Tuesday, December 09, 2014

knock. knock.

I don't call it a quiet life for nuthin.

We don't get a lot of visitors.  No. really.
It's quiet around here.

So when there IS a knock at the door someone gets very riled up and

Oh boy, Ginny!
What did we get?

Merry Christmas from Janet and Dave!
Pretty, cool huh? Gingin.

Outside decorations. 
And done.

Thanks Walworths!

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands.
1 Thess 4:11

From that verse came the name of this blog.
This verse just seemed to fit.

Encourage one another,


  1. That is such a thoughtful gift.

  2. Amy J in WI10:55 AM

    We love packages too! Although with all the barking that happens, I think the UPS man would rather not have to stop at our place.

    1. Amy, I was glad Ginny happened to be in her crate. She barked but didn't run at the door hysterically barking. It's NOT quiet.

  3. Santa arriving early is perfect for Ginny!! Love the wreath..Hope it smells divine

  4. I was thinking the same as kathy b, it must smell wonderful!

    Ginny is adorable!

  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    My first thought too was, ah the smell of the forest.
    A lovely and thoughtful gift and Ginny is a good dog, keeping you posted about knocks on the door. And, she is so pretty, too!
    love and prayers and thanksgiving for your encouraging words always, jep

  6. I yearn for the quiet life as our days are crazy and choatic and stressful, especially this time of year. It becomes quiet at bedtime and I enjoy that ;) I know I'll miss this noise some day!

    1. You know Tawnya, I think I have a whole expanded idea to what quiet means.
      For me it's a stillness in my head. Contentment, peace, focus. Not much yearning and wanting and comparing.
      I think it's a state of mind.
      Or I'm just boring and happy to be lazy.

    2. Oh Donna---"stillness in my head." I don't know that. It sounds Devine.

    3. Quiet = contentment and peace. Oh yes.

  7. I love this quote and often revisit it in my mind.

  8. Lovely verse. A quite lovely verse. It is good to have lovely in a good life. :)

  9. Aww! That's lovely! It's so quiet here that my dog didn't know what the doorbell was until his first Halloween. After that day of lots of rings...he always knew the doorbell and barked a reply. ;-)

  10. Unexpected packages are always fun!

  11. I love these pictures! I live with a postal inspector ...I mean Labrador Retriever too!

  12. Oh my....We don't have many people visitors, but do get deliveries. I believe my dogs know exactly what UPS and FEDEX trucks look and sound like, but they love the bark anyway


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