Monday, June 26, 2017

Three of a kind family

I snapped a few shots of the boys as I was getting ready to leave yesterday.
The garage light was too bright.  But I was getting used to my camera after being separated from it since March.  I was not on my A-game.
Group shots.  Hardest to shoot.
Always such a blessing to get.

Baby Ezekiel.
Bright. Spunky. Independent.
He talks in complete sentences..but you have to be in his inner circle to join in the conversation.
He likes to dress well.
Annoyed by tags.

You may remember Asher.
So Smart. Helpful. Mature.
Lover and defender of Michael Jordan. GOAT.
Smartest kindergartner that I know.

Clever. Playful. Funny
He's the life of the party and has the best smile in the world.
Many bruises on legs. :o)

Katie, Emma and I had so much fun watching the boys last week.  They (the boys. haha) behaved so well and got used to all of us quickly.  We stayed in a lot when the temps neared 100, venturing outside only for sprinkler and slip and slide fun.

Saturday was for baseball games.
Asher's age group resembles a baseball team.
Malachi's age group does not.  (No one remembers to run after the ball is hit.)
The weather was perfection and the boys made it easy on us by sticking close in the parking lot and listening well.  (These are the important things, you know.)

I used some techniques I learned at school 'on the boys'....
 Timers for sharing and lots of noticing when they were doing things right...pointing out their GREATNESS.  They looked at me a little strange at first but I think they liked it.
It made me giggle to emulate the teacher's from our school who work hard on the Nurtured Heart method.  
Plus, I go with the Esther Jean school of child rearing....
stay home.

Matthew teased me about a brown patch on the lawn and my recycling methods...but I said, 
I remembered their medicine every night.

How well they behaved for us and followed the family rules is a testament to Matthew and Melinda and their hard work with the boys.
It's easy to forgot how tiring it is to be on the go from sun up to sun down.
Katie was a little stressed, worrying about the boys.  She being our baby has not had much opportunity to be around children in their natural habitat. 
Emma is the best with children and is much more fun than ole Yaya.
She is always ready to head outside, read a book or tumble on the floor with them.

Matthew and Melinda had a wonderful Anniversary trip to Waco Texas.
They went to see Chip and Johanna's Silos.  They were happy to see it but it was so overcrowded they could not even get a cupcake.  DisneyWorld-like lines to get in the bakery.  Lines one hundred people long.  UGH.  Happily this did not spoil the trip for them.  (It would have for me. Totally)   They found many other nice things to do and enjoyed the cozy Air BnB they stayed at.  

They came home happy.

Which made me happy.

The End.

More tomorrow.  
I heard the most beautiful quote this morning as I finished watching Genius.
But like I said, more about that tomorrow.  
Can't wait.

Love ya,

p.s. GOAT means Greatest of all Time.


  1. Amy J in WI11:15 AM

    So nice to see your post! What a great week for long memories :).

  2. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Lovely pictures of lovely boys. We vacationed a couple of weeks ago with friends with a 14-month-old and I am told KickeePants is a brand of very comfortable, tagless children's clothing. It's a bit pricey though. I'm gathering all the children's intel I can for my first grandchild in August. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Sandy C.

  3. Oh Baby Ezekiel, I am with you. Tags drive me to distraction.
    These boys are beautiful in the best sense of the word. The photos are wonderful. It appears you and your camera got reacquainted quite quickly.

  4. Beautiful boys!! Such a gift it was Matthew and Melinda to leave their children in such capable hands-- and a gift in return for you, Emma and Katie to spend time with the darlings! Love the photos!! xo

  5. Thank you for clarifying what GOAT meant - I was wracking my brain the rest of your blog post! Those boys are almost the cutest boys I have ever seen. (And I say 'almost' because I, of course, think that my own grandson is the cutest!) But to hear that they are so truly a testament to how well their parents are doing in raising them. I'm so glad you had fun with them! There is nothing like getting to experience those morning snuggles, bathtime, and bed time with them.

    1. You are so fortunate to spend so much time with your grandson.

  6. What a wonderful visit. You are a great Yaya. The boys are growing so much. I love the Esther Jean motto of parenting. My Mom feels much the same way. I have always been a get out and see the world adventuring mom, but I can see the advantages of using the Esther Jean method for sure.

    My friend Marsha went to Chip and Joanna Gaines silos in the spring and had the best time. She got to meet Joanna's mom. She said she was very personable.

    1. I never thanked you for the wonderful Mother's day card you sent me. You are truly the most thoughtful girl, Becky.

  7. Wonderful pics, these fellows have the best smiles and expressive eyes!

    Were you loaning your camera, or did it stay behind, in March, by accident?

    1. No. I left it there by accident. :o(

  8. Sad!! Although, getting it back means seeing the fam again :-)


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