Tuesday, August 17, 2004



Dy and Kris- I had heard a wee tiny bit about the Kumon products. So I checked out their website. It was and is very impressive. (marketing) So I emailed Joyce and asked if she liked the materials. (I think it was Joyce...I wonder if Kumon has memory workbooks) She liked their materials very much. She told me the estimated cost to use the product...the cost was high. Soooooo....I forgot about it.

Then on Sunday at Barnes and Noble, I spotted the workbooks, looked them over and purchased just a few of the Preschool workbooks. To be honest at this point they look just like any other workbooks. Perhaps a little more colorful. I'm sure the company has done their homework :o) and they know what they are doing, sequence wise and presentation wise...but for Pre-school...come on...there is not a lot of difference in the products out there.

Katie is enjoying them. She holds her pencil very well. She never comments on the cute little cartoons, tho. Which I find quite pleasing. I suppose if it was Dora the Explorer and Boots she would be thrilled!

So that's all the news on the workbook front.


Men's Team Olympic Gymnastics

Matthew and Mom watch the Olympics

Mom: Hey...Men's Gymnastics is on...Why didn't you tell me?

Matthew: It's the finals, America gets a Bronze.

Mom: Really! I thought they were suppose to do better than that?

1/2 an hour later Romania has had two terrible performances and the Americans are up on the high bar.

Mom: Our guys must fall!?

Matthew: Who knows.

Mom: Our first two gymnasts did great...this third guy must fall a bunch of times to score less than the Romanians!

Mom, again: Matthew, are you sure the Americans get the Bronze...I can't stand the suspense.

Matthew: Well maybe they get the Silver...but I thought I heard Bronze.

Mom dashes to the computer quickly searches for the results.

American Men Win Silver!

Mom: Matthew!!!!

Matthew: (chuckle, chuckle)


I tell you...the fun never ends!

Oh yeah...one more thing...I kinda like the wreaths the winners must wear.

But once upon a time, when I was Wheaton-Relay Track Queen...I had to wear a wreath on my head...cause the real crown didn't come in on time....and I was so embarrassed to wear the big flowery wreath for the whole day. I mean, come-on...how often do you get the chance to be Queen of anything? 'No Crown for You!'(said like the Soup Nazi)

I kept thinking. "I finally win something and I have to wear this stupid wreath."

Very humbling.

I received the crown later that summer...
It was never worn by me...I imagine my sisters and nieces found it in a box and had a grand time playing with it! he he he

Encourage one another,

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