Wednesday, November 06, 2019


Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron 
Ice Dance France 2019

In my mind, this is how people get around in heaven.

Their skating is beyond beautiful.
It is exquisite and full of feeling.
The difficult lifts are effortless and gorgeous.
What a team!!!
I love them.

Big fan,


  1. I LOVE watching them! It’s so beautiful it makes me feel weepy.

  2. So lovely, Angels on Ice. Reminded me of the Torvill and Dean 1984 ice dance to Bolero. When I hear that music, I think of their performance. Love and prayers, jep

    1. The male ice dancer from Torvill and Dean

      Christopher Dean choreographed for Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron !!! I remember seeing them in a documentary and Dean was a mean partner!!! He was extremely demanding and harsh!! eeeekkkk

    2. I found the old documentary and I also have found current interviews with the couple. They still skate together!! I guess she was okay with his ruff ways.

    3. I did know they were married to different people, not each other...Torvill and Dean that is, but did not know about his harsh ways. Ugh! He does do beautiful choreography for ice dancing.

  3. Anonymous5:32 AM

    This performance was in my town. I should have gone! Jen in Grenoble

    1. Oh my yes!! I would love to see them in person!! My favorite of all time is the dance from two years ago. To build a Home. It is even MORE beautiful than this to me because of the music!

  4. Thanks for sharing! They skate so beautifully together. What was the music they were skating to?
    I haven't watched ice skating regularly since my daughter grew up and married. The boys would rather I not watch it. ;) This took me back to those days.


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