to Ireland. And when they had the Cricket Match it was so sweet when he asked her if it was alright to stay and she beamed at him, like only Cora can. Mary was very vocal about the fact that they don't want to lose him. I think Tom is still just trying to be his own person.

      yes, when Anna finally cried on Bates's shoulder I was so relieved for them. They're like real people to me!

  14. Scott and I laughed loudly and often at Violet. There was one scene - I have to rewatch - but where she kept sort of chortling after one of her zingers and we just roared. I love that she says JUST enough. If it was more than that, she would feel like a comic book.. but now it's like the Dowager has just enough wisdom and opinions to chime in at just the right moments.

    I was really agonizing about watching Anna and Bates over the next weeks, too.. and as thrilled as I am for their moment of reconciliation [and as TERRIBLE as I felt for Mrs. Hughes being put in that position!!]... I am not eager to see what Bates does from here. And there's still one big lie on the table about the identity of the attacker. That's uncomfortable.

    My husband is so funny. When what's-his-name walked in [was it Napier?] and Mary looked so pleased and was so familiar with him, I couldn't immediately place him.. and Scott says, 'Come ON. Don't you remember back to the days of Mr. Pamook??' and I had to laugh. He, my dear Anglophiliac, loves this show as much as I do. I love that so much.

    I haven't gotten in my early-in-the-week rewatch yet, as my kids have been home because of weather for these two days. I should have time to watch again in the morning.....

    I LOVED seeing the kids, and seeing Mary and Tom look so very comfortable with them. I think we're meant to assume that they're spending a lot more time with them than we think they are. [you know, because these are real people, and what they do 'off camera' is a real thing. sheesh.]. They are darling. I adore that little Sibby. Do you guys ever catch of whiff of thinking it's unusual how easily they speak of Sybil without being sad, but yet Matthew isn't brought up? They died less than a year apart from one another, right? I guess I just wonder how a mom can so easily reference her lost daughter without tears -- but I DID love when she said 'No, I love to hear her name..' or something like that when the new maid [she's creepy, isn't she?] asked about her....

    I love it. And I love debriefing it with you guys! And I only lament that the season is so brief!!!

    PS - that kacey Musgrove song - so very well written, so creative, and she has such a pretty voice --- am I the only one who finds it unspeakably depressing and hopeless??

    1. My husband is getting much more absorbed these days in watching along with me. I guess I'm rubbing off on him!

      You are so right about Violet and her little chortle at her own zinger. She is so great in every scene.

      Sometimes I'm dying to say something about the next week's show. You can't imagine the restraint I have shown! hahahahaha

      You are so right about Mr. Bates really putting the pressure on Mrs. Hughes and their scene was so uncomfortable. But that shows what great actors they are. I was squirming as much as she was, I think!

  15. It is a depressing song...but I think...Kacey got out. You can get out. So I am not sad. It's a kick in the butt to NOT settle. If you listen to the whole album it works.

    I heard someone say that Napier has not learned...he is bringing his competition with him again.
    I liked him...his kind and happy countenance. Don't expect she will go for that tho.

    I think Bates is a serial killer. Dexter in Downton.

    1. I *do* admit that I will not be surprised if there's a massive secret past in Bates' life!

  16. you are SPOT ON about Napier not learning from the past - silly fellow. He is a very pleasant chap, as the English might say. And she sure was happy to see him.

    Mr. Bates is a man of mystery and I love that he brings that element to the show. You never quite know what to make of him, or what he will do next.

  17. I'm a little concerned about what Bates will do when he finds out Mrs. Hughes lied after that intense scene. Sheesh- don't attack the messenger, Bates! And I don't think anyone mentioned Edith? Oh Edith. Headed to the doctor with her man no where to be found. I was surprised they showed so little of her story, but enough that I'm making my own assumptions.

    I am way too wrapped up in this show.

  18. I'm a little concerned about what Bates will do when he finds out Mrs. Hughes lied after that intense scene. Sheesh- don't attack the messenger, Bates! And I don't think anyone mentioned Edith? Oh Edith. Headed to the doctor with her man no where to be found. I was surprised they showed so little of her story, but enough that I'm making my own assumptions.

    I am way too wrapped up in this show.

    1. I think a good drinking game would be to have a shot whenever I am saying outloud or thinking "Oh Edith" or "Poor Edith" :-)

      There are a lot of episodes left - I really do love this show. What a great set of story tellers they are!

  19. I really, really love that picture of you and Katie. I think I might print it and put it on the fridge.


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