Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Round here.

Last Saturday night, between the evening downpours, we visited Buckingham fountain.
In all my years living and visiting Chicago I had never been.  It is very pretty.  I'd have liked to sit and relax...but there are no benches.  
Right when we arrived I heard a band in a distance, Emma said there is always something going on in the city.
Then I heard a song I knew and really loved.
It was Yellow.
By Coldplay.
I grabbed Emma's arm and screeched, COLDPLAY!
She jumped and screamed.  Cause I scared here.  Eeek

But. yep.  It was
 Coldplay preforming at Soldier's Field and we could hear every song and we could hear the crowd cheering and singing along.  
So we had a free concert. 
kindasorta :o)

Just beyond the fountain was a 'wedding tent'.  
They were playing music too.
And they had a Good Humor truck for the guests to have a Chocolate Eclair bare or a Strawberry Shortcake bar.

Cute. Charming. Nostalgic.


Today is Katie's final day of beach volleyball. The training has been very good and she has enjoyed it.
She, once again, did not have a partner to go to tournaments with.  
All I can think of is....
not. meant. to. be.

Can you believe it is the end of July already?



  1. Hi Donna! Looks like you and the girls had fun. You always have such fun adventures. Love the wedding tent! We are doing that for our daughter's wedding on September 10th. I was doing dishes this morning and your blog came to mind and I wondered how Emma is doing these days? Said a prayer for her and you too! July simply can not be almost over, sigh...

  2. Such a treat that you were able to hear Coldplay -- while enjoying that beautiful city and your beautiful girls!! :)

    And glad Katie enjoyed the beach training, but sorry no partner was available for tourney play. Maybe next year! Jamey asked Molly to play on his beach league team this summer, so she's made the trek to the city each Monday evening to play at North Avenue beach. I love that they're doing it together. <3

  3. That song is one of my favorites. What a fun summer you are having. I'm glad you could all be together on a hot summer night.

  4. Grew up in the country (at the time) north of Chicago ... a highlight of my summer was going to stay for a week with an aunt and uncle who lived in Chicago. Every evening we did something special ... ice cream at Buffalo's Ice Cream Parlor or, my favorite, a ride to Buckingham Fountain to see the light show. It was soooo much fun and a memory I enjoy and have to this day, more than 50+ years later! Enjoy your summer!! Linda

  5. Katie is such a gem. Don't let it worry your kind heart. Great days are ahead for her!

  6. Hi Donna - I love to read but rarely comment :) My husband and I traveled from Cincinnati to see Coldplay at Soldier Field that very night. I love that you are a fan, too! The big storm that rolled through sure made it an even more memorable experience. Looks like you and your girls had a great evening!


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