Saturday, August 28, 2004

Keep 'Em Coming!

If you didn't get a chance to post yesterday, you can still join in the fun. Post away :o)

Top Ten Homeschool Schedule and Organizing Tips

10.Use Your Computer

Learn how to cut and paste.
Use Interlibrary loan, order materials, check on due dates.
Use your favorites button.
Keep numbers and passwords on an index card at the computer.

9.Plan meals ahead of time

Make simple meals.
Shop once a week with a list.
Use a crock pot.
Choose easy meals for now...later you can be a gourmet.


Start with your bookshelves, make room for this years things.
Throw out stray papers, yucky erasers and pencils.

7.No more hid and seek with your materials

Kids things in a box, desk, or shelf.
Your things in a box, desk, or a shelf.
Put pencils, pens and erasers in cups on tables.
Craft supplies in a special place.
Put rulers, paper and scissors in an accessible spot.
Keep numbers and phone book by the phone.
Saxon helpline 1-580-338-4477

6. Stay off the phone

It can usually wait.
Special ring for dad.
Use an answering machine.

5.Set a start time

Get dressed ( you don't have to put shoes on :o)
Gather at set time for a prayer, song, game, and/or read aloud.
Have dinner in the crock pot.
Some kids are fresher in the morning...start with a harder subject.

4.Put materials away...everyday at closing.

Have a closing as a family
Say a prayer...of thanks.
Each child can put their things in their own box or shelf.

3. Set Goals

Know your long range plans.
Write down daily plans for each child.
Check them off when finished.
Choose your curriculum and order your materials early.
Check reading list often and order next book from the library about two weeks ahead of when you need it.
Put music practice right on your daily/school schedule.
Routine is a good thing for kids and parents.
Plan Dr. and Dentist appointments in the afternoons...Perhaps always on the same day.
Say 'no' to extras during your regular school hours...unless of course it sounds really great :o)
Let people know you are conducting class and can't babysit or socialize during certain hours. They will understand.
Set daily goals, finish the book goals, yearly goals and four year plan goals.

"If you aim at nothing
You are sure to hit it!"

2.Be flexible...write daily plans in pencil

Sometimes there is a play to attend, a great read aloud you can't put down, a day when you are burnt out...or sick...use your eraser.
Just keep doing the next thing. Don't freak out.

1.God is a God of order

"For God is not a God of disorder but of peace."
-1 Cor 14:33

I just finished decluttering and putting this years books in their boxes and shelves. I still need to get some nice fresh pencils and my planner...then we should be ready to start our new year!

Isn't it exciting?

"Joe Fox : Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. "
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Encourage One Another,

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