Sunday, February 25, 2018

What'll I do

I sang this song as a lullaby for my babies.  I learned it around the time of The Great Gatsby movie....the first one.  

The empty nest is nearly here.  Emma will move to Missouri and the idea of her starting a family far away makes me so sad.  Just as sad as I am that I can't be near Matthew, Melinda and the boys and having Patrick and Shelby in California is awful.  Who knows where my Katie will be.

I've got my work cut out for me to bear this transition bravely,
because all my eggs were in one basket and I loved it that way.

It's all I ever wanted.

What'll I do,


  1. Sending big love, dear friend. It’s so hard to close the chapter on one our favorite books ever.

    1. Love this, Mary ❤ Well said.

  2. You will bear it bravely. And they will be always coming home.

    I love that picture of you all at the football game. That is the day I met you all. At my tiny apartment I shared with Becky. The candle in the bathroom was burning the counter, and you asked to use my hair brush (I never brushed my hair) and had to scrounge one up. 😘🙂❤️

  3. It is so hard when you spent your life being "Mama"...... it is SO hard. You are in my prayers. ....I still cry at times that my time of being "Mama" for Melinda and Jesse are gone. God will give you something to fill the void......but it will never be the same. Love you bunches Donna(Yaya)!!!

  4. Bless you my friend. Ours are far away as well. Hugs..

  5. It's just plain hard being away from the ones you love so much. But I know you will find strength.

    And Missouri isn't so very far away. They will always be coming home to you,too - like Melinda said.

    Hugs to you, dear Donna.

  6. Crap. (pardon my language)I didn't know Emma was moving so far away— which means anyplace further than Chicago. Any way to convince them all that there is no place like (south central) Wisconsin? Moms' hearts are elastic and stretch all over the world, but not without pain.

  7. At least Missouri will hopefully be safer than chicago? As long as it's not the bad parts of St. Louis?! You can visit and talk and stuff. And Katie's a senior as well? Yikes.

  8. Oh Donna, transitions are HARD. You did a loving, wonderful job as a Mama. Take heart in this truth. No regrets. My desire for 2018 is to be open to what's next. It's what I hope for you, too.

  9. I ask that question every day. I have just one, graduating college in May. My heart aches, with pride and selfish grief and love. I put all my eggs in one basket too. I understand. So much love to you. I guess now we have to learn to take care of ourselves. Xoxo

  10. Hard stuff. As Melinda said, they will always be coming home.

  11. Sweet Donna, I know the pain. My only child moved to Houston several years ago and just had my first grandchild, a girl, 3 weeks ago. Breaks my heart they are so far away. You really go through a grieving period, even though you want to see them happy it is painful when the house is empty. Find new projects! And visit as much as possible! Sending hugs!

  12. Oh my dear Donna, my heart hurts each time I say good bye to my children. I never wanted anything more than to be their mother. You will be lifted and carried through the heart break as you see the joy and growth in their/her life.
    Love you
    Mean it

  13. I’m living this reality, I take it day by day with lots of prayer. Hugs to you Donna. Technology does help. Videos and FaceTime are a wonderful blessing.

  14. Anonymous9:47 AM

    I have always told my children that I would rather miss them every single day than have them be unhappy for a single day, and I mean it, some days it is easier than others. I will be holding you in my heart and prayers through this transition.

  15. I understand. Out of my 7, two are still at home. They commute to college, work part time and both have social lives. Frequently I am home alone and it doesn't feel right. Remember the days when we longed to be home alone for just a little while? Now it's reality.😟 I am praying for the Lord to show me what to do now. I do work part time, but there's a void. Sending love and prayers your way, Donna.💕


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