Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hair and makeup.

Katie gets her hair and makeup ideas from Youtubers.
Yes folks.  It's a thing.  Kids this age follow Youtubers even more than they follow celebrities on television.  This hair is called...the Panda hairdo.  

Emma gets her makeup ideas from the internet too....

Emma is in a wedding in a few weeks. She is experimenting with makeup.  We (Katie and I) think she did a great job...
She on the other hand couldn't stop thinking about this cat.

I just tell her not to look at them too long!  

Happy Hump Day!



  1. Such a cute post. Your girls are so lovely inside and out. Mean it

  2. what I couldn't believe is everyone I told the story to when I got to the part about, you know, "that cat with eyebrows", no one knew what I was talking about. Except candice. she knew. of course. I wonder if kathy b had seen the cat with eyebrows before. they are real eyebrows!!!! I want that cat!

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Emma and Katie look darling! When I looked at the cat I thought it had a mustache on its head. Who knew....a cat with eyebrows? Sadly, not me. ;-)
    love and prayers, jep

  4. I did NOT know about the cat with eyebrows! Cute!

    Your daughters look very lovely. I especially like Katie' s sunglasses.

  5. It is sort of the feline albino version of a puzzled Groucho Marx.
    Eyebrows are the new cool facial feature. I want wonderful eyebrows. Emma's or Katie's, but not Groucho Cat's :)

  6. Your daughters are beautiful (as are you) ... not particularly a "cat person" but I had to laugh and smile at the Groucho cat ... cute! Linda

  7. I never saw that cat before. I laughed.
    Emma will look so lovely in the wedding. When doesn't she look lovely? I have never seen one picture that wasn't less than stellar!
    Panda Hair is too cute for words.
    Kaish watches youtube every night to fall asleep. I don't always love what he watches.

    1. Don't forget - you're the mama! You choose what he watches! :) we are the Luddites who don't allow our kids to have phones (even the 16 year old..) or unfettered Internet. I know we do a lot of things wrong, but I am convinced that in this, we have done the right thing!! Big hugs kisses Becky! I love the way you love on your son, and the way you open your home to his friends! I wish I were more like that.


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