Saturday, November 20, 2021

This and that.

When I spot something I like on the internet or on Instagram I save it to my phone....and if you're lucky,

I send it to you.  It's probably annoying but you know what, I really like to share things so deal with it.



Here is the sweetest Corrie Ten Boom.  If you have not read her book, The Hiding Place, read it soon.

This puddy cat totally cracks me up.  

I like this advice from young Allie Beth Stuckey

River Jean turned two on Friday.
She brings so much fun and joy wherever she goes.

Thinking of things to be thankful for...
starting now.....

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie


  1. Love all of these! When people tell my sister's pastor "All we can do now is pray," he says, "All you can do? That's the best thing you can do!"
    Tomorrow on my Thanksgiving carol post I'm going to link to "I've Got Plenty to be Thankful For" because your line above reminded me of it :)

  2. I've heard people say that about children being born into such horrible times, but I remember Esther who was born for such a time that she was in. Our children and grandchildren have been born for such a time as this and we must have faith that God will watch over them.

  3. Anonymous10:46 PM

    How I love Corrie Ten Boom. If I am stressed and need a peaceful and calming reminder of who God is, I watch her talk that is on YouTube entitled God's Love. It is so wonderful to hear her voice and her words. She, of course, experienced his amazing intervention and power first-hand, and who am I to worry when he is still in control and is still loving and caring for his children?

    Debbie Z.

  4. Third try a charm maybe, we will see if this will publish. I always enjoy reading your tidbits and seeing your photography. What a beautiful photo of River and her auburn curls. What a blessing and gift Grands are to us! Thank you for writing in QL! love and prayers, jep

  5. Lovely post, Corrie Ten Boom is one of my favorites. And...great perspective on our grandchildren in this world. My favorite thought is the answer to Heidelberg catechism #1, What is your only comfort in life and in death? That I am not my own but belong body and soul to my faithful savior Jesus Christ. Praying they can have that hope as well.

    1. I need to get a copy of the Heidelberg catechism.

  6. CTB is a constant encouragement. Thank you for continuing to blog.


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