Wednesday, August 11, 2004

no silliness today

I can not, and do not want to be glib and silly when I hear such sad news. My sister Sue is going through a very rough week. (Read yesterday's comments)
I have looked though a few sources to find words to encourage her.

From Phillip Keller's A Shepherd looks at Psalm 23;

"...only those who have been through such dark valleys can console, comfort or encourage others in similar situations. Often we pray or sing the hymn requesting God to make us an inspiration to someone else. We want, instinctively, to be a channel of blessing to other lives. The simple fact is that just as water can only flow in a ditch or channel or valley-so in the Christian's career, the life of God can only flow in blessing through the valleys that have been carved and cut into our own lives by excruciating experiences.

For example, the one best able to comfort another in bereavement is the person who himself has lost a loved one. The one who can best minister to a broken heart is one who has known a broken heart.

Most of us do not want valleys in our lives. We shrink from them with a sense of fear and foreboding. Yet in spite of our worst misgivings God can bring great benefit and lasting benediction to others through those valleys."

Comfort another in bereavemnt. It is a high calling.


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