Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One day

In the last two weeks many, and I mean many, of the friends I have made due to this blog have been going through some very hard times; death, operations, cancer treatments, broken hearts.

It makes me feel guilty to post happy pictures about happy times.

But I also know that those happy times are the times that give us courage and hope.
That reminiscing about the past is often our way to connect with our dearly departed.  And sunshine and smiling babies and beauty really do make life better...even when we are so very sad.

I may be superficial :oP...but I feel your pain and I want to make things better...even tho most times I am not the one meant to do that....but I wish I could anyway.





One day.  Life will not hurt so much as it does today.

That is my prayer for my fellow travelers on this little blue ball...
this beautiful world....that holds so much beauty and love and pain and sadness.

with love


  1. The image of the leaves against the fence - it's breathtaking. Truly, these photos are all so lovely.

    Adding to the beauty. right here.

    It remind me of a favorite passage of scripture: about beauty for ashes, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Your blog is daily bringing joy and beauty to our hearts. thanks ~

  2. I always think of the TS Eliot quote:
    'This is one moment/ But know that another/ shall pierce you with a sudden painful joy.'
    xxooxxoo Ryan

  3. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Dear Donna,
    Don't ever feel guilt. You have been there for me through rough times. Your prayers have meant so much to me!
    Your photos show us how much we have to be thankful for, babies, children , our beautiful world!
    This weekend I fly out to see my father who is nearing the end of his life. He has had a wonderful life and six children and many grandchildren who love him so much.
    It will be hard to say goodbye so I appreciate your prayers. Thank you Donna.

    Beckie from Kansas

  4. Anonymous10:37 AM


  5. Miz Booshay...i don't often comment on your blog, but i faithfully follow it!:) i so enjoy your beautiful pictures....seeing the children & happiness & love in your family....and reading your perspective on life! you are a blessing. I think one reason i/we love you is that you've shared the tough stuff, too....and we see you living in joy even though you've been through much sorrow....God bless you and yours, Kimberly
    (i blog only now and then and do NOT have your skill or following:) but my latest post connects to your thoughts today, i think:

    1. Well said Kimberly - love how you worded this. Will click over to your blog now. :-)

  6. Oh my gosh. I love your little grandbaby. What a doll! Look at those cheeks : ). Awwwwwwwwwww.

  7. Anonymous11:22 AM

    ~LIKE~ all of the comments above. I totally agree.

    You know, Donna, one of the many reasons why I love your blog is the fact that you are so honest and real. You share your bad times and you share your good times. You don't know how many times your blog has helped me out on a bad day. And I love seeing pictures of you and Katie and the rest of the Boucher family.
    This past month I've had three friends lose their babies. It is heartbreaking. My husband's cousin just gave their sweet baby boy back to the Lord just yesterday.
    My heart is aching for my friends. I've been saying a lot of "help them, Lord" lately because that's all I seem to be able to speak.
    On a positive note.....all the pain makes you notice all the beauty in world. I've noticed lately that the colors of the leaves and bushes this fall are so vibrant, at least here in Iowa.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  8. It is difficult but important in dark times to remember that "joy cometh in the morning." Thank you for being real with the joy and the heartbreak. Joy can be pretty darn deep and real.

    Our family really struggled in 2010 and 2011. I continue to marvel at the joy and peace and plain ol' fun that has returned to us. When times are miserable, I cannot seem to remember that things can change. I am so glad to be wrong!

    Those dear QLCSers who are slogging through dark times...you have a promise of my prayers each day. The faithful pray-ers here have carried me through a lot, and I am priveleged to now pray for you!


  9. Donna,
    I love your little bright corner of the world. When I feel down, you and the rest of QL lifts me up. What I've learned in life is that when things are going well or even just ok and I'm not in pain or suffering, it's the time for me to give to others and be generous. You are generous every day with this kind haven here on the web. I love the leaves and their pretty autumn pink color.



  10. Anonymous12:58 PM

    You always have such a way with words!

  11. I feel your heart in your words. I love your happy posts even when it's not all sunshine and roses on this side of the computer screen.

    That baby is getting so big!! Precious.

  12. Love this so much. I'm praying for those QL readers who are going through hard times. "Joy comes in the morning."

  13. Checking back here - and adding my prayers to the others. Lord have mercy.

    so glad He does ~

  14. Anonymous4:33 PM

    "One day. Life will not hurt as much as it does today."
    A poster? A needlepoint pillow? A tattoo? I need some way to remember these hopeful words.

    Reading through today's comments reminds me why I love this community. Such kind, caring souls read here. God bless you all -- especially those going through storms right now.

    Mary Z

  15. Thank you, Donna! That's what I look forward to. Some day ~

  16. Such sweet, wise words from someone so experienced in living in this beautiful, wonderful, and yet hard world. I don't comment much, but your words and pictures every day mean SO much to me!

  17. Regardless of my day, week, or longer, your blog always makes me happy from the inside out. I don't follow a lot of blogs, but yours I read everyday for a spirit lift. Even when you are sad, there is still love here.

  18. Thank you for the lovely comments.

  19. This is a beautiful post. I enjoy your pictures and your family so very much. It is good that we do not all suffer pain at once, and that some of us can share beauty. Today it was your turn. The first picture is so incredible to me.

  20. Anonymous8:59 PM

    And this day's post is the very reason I adore your blog and love the inspiration that you are for us all, not only as a wonderful photographer, but as a truly beautiful person!!! Sue

  21. This is a lovely post, Donna. I have learned in the past 3 years, and said over and over again, "everyone has something." I have also told people who ask me how I do it? How do I go on? "The joy of the Lord is my strength."

    Keep the faith, QL readers.

    Thank you, Donna for being real and kind and encouraging.

  22. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Donna, thank you so much for that last sentence. It was inspired, in the true sense of the word. I was heartened and blessed. with my prayers for you and yours, Betsy


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