Monday, August 12, 2019

Back when her room was clean.

Remember how I said it took me two hours to find the cake with the handprint picture?
Well.  In that dive into the digital files, I spotted this precious picture.
This was back when I was in charge of the room and what went on the dressers and walls. 
Katie chose the two colored walls.  
She is just a teeny tiny tyke isn't she?

We will be taking Katie to college at the end of August.  She is going to Bennington in Vermont.

A new room for a new chapter in her life.
Neat thing about Bennington, they live in houses on campus. Hers will be a white colonial.
Her roommate is from Nepal.  And we thought Katie was traveling far from home!
She's a little bit bigger now and her hair is shorter and I would never think of posting a picture of her in her undies now!

But this little slice of forgotten life....
it's worth remembering.

So much love.

Encourage one another,


  1. Such a precious picture. We get sentimental when they are leaving us, right?

  2. She looks so much like Asher did at this age it us uncanny. Oh Donna, they grow so fast.....before you know it. Thanks for tge share of this beautiful little one, bow all grown!

  3. I remember that little lady, hanging out in the FLAME nursery and cheering on the Tigers (always fully clothed, of course). Are you excited for her? For you? Do you get a lump in your throat or doing OK so far? I will be happy to join you in any emotion you choose.

    1. You are the funniest :o)
      It will be quiet without her. But it is time.
      I think I will be fine.

  4. This post takes me back to the year Matt went off to college for the first time. I asked him to do me a favor and leave his room clean. His definition of 'clean' and mine were two different things. Two VERY different things. I did tackle the job while he was away and found the source of the mystery stench. It was a bait box buried in the bottom of his closet. It had been a LONG time since he last went fishing.

    1. Oh my goodness. Any smells in the room are all Katie's! haha...
      No fish. But maybe....a glass of chocolate milk might be under the bed!
      Cindie, when I was little I took a lobster tail to school for show and tell....I left it in my desk! I remember causing a stir about that!

  5. All the best to Katie! Be sure to stop at the Apple Barn in Bennington and check out Bennington Potters also. Really neat place. If you have time, drive down to Williamstown and walk around the town. I grew up there!

  6. What a precious picture of a precious little lady! Wishing Katie much happiness and many adventures at college. Thank goodness it is so much easier to stay in touch these days. She's off to do her part to make the world a better place. Go Katie!! xo


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