Monday, July 16, 2018

God Bless Prince Louis

I worry about little George....he seems so dour.
But here...he smiles....and I love to see it.
Charlotte is holding her baby brother's hand.

Catherine looks so very happy.
Actually, everyone looks great!

Happy Prince Louis.
The most delightful picture.

What could be making him smile like this?
A doggie?  His brother and sister?


  1. Such a lovely family. That christening dress is amazing!

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Did you see the pics when George and Charlotte were running around at the polo match the week after the wedding? They looked like any family at a picnic - running, skipping, laughing - it made me so happy to see their joy. And I love these christening pics so much. I wish them joy and I wish them Jesus. -Steph

  3. Such a gorgeous family. Charlotte reminds me of her Great-grandmother. I hope they have more children. Another girl would be nice!

  4. They are a beautiful family!


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