Saturday, April 05, 2014


Apparently... This is fierce.

This weekend is Katie's final weekend of club volleyball and our Wisconsin Badgers play in the final four.

We're sporty.

Have a relaxing, delightful weekend!

Encourage one another,


  1. Have fun cheering for your gal - oh man, her eyes are so pretty.

    Katie has fab eyeliner skilz!!

    Our weekend? Not too relaxing so far - a busy time at Ikea, along with the throng of weekend shoppers. Still, I love the place - and always look forward to the meatballs!!

  2. You know that Ikea near Mary Z's house? We went there once. It is so difficult to find your way from the highway to the store that we will never go again. Can you imagine that!? You can SEE it from the highway! This fact makes Ikea like a pot of can see it...but ya just can't get to it.

  3. The pot of blue and gold!! Ha!

    I totally get it, that whole Schaumburg/Woodfield area is a mystery to me!

  4. Donna, I can hardly believe your comment. We got to Schaumburg once to go to that Ikea, followed all of the signs, ended up with the Ikea perfectly in our sites…. on the OTHER side of the freeway, with no discernible way to get across. It was an absolutel nightmare! I really could never live in those Chicago suburbs. Once we found it, though, we had a shopping day for the ages.. king sized bed, 8 dining room chairs, multiple other kitchen supplies, and 5 people ALL driving back to Racine in a teeny minivan. It was one for the record books!

  5. Oh, do I have IKEA stories! And my two older boys still suffer from post-IKEA-stress syndrome(-:

    Rooting for Bucky today. He is my bracket's only hope. It has come to that moment of rooting for everyone else to lose. March Madness's Dark Alley (-:


  6. We listened to Bucky today. What a heart breaking loss. I love Wisconsin basketball...especially as the mother of a D1 hopeful. Love the scholar-athlete focus. Not a fan of that one n' done stuff!!!


  7. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Sorry about the Badgers, hope Katie has a great time at her last tournament of the season and all of you are free to contact me anytime you would like to come to the Schaumburg area for anything. Personal tour guide for all QLCS members at your service!! :)

    Mary Z

  8. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Oh my, one point…what a shame, we were pulling for the Badgers.
    Hope the tournament went well and fun was had by all.
    IKEA is like being in a M. C. Escher painting for us. My hubby and I get so turned around even when we think we are following the signs. They do have really nice bathrooms and helpful people working there. Our kids really like IKEA. We have a friend who travels to Japan for work and he said when the first IKEA opened there, the Japanese people would come on weekends with picnics and just sit in the display areas as if they were in a park. That made me laugh at the picture it painted in my mind. Hope you are all having a good weekend.
    love and prayers, jep

    1. I am always glad for my hubby on our Ikea excursions, in Zurich and now our first trip here in Munich. 1. He doesn't get turned around and lost like me and 2. He can speak German to the cashiers and customer service people who don't speak English!

      I chuckle at the thought of picnics at Ikea; I do love their idea rooms :-)


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