Monday, December 12, 2016

Is it almost Christmas?

Ginny came to us in December.
She had a bit of a wonky eye.

I have been looking back at some of my old blog posts.   I was looking at December 2006.  
I was pretty stressed over Christmas preparations.  
Some how, I have lost all urgency to get it all done.  

Is this age?
I have this calm attitude...

We still don't have a tree. 
Katie and I will head out after school tomorrow to pick one up.

We will decorate at a slow, leisurely pace.
With doing a little bit each day will all get done...
all will be well.

I hope you are feeling the peace and comfort and joy of the season.
I hope you are enjoying the lights that your neighbors have hung.
I hope you are watching loads of Christmas movies.

Encourage one another,
Love to all



  1. Oh Donna, I need to be more like you and RELAX or take a chill pill, as my daughter would say....when it comes to Christmas and decorating, present-wrapping, etc. I've toned it down compared to years ago, but I haven't let go of the feeling that there's so much to do. Did you see the gorgeous full moon tonight? Breath-taking. I bet you'd take beautiful photos of the moon.

  2. Yes, nodding my head in agreement. I watched Miracle on 34th last night. I'm loving my Christmas lights and listening to James Taylor Christmas CD. And enjoying every bit.

    Ginny is darling.

    And your sweet mom looks fabulous xxx. Love the tinsel :-)

  3. Anonymous1:43 AM

    It's been a very calm season here, too! Like you, I am doing things slowly and not at all feeling pressured to "get it all done".

    My biggest present arrives Saturday. Cassie & Daniel are moving to Nashville! They decided in August and made it all happen and I couldn't be more excited or thrilled. It will be so wonderful having them so near.

    Terry has been playing Christmas music almost every day. I watched several Hallmark Christmas movies with my stepmom during a visit in November and we've watched a few more Christmas movies since then. I baked and froze a few batches of Christmas cookies on Thanksgiving since we didn't have our dinner until Sunday.

    All will be well. Thanks for that reminder, dear Donna. Merry Christmas to you!

    Sandy C.

  4. Pretty easy-going here too. Ginny was a doll. I love your photos. We are going to Chicago this weekend in the blizzard.

  5. So glad you wrote, Donna. I'm feeling much the same way this year... I still have lots of buying to do (I so don't like the consumerism of Christmas and we've ALWAYS played that down in our home - only a few things under the tree on Christmas Day), but I am surprisingly low-key this year. I kinda think I'm feeling down about the whole thing - truth be told - so my 'low key' may actually be a little apathy? Who knows....

    I DO love the lower stress approach this year - everyone at my house is feeling better as a result. Did away with sending Christmas cards this year, and baking will be at a minimum. Working full-time has forced me to prioritize what can and can't be done...

    Merry Christmas, Donna. Think about you almost everyday when I drive through my neighborhood....

    -- mary e. from wheaton

  6. Anonymous11:29 PM

    I love your relaxed approach. Funny thing, but a couple times this week I have thought of the quote, "All will be well, and all will be well, and all will be well indeed." I first read that on your blog and you wouldn't believe how often it comes to mind when I feel stressed. Thank you for that. Merry Christmas- I hope you and Katie have a wonderful time trimming the tree. We have made a tradition of listening to Christmas music while we do it and it always seems like a hallowed spot of time in the season.

    Debbie Z.

  7. You sound like me. I would say, in my case, it is age. I have mellowed out over the years about certain things. Love the photo of your mom. My husband requests fake snow and silver tinsel on our tree every year. I haven't complied. Maybe I should. ;)


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