Monday, January 06, 2020

Red Carpet Golden Globes 2020

Variety was the fashion story of the night.
Sadly it has become passe to ask what are you wearing...and that's too bad, because I'd much rather hear about their clothes than their politics.  hahaha

Leslie Zibb wearing a lovely layered dress.  I have decided, I like layers and scallops.  
You all have probably got me pegged for this!  

Isn't this pretty on Thomisin McKenzie?
And I think my favorite part of a dress is....the bodice.

Very nice for the little girl in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I would have chosen an olive bow not that black.  Perhaps the designer thought that was too bridesmaid to match like that.

I do not care for the Jonas brothers.  Too much press.  
But there is no denying this perfect dress and woman at the globes last night.

I thought I loved this but now, this morning, not as much.

Kathy Bates in a velvet tux and amazing sunglasses looked wonderful to me!!!

I absolutely love this heavy fabric and gorgeous tailoring.  The color is neat, but I would LOVE to be able to see it in many different colors.  Orange? Royal Blue?  
She needs to stand next to Jody Comer....

Go Pack Go!!!

I love this actress and think she looks cool.
Her shoe is pink.
What is going on here?

Lauren Graham looked stunning.
Just perfect.

The bodice and perfect sleeve on her!!!

Oh my gosh!  I just love this!  I'm going to have to see if i can find the designer.
It's Saint Laurent!
And guess what, this gal, Zoe Kravitz is Lisa Bonet's daughter.
(from the Cosby show)

This pretty lady, "hello pretty lady", is Karen Pittman.
Oh how I love this dress.  It is by Khoon Hooi.

It's my winner!

Gotta run!  Hope you enjoyed this little red carpet special :o)


  1. Oh Donna, you do know how to put on a style show. I enjoyed seeing all of these and that old song, Buttons and Bows, kept running through my mind. I think there are lyrics about "silks and satins and buttons and bows!" Thanks! Love and prayers, jep

  2. I didn't recognize any of those women except Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls and the little girl from American Housewife who looked absolutely engulfed by that dress. She is so petite and tiny, she should have worn a short dress with much less fabric. Other than that, she was adorable. I always wonder why people with so much money could not dress better on the runway.

    1. I did not recognize many of them either.

  3. I did a search for red carpet dresses. My favorites were the yellow one on Zoey Deutch (no idea who she is,) Renee Zellweger's pretty blue, and Priyanka Jonas looked very elegant in that pink dress. I always look forward to your critique.

    1. I loved the color of Renee's dress too.
      Zoey Deutch is Lea Thompson's daughter. (back to the future)

  4. Love your red carpet reviews!❤️❤️❤️

  5. Anonymous10:15 PM

    My favorite is Zoe Kravitz' dress! Everything about it. Always love seeing your picks.

    Debbie Z.

  6. Great reviews!! Priyanka Jonas nailed it in that pink dress.

  7. I had the same thought about the olive green bow! Perhaps the black is “artsy”, but it distracts from the beauty of the dress for me. My fave was Zoe K’s polka-dots. Loved it!!

    Thanks for the recap! It’s the best part of awards shows. :)

    1. Im so glad that the polka dots were a hit. fun!

  8. I'm late, here ... I absolutely love Lauren Graham in red!
    Thanks for the review, MizBoo!


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