Thursday, August 19, 2004

Well Trained Minds...on the Farm

Did you know there were wind farms in Wisconsin? These are massive and impressive to see in person. They are on the way to Jean's farm.

From left to right (behind the cow :o) are Kim in On.'s daughter, Emma and Jean in Wi.'s daughter. For those of you who do not frequent The Well Trained Mind message boards, Kim and Jean and I met after meeting on that website. Jean and I met first, in the safety of a Culver's restaurant. Then last summer Kim and her family came to my town with her family and this year we all met at Fairview Farms.

Here are Jean and Kim...two very dear ladies with well trained minds...and even bigger hearts!

We meandered up and down a country lane.

Katie was again welcomed by kittens!

Do you all remember Jean's suggestion about how to keep little ones entertained while teaching the older children?

Jean told me, "Give Katie a box and four kittens and see if she can get all the kittens in the box at the same time :o)

Wise words and true!

So Thank You for the wonderful hospitality, Jean and family.
And Thank You, Kim and family for taking the time to come and visit us!

Thank you, also, to Farmer Napp and Mr. Shay for their tender interest in the littlest visitor. Katie will have fond memories of clover, kittens, Mr. Shay's gooey fingers (from letting a calf suck on them) and the invitation to come back and ride a cow some day.

Encourage one another,

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