Tuesday, December 01, 2020



I didn't realize the impact of hugging until a few weeks ago.  

Because of Covid my husband and I forgo our little kisses hello and goodnight.  I don't like it but I know Patrick is very cautious about germs.  He has kept a little bottle of Purell in his pocket for years.  I, personally, am a hand washer.  But I hear from him when someone comes to work with a cold.  It drives him nuts. 

So because of Covid, we cancelled our anniversary trip/wedding for niece Sarah in Phoenix.

But then my sister Nancy's daughter died and I wanted to be with everyone for the funeral in  Phoenix.  I put away my fears of flying during covid and being with large groups.  I wore a mask and social distanced as much as possible.  Washed my hands a lot and did not hug and kiss.

The waving hello was awkward and felt terrible.  It felt rude.  It felt selfish.

So I started hugging a little bit....I just needed to.  I felt so much emotion with this physical touch.  I was connected.  Instead of feeling fearful and building a wall,  I felt love and care.  

I am thankful that I have been raised with lots of hugging and kissing.  

Imagine growing up without it...what kind of person one would be if they had grown up without kind gentle physical touch.  That's pretty tragic. 



On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Katie was at our house and baked a Graham Cracker cake to take to her boyfriend's house.

On Friday night she came down with Covid.  She has a mild case so far.  But of course she unknowingly exposed me.    Patrick and I both went to get tested and Patrick got a negative result already but I have not gotten my results yet.  I feel fine and do not think I have it.  I'll let you know when I hear about my test.

I have been taking lots of vitamins and have ordered Hydrocloraquine and Zinc from Americas Frontline Doctors to have on hand.  From what I have been told, one does not get any treatment from the doctor.  Just told to quarantine.  You are told to come in when you can't breathe.  I'd like to stop it before that if it is possible.  

I will also let you know my experience with the HCQ and zinc.

Like I said I do not have symptoms so think I am covid free.  But I'll let you know.

Happy December friends! 

Sending hugs and prayers!

Encourage one another,

Donna Elsie


  1. Aww, I will be praying you don't have it. It certainly seems around these parts that one spouse can get it and the other never has it. It's the weirdest thing.

    1. Yes, Katie's boyfriend does not have it and he was with her for two days.

  2. Donna, I am so sorry this is happening, and I'm praying for you, Katie, Patrick.

    While I'm not certain about any value in Hydrocloraquine* - I sincerely believe that God will give you strength, peace and will lead you step by step.

    Love and virtual hugs, Susan

    *Perhaps it's like chicken soup and couldn't hurt ?

  3. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Hi Donna! I hope you continue to stay well and Katie too! I have been reading your blog for years, just never chimed in. I also wanted to say I love the picture with your girls!!! Take care, Rose

  4. I was exposed too and my oldest son got me a ton of vitamins and the hydroxycloraquine (SUCH A LONG WORD!)I'm all good. I'm so glad you are too but it won't hurt to keep building immunities, right? Save up those hugs and smooches—they will be needed all the more when this mess is done. And what a blessing to be with family for the funeral of your lovely niece. What a year!

  5. Sorry to read about Katie getting the dreaded covid. Hope she's feeling better.


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