Friday, March 19, 2021

what's up

 Happy Friday Friends,

I hope you are enjoying some sunshine and good health.  Patrick and Katie are in process of getting vaccinated.  I'm not in a group that is allowed yet, and I think I'm fine with waiting and seeing how things are going with them.  I am a believer of individual responsibility when it comes to these health decisions...and I am okay with keeping myself safe.  We have safely gone to restaurants and spent time with our families.  

Since the beginning of all of this I have believed that washing your hands and not touching your face was the MOST important step to staying healthy.  I have also been taking a number of pills that i have researched and believe to be a good fit for me to stay healthy.  HCQ, zinc, vit C and vit D.  All the news frightens me about being overweight so that put stress on me and I chose to up the vitamins and use HCQ.

The numbers in Wis are dropping beautifully and I hope the Docs have protocols that are working for most people now and not just told to go home and do nothing.  This is something I find frustrating about this whole situation, that medical information about what is working has not be talked about at all.  Finally, Dr Drew, a tv doctor, got covid and he shared what worked for him.  I know the University in Madison was on the cutting edge of some IV treatments early on but I never heard anything  beyond the initial report.  Never before have I wanted to be a real reporter.  I wanted to go to meet with the doctors and ask just one question;  What are you doing that is working? 

Instead we just had a death count on the news.  This was frustrating to me.  

So I don't know why I felt like sharing that today......

Here is the fun news.   Cindy and I got together in Minocqua earlier this week

Cindy's word of the year is peace.

I was too busy eating to remember to take a picture of the delicious food. 
We had such a fun time talking and talking and talking.  
Cindy has been 'in person' teaching all year and it's going great!  She is teaching 3rd grade for the first time and really enjoying it!  Cindy is funny and friendly, she is a hard worker and has a beautiful heart! Everyone should have a sister like Cindy.  I feel so blessed.

I had to leave earlier than I wanted to because I had a hair appointment. New hair, new glasses.

Do you all get your eyebrows shaped???

Lots of love!
Donna Elsie


  1. You look gorgeous, Donna. I love your new hair color. I've turned slightly gray this year and only been to the beautician once so I'm due for a cut and color and I think I will go lighter, too. Your sister sounds like a very wonderful person and I'm sure her students love her. Happy Spring tomorrow!

  2. Glad you got to spend time with Cindy! I am still too cheap to purchase coloring services. Just can't seem to get out of my extreme-thrift ways (side effects of raising a large family on 1 income). I don't have a lot of eyebrow and have to fill them in every morning. Your hair is gorgeous!

    1. Camy, the hair is very expensive!!! But I say....It's my one nice thing left!!!


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