Thursday, September 08, 2016

My three grandsons.

It has become a tradition to head to Omaha Nebraska over Labor Day weekend because it is Asher's birthday weekend.  As you know we all just love getting the chance to be together.  It's tiring and quick and wonderful!!!

The party was a tailgating party!  We met with family and friends at a Stormchaser's game.
It was hot and windy.
Then we went in the stadium to watch a little baseball and Matthew and Melinda and Emma chased the children around on the berm.

Asher was brave and got his face painted.


Five minutes before we left I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of the boys.
So I grabbed Zeekie and plopped him on the kitchen table.  Melinda and Emma brought the boys up, took their shirts off and we gave it a go.  At first I was not getting any smiles and Zeekie was not having it....but Emma went behind me and grabbed a broom and started waving it around and pretending to hit me.  You can see their expressions as they watch the shenanigans going on behind me!!!

Asher has become chatty and is now in kindergarten.
Malachi started pre school today.  He is the life of the party.
Zeekie is independent but afraid of us.  He talks now...but not in front of us.

Aren't they just the dearest?

Six, Three and almost two.

Loads of fun and love.
Matthew and Melinda are doing a wonderful job raising their happy boys!

Encourage one another,


  1. Fun times! Thank you for the photo tip: I will have one of my children try to whack me while I photograph the little boys :)
    If they turn anywhere near this good I will be a happy granny.

  2. They are just beautiful! Asher has gotten so tall! I know you enjoyed your time with them.
    I need Emma at my house when I'm trying to get my three to smile. Your description of your Zeekie reminds me of my Hollis who will be two in December.

  3. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Oh, Donna. Such joy. Thanks for sharing with us.
    How is the job going? Been praying for you!

    1. It's very hard. Especially with the terrible heat and no air. It will be so much better when I'm not sweating like I've come out if a sauna. Hugh challenge!!

    2. Bless your heart! Will pray, too xxx

    3. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Donna, do you have a job now? I probably missed that post. Your grandson photos are just wonderful. How brilliant of Emma! That first black and white of the three of them is just precious. Just think how they will love it when they are adults.

      Debbie Z.

  4. Fab photos of some good looking little fellows!

    Emma, a broom and an outstanding photographer for the win!

  5. Donna,
    I smiled thinking of you and Emma being silly with a broom. The photos of your sweeties are just dear. Thank you for such sunshine in picture form.

  6. Ok, first of all, whoever thought to pull the shirts off is genius. What a fabulous idea. Little scrawny ribby roll little boys are just TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. And those FACES. Each photo I'd scroll, I'd laugh even harder at the thought of the broom. And then that first black and white one - well, I die, I just die. You are a miracle worker.

    I've been praying for you in the heat. Like my friend Jess and I joke, I'm just playing the organ at church and looks like I'm jumping rope in the attic. IT IS SO HOT. It's much better today and the weekend looks exceptional. I'm ready for fall. I wasn't last weekend, but I am now. Like Rafiki, i say -- eet ees TIME.

    Love ya! Mean it!

    1. I agree 300%! As soon as the black and white came into view, tears started. Love all of this Donna <3

  7. Beautiful, beautiful boys!!!

  8. Ok, confession: I just thought about the children and grandchildren of these three young men getting this picture out of the box and talking about these three brothers and their love for each other and I JUST BURST INTO TEARS. I know how *I* feel - and swoon and soar and love - when I see pictures of my parents and grandparents in their families of origin - but for your future generations to get this picture out of a box?? it's just too much for me to handle. What an astonishing gift this is Donna. What. A. Gift.

  9. Thank you for sharing such lovely comments!

  10. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Matthew and Melissa need an Uncle Charlie and a big dog named Tramp to complete the family! Absolutely beautiful boys! Karen F.

  11. What a wonderful trip! I love how happy they look. They are absolutely delighted by the broom antics. : ) I am glad you remembered before it was time to go. I wish you could see them more. I know you wish it also.


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