Thursday, October 20, 2005

Emma and I are watching Sister Wendy:The Complete Collection.
I am pleasantly surprised by how well Emma likes the series. (I happen to love art history)
Sister Wendy analyses the paintings and gives her opinions as she floats thru centuries of art.
Sometimes I'm not sure if we are listening to fact or opinion tho.
We have a few other books that we look at after watching an episode of Wendy; The Annotated Mona Lisa and Janson's History of Art for Young People.

The Story of Painting series is pleasant and informative. I am wondering if there is another DVD/Video series you would recommend for a budding art historian?
I would like to cover sculpture and architecture too.

And since we learned a little about George Seurat yesterday...I reserved Sunday in the Park with George (Steven Sondheim play about Seurat) from the library. I love to throw a musical into the mix :o)

School is rather dry around here for Emma.
Art History is a gift to her eyes and imagination, I think.
As Martha would say; It's a good thing.

Looks like it is time to plan a trip to the Art Institute.

Encourage one another,

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