Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Got Encouragement?

"God knows the feelings of discouragement, inadequacy, and failure which conscientious parents feel. But it was His idea to make them parents and to give them this particular set of children. He knew they would not do a perfect job. He is Father to the parents, and promises every kind of help they need. He stands beside them in every situation, ready to give wisdom as needed and grace to help in time of need if only they will turn to Him and ask for it. He teaches them (see 1 Cor. 13) how to love these children:
Love is patient. Love is kind. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrongs. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preservers. Love never gives up.
It is a supernatural love. It is beyond our powers to love in this way, but it is not beyond His."

-Elisabeth Elliot

Here is the lovely face to go along with the name, Elisabeth Elliot.

I am thankful to have been introduced to her eleven years ago. She has impacted my life greatly. Keep a Quiet Heart is a very nice book of short essays by Elisabeth. I highly recommend it.

Found on a copper plate, above the door bell button at Elisabeth Elliot's family home:

Christ is the Head of this house,
The unseen Guest at every meal,
The silent Listener to every conversation.

Encourage one another,

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