Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Excellent Article

Do you want to be encouraged in raising your boys and girls? Go read Michael Pearl's article at the No Greater Joy website.
The article is titled Training Boys and is from a father's perspective, but it was an encouragement to me, too.

At the end of the article Michael gives suggestions to the wives who lament, "My husband won't do those things..."

Here is what Mr. Pearl says,

" I do have a practical suggestion. First, try to get your husband to read this article without finding fault or accusing him of his shortcomings. Simply ask him what YOU can do to improve the rearing of your boys. Then drop it. Do not pursue your husband beyond his reading of the article.

Second, assume that the responsibility is entirely yours. Take steps to provide what you can, and leave the rest in God’s hands. Maintain a cheerful attitude, and try to provide for all their needs. Do not become overly burdened trying to change things that are out of your control. God has a way of making up for our inadequacies when we obey to our limit and then trust Him for the rest. When you have done all that you can humanly do, lay it down and dance. God will tap you on the shoulder and join you to make this monumental effort of training your boys a joy and a delight."

What great advice!!!

Encourage one another,

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