Sunday, August 15, 2004

Oops...My husband and sons walked in the door last night looking like they had just spent the week in the Sahara! But it was not the desert at all, they were among the masses climbing the bunkers at Whistling Straits Golf Course.

They are making memories :o)

Do you remember how we gloried in a sunburn?
We thought nothing of it! Baby oil...Coppertone Oil in the dark brown bottle...Hawaiian Tropic Oil that smelled, so tropical! Everyday we suntanned! It's what you did in the summer. There were no skin cancer warnings! It was good for you to be outside in the sunshine.

Not for my boys.

My poor, fair husband and red-headed children have rarely had a burn.
We protect their snowy white skin! They have peeled, maybe...once...

They will be peeling after their day in the sun yesterday!

They have suntan lotion with them today. I can't imagine they will ever forget it again!

Boy, where they red!

Take care of one another :o)

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