Tuesday, August 10, 2004

More knitting thoughts

It's too cold for August. We will be below 70 degrees for the whole week here in Wisconsin. Thoughts of the Green Bay Packers are dancing in our heads.
Fall has come early and I am trying ...not to complain.

Instead,I will drool over some very pretty knitting projects I saw last night at the Fibertrends website.

Over the years,I have knit socks, mittens (lots of mittens :o) sweaters, coats and purses. I have never knit a blanket. I have been waiting for just the right pattern. This may be it.


Is anyone watching the Amazing Race? This is one reality show even my family will watch. We all just laugh and think how we would handle all of the trying situations. My husband and I know we would bicker way too much. It would be embarrassing.

Two weeks ago all of the teams had to take a challenge. One of the team members had to eat two pounds of caviar (they were in Russia). This was extremely difficult for most of the ladies who chose to do this challenge. One man just gobbled it up.

Could you do it? Could you eat two pounds of caviar? I would have to be the one to eat it. There is no way Patrick Sr. would even try.

Our boys would be great at this game. Patrick Jr. is great with directions and makes decisions easily. Matthew is a great follower. They could do all of the physical challenges. But we don't think either of them would have eaten the caviar.

I heard a couple speak of their time on the Amazing Race and they said it was harder than they imagined and more fun than they imagined.
It's a fun show. Tuesday nights.

Encourage one another,

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