Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Conversation Piece of Cake!

Photo by Sharon

Soccer organizer, blog -sistah and all around creative woman, Anita, created the above cake for the Soccer Party on Saturday.

Every player was included.. every parent was delighted.
It really is the perfect way to decorate a cake for a team party!

Don't you think?


And for those of you with young ones, who wonder what it will be like when your children hit the teen age years...
Do not listen to the television, the news, or the psycho-babble books...

Young adults are a joy to be around!

The young adults on that delightful cake are fun to be with, respectful, dedicated, hard working and friendly.

Look to the future with hope. :o)


Happy Birthday to my dear Irish twin, sweet sister Sue.
Have a great day!


Encourage one another,

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