Friday, November 20, 2020

Covid watching


Hi friends, 

I am headed to a funeral in Arizona tomorrow.  Please say a little prayer for protection from the virus and the ability to handle the face mask for about four hours.  Please continue to pray for comfort and peace for Ashley's loved ones.  Thank you. 

While I am gone I will leave you with this embarrassingly long list of the shows I watched during Covid Quarantine!

Covid watching

Ted Lasso.  Absolutely delightful!!!  On Apple tv


Offspring. A cross between ER and Parenthood.  Loved it

The Queen's Gambit. Excellent

Pick of the Litter. Documentary about training seeing eye dogs.  SWEET

Kims convenience.  Funny sweet

The Good Place.  All of it. Pretty clever.

The Politician. Over rated

Sweet Magnolias. Didn’t like. Stopped watching

Echo in the canyon. Very good. documentary about Laurel Canyon musicians

The Crown. Finished season three at the beginning of covid...finishing season four now

Diana:In her own words.   Very good

After Life. Love. Ricky Gervais. Touching.  One and Two.  

Never Have I ever. Teeny Bopper movies.  I liked them all.

The kissing booth 2

The All the Boys part 2

Schitt's Creek. Final season.  Love

Episodes.  Really Great. Matt LeBlanc after Friends.

The Last Dance. Amazing Michael Jordan documentary

Shameless. Ten seasons.. very raunchy. Embarrassed to admit.

The New Girl. All seasons. got repetitive. started fast forwarding thru the episodes

Good Girls.   Stopped watching. Like Weeds a little. Jumped the shark.

Broadchurch loved ..

The Sinner. Hated season three

Lenox Hill. Favorite. Watch this

The Social Dilemma.  Really creepy. important watching

Joan Didion doc.  Good


Betty Broderick/dirty John

Gentified. favorite.  Watched three times

Doctor Foster. British.  Pretty good.

Killing Eve. Fave

In the Dark. Just finished 

A secret love. Old Lesbian Couple

The Duchess. Nutty woman

Virgin river. Hallmark-y

The Five. Five friends.  Mystery

Tiger King. Carol did it

Hollywood. Eh. Great production.

Atypical. Gets better and better each season

Dash and Lily Love this sweet romance. brand new

Enola Holmes Really liked this!  Sherlock's little sister

Indian Matchmaking.  Really liked this

This does not include....Housewives and Hallmarks.

Patrick is watching the Crown with me so that is fun.

Along with our nightly Jeopardy, we have a nightly Crown.

I think he is ready for Downton Abbey.  Don't you?

I'll be back next week.

Lots of love and television.

Donna Elsie


  1. WOW! Quite the impressive list!! I’m retiring in January (after 35 years at the same company) and have a backlog of books and shows to get to, but I don’t think I can ever catch up with you! Greg’s watching the Crown with me, too. :)

    Safe travels this weekend and prayers for peace and comfort for all who loved your niece. xo

  2. Safe journey to you!

    Yes to Patrick being ready for D.A.!

    We watched The Good Place and loved it. Take it sleazy!

    Really enjoyed the style, quality of Queen's Gambit.

    Loved Dash &Lilly. Even Jesse said it was cute.

    I agree about Virgin River.

    I read Joan Didion memoir about grief, A Year of Magical Thinking. I'll have to look for documentary.

    Enola Holmes was great!

    Sadly, Schitts Creek is not available here.

    We are trekkies and are watching Star Trek: Discovery. Great show, even if Jesse calls it STD.

    Do you enjoy Somebody Feed Phil? We've liked them all.

    We're hampered by the fact that USA Netflix is not the same as our Netflix. And Amazon Prime is useless, doesn't work here.

    I'm going to check on some of these, just in case!

    God bless you, Donna xx


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