Saturday, August 14, 2004

Saturday Show and Tell

Alaska had a show and tell on her blog yesterday and I liked it so well, that I am gonna copy her!

Kissin' Cousins...Nine months apart...first meeting of Spencer and Katie...look at the shape of their faces, chins and eyes! I could kick myself for not trimming Katie's bangs. *thud* *ouch*

Katie takes a picture of Emma. Isn't that a pretty color on Emma?

Run, Katie, Run

Emma is just about to leave for a birthday party.
Talia, the birthday girl, had a swing dancing party at her home. All of the furniture was cleared out of the living and dining rooms, they played big band music and danced with one another. No dates. Just fun with all of their friends!
Some of the girls wore vintage dresses and a few of the boys wore uniforms from WWII. These kids know how to have good clean fun...and for that I am so grateful :o)

*Update* Janet is still struggling with her recovery from varicose vein surgery.
Please keep her in your prayers throughout the weekend. Thank you!

Encourage one another,

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