Thursday, October 17, 2013

Look at the light.

Oh!—fruit loved of boyhood!—the old days recalling,
When wood-grapes were purpling and brown nuts were falling!
When wild, ugly faces we carved in its skin,
Glaring out through the dark with a candle within!

The Pumpkin
~John Greenleaf Whittier


Katie wondered why the pumpkin was carved. It seems other gourds have been carved and lighted to be used as lanterns.  The carving of pumpkins for Halloween seems to come from Europe and is connected with All Saints Day.  Pumpkins in windows could ward away evil spirits which were particularly busy at this time of year. (There are many other ideas and theories...but I like this one.)



This was taken after a gloomy day.  The sun peeked out from behind the heavy clouds and was gorgeous for a moment or two.


Ginny being chased by an evil spirit.


I luff light.  It makes me feel glowy and happy.
My mom pointed out the birds to us.  "Children! The geese!"
I point out the light.  "Oh! Look at that light."
If that is how they remember me....I'll be fine with that.

Encourage one another,


  1. All Saints Day is my favorite. :) We'll be celebrating an evensong for All Hallows' on Wednesday the 30th at 7.... The opening song/canticle is 'O gracious Light' and forevermore it will make me think of you. :)

    1. Anonymous12:12 PM

      A friend who was a Catholic priest, but left to be married to my best friend (since junior high) once gave us a wonderful "sermon" during a dinner party about how the word light is used in the Bible. I always think of Ed when light is mentioned and now I will add thinking of you Donna! jep

  2. Love the colors in the photo with Katie, and I love the joy on Ginny's face. Nothing like a happy dog on the run!

    Wouldn't it be grand if you're remembered for loving the light by your kids? I'll probably be remembered for being crabby and loving chocolate.


  3. Just what the doctor ordered for the day. Thanks.

  4. Steph that is lovely!

    side note: my husband has All Saints Day off from work. yay.

    LOVE Ginny's photo.

    The light is lovely in my apartment this afternoon. it makes me happy.

    When we go on an outing, when my hubby is hoping to bring home a good photo, he often says the light is best just as we are leaving. The Golden Hour. And you know, he's usually right!

  5. This post reminds me of the quote from the movie Poltergeist. "Mommy is waiting for you in the light." The light on the beach was Amazing. Beautiful.

  6. Oh but Heidi....that is such a creepy movie!!! But yes. I'll be waiting in the light :o)
    The woman you met last week at the about gorgeous light. Boy. She shoots beautiful pictures!! Always in the best light.

  7. awwwww I will try to notice the LIGHT more Donna. As your gift to me!

  8. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I, too, love light, as I deal with seasonal affective disorder. Natural light is key to keeping that under control in the winter time. I live in an eighty-year-old home which had twenty-three windows! And I wish it had more. My brother recently built a home in the Northwest. It is a modified ranch style and has floor to ceiling windows along one of the long sides of the home. Those windows face the west and look out over the sound and mountains on the other side. I loved it.

    I know people who don't seem to need light. They never open their shades/curtains. They don't enjoy being outside, etc. I just cannot imagine.

    Dee S

    1. Anonymous10:05 PM

      Hi Dee.
      I love, and need, light too. I don't have seasonal affective disorder, in that it doesn't cause depression for me, but my brother has it and is fortunate enough to be able to take vacations to sunny places in the winter. Like you, I can't imagine living with the shades drawn. I open every curtain during the day and have many lamps on in winter evenings. If I had my way, I would live in the sunny south but I will never get my husband to leave the northwest I am sure. May you have a lighter than normal winter this year!
      Debbie Z.

  9. Anonymous12:25 PM

    The old children's librarian in me has to add: there is a book that is chock full of interesting tidbits about Halloween entitled Halloween by Gail Gibbons. In the book she writes: "The word jack-o'-lantern comes from an old fable about a man named Jack, who was mean and stingy. When he died, he couldn't get into Heaven. There wasn't anywhere he could go. So he carved a turnip, placed a piece of hot, glowing coal in it, and roamed about at night. People called him Jack of the Lantern or Jack-o'-lantern." So grateful we are not using turnips instead of pumpkins now. And, thanks Donna for the "light", you are certainly a light in the blog world for me.
    love and prayers, jep

    1. hi jep - over here in Switzerland they have a festival in the fall where they do indeed carve out a turnip and make a lantern out of it with a candle inside- the little kiddos love it. Plus there is a carnival to go along with. By the way, I love Gail Gibbons. I can recall her books from when my children were little and the name brings a smile :-)

    2. Thank you for sharing that story...and book name. I will look it up! Poor stingy Jack.

    3. Anonymous3:53 PM

      Wow, who knew they used turnips in Switzerland like a Jack-o'-lantern. Thanks Susan for that info. And, Donna I just found out that the book may be out of print. It was published in 1984. I have a well read and loved library discarded copy, but I think it also came out in paperback. jep

  10. They will have MANY ways to remember you. Ive read your blog for years. Your children have the best mother in the whole world.!

  11. I love light too... light from within and light surrounding. I'm always looking for the light. :) I love your posts!

  12. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Ha! Luff! P and P reference!! ;P boys what will they remember...Their Mom chasing the Weinermobile! ;) ( I said it politely here on QL!! They say something sassy now a days!! ;D )

    sis' cindy :)

  13. I think of light when I think of you...all the best kinds.

  14. Katie's short hair cut is adorable!!!

  15. Anonymous10:20 PM

    "Don't look at the light!!" "I can't help's so beautiful....." (A Bug's Life)

    Great shots!!

    Mary Z

  16. My mother is remembered most for her laugh...and all the brilliance that went behind it. I wonder what I will be remembered for? I can only guess!

    That pic of Ginny is priceless. What a happy dawg, even if she is being chased by a demon.

    Happy end of Thursday...


  17. Ashley R.11:23 AM

    I love the pumpkin poem. I agree about the light -- ever since I got really interested in photography a few years ago (thanks to you and PW), that is what I point out as well. It is wonderful. Now to just figure out how to use it properly so that I don't have to bump up the exposure in post-processing every.single.time... Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us -- I look forward to checking in every day.


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