Monday, August 09, 2004

I just read the saddest thing. William Luce writes about, "The Pursuit of Happiness" on his blog,

You know how everyone says, "You can't change the other person, just yourself."

Well, Mr. Luce makes an interesting comment about changing one's wife. (Holds true for our husbands and children too, I think.)

"You can change her, of course. Just treat her poorly, neglect her, let slip from memory the miracle you once thought her to be, and watch the bright edge of her personality fold inward like a wilting flower where she can protect what’s left of what once you could not live without. That’s when you’ll go running to the Church pleading some invincible defect of the will, and you’ll be right, but incompletely so. You’ll have forgotten the heart."

I like how he ends his essay.

"The origins of human love are very nearly as mysterious to me as God Himself, as are the reasons why it necessitates such strife and rough sailing, but I’d like to keep it that way. It is in the midst of strife that character is forged, and in the presence of mystery that love is kept alive. Why the two must remain inextricable is a question I’d like the answer to, but I have a feeling it’s already been given. We just have a little trouble keeping Him before our eyes."

Isn't that sad to think we may have changed someone...not for the better...but hurt them...deeply.

Oh, Lord, forgive me for loving myself more than others.
More than You.
Help me forgive, when I am hurt.
Help me love the way that You Love.


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