Monday, August 14, 2023

Add to the Beauty: Surprises

A few weeks ago Katie sent me this picture.  It's our car, parked outside of her apartment in Madison.  She was startled and a little worried to find it wrapped in what looked like police tape.

No ticket.
Not parked illegally.


On closer inspection I noticed the tape says Findorff.  
Findorff is a huge construction company in Madison.
They happen to be building apartments across the street from Katie.

Ah.  It's all becoming clear.

No doubt some young workers saw Katie come and go in this car and went in for a good old fashioned prank on the cute girl.   This is how we did things in the 70's.

Rocks in the hubcaps.
40 pumpkins left on the stoop.
Short sheeting a bed

innocent. stupid. memorable.

Tell me the best prank you can recall.




  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    (From Anita) Just reminisced about this with an old roommate. We teepeed our friends' entire apartment one night and waited to hear the outrage. It never came. One girl got up early, saw the mess, and cleaned it up before anyone woke up. Then she sat back to discover the guilty party. Of course my crew eventually let on by our broad hints and she was so smug! Drove us crazy until we realized that SHE CLEANED IT ALL UP BY HERSELF! . We figured we'd have to do it. Who's the joke on now, Ruthie?


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