Wednesday, March 05, 2014

DWTS Spring 2014

Oh my gosh.

I feel so bad for all of the 'stars' who are not Merly and Charlie!

DWTS includes the amazingly talented ice DANCERS Meryl Davis and Charlie White. is this fair?
Remember Kristie Yamaguici?

Yeah.  She won.

Here is the list.

Sean Avery- Former hockey player

Candace Cameron Bure- Full House

Drew Carey- Actor/Price is Right host.

Meryl Davis- Gold Medal Ice Dancer

Charlie White- Gold Medal Ice Dancer (Meryl's partner)

Nene Leakes- Reality Television

James Maslow- Actor

Never heard of him

Danica McKellar- The Wonder Years actress.

  I saw her dance on a Hallmark movie a year ago and thought she was a very nice dancer!  If it weren't for the gold medal ice dancers on the show, Danica would have a chance.

Diana Nyad- long distance ocean swimmer

I predict she will be first to go.

Amy Purdy- Double amputee/para-athlete

Cody Simpson- kid singer

Billy Dee Williams- Actor


My prediction:

Meryl or Charlie with Danica in the running.

Your Final Three.


It snowed five inches this morning and the plows did not plow or salt or sand....
So I really could not get Katie to school.  Whole line of cars could not get up a hill.  Once you get stopped and don't have momentum you are in trouble.   So I turned around and went home.
We may try again in an hour or so....
and then again...
we may not.

We tried. Couldn't get to school. Madison doesn't plow, sand or salt in March. 5" of snow and rush hour don't mix. Lucky Katie.

Stay safe out there campers!



Katie realized she needed an important off we went.  The sun was shining...all the traffic was gone...going to school three hours late is not too bad.


  1. Or not sounds better.....

  2. I thought the same thing when I saw Charlie and Meryl in the line-up. How is that fair to all the other contestants?!? At least with some of the other dancers/gymnasts/ice skaters ballroom dancing wasn't what they did, but ice dancing is super similar to ballroom dancing. I will be surprised if they are not the top two. Guess we will see!

  3. Totally agree! when you click on the photo and make it bigger....the funniest thing, Billy Dee Williams checking out the rack on that woman in the gray with her midriff showing....who are those two on the far left?

    1. One is a dancer...his partner and the other lady is Lara Spencer from Good Morning America.

    2. GMA has been really pushing for ratings since Sam left... Always hoped he'd do the show. I guess Lara is a good second!!

    3. Oh. Wait. She's interviewing, not dancing. Now I get it.


  4. Dawn K10:15 AM

    Barring any season-ending injuries, I agree with Meryl and Charlie being in the top three. As for the third, I'm going with the Disney kid, Cody Simpson. Those Disney kids are usually very good, but they don't have the adult fans to push them to be winners.

  5. I think it would be hilarious if the ice dancers were klutzy on solid ground. Wouldn't that make a funny SNL skit? Take their skates off and they fall over their own feet? I guess I am easily amused today :-)

    Likely they will be fantastic.

    Glad you turned around and made it home o.k. Stay safe kids. It's not worth it getting back out there -- not even for a Chai Tea!!

    1. Anonymous11:59 AM

      Susan you made me think of that movie…I think it is called Blades of Glory or something like that…I have only seen previews. I agree it would be funny, but not going to happen…like you said Donna, those are the ones to beat. I will have to watch this season. Thanks for the heads up! Smart to stay home today or until the snow plow at least. love and prayers, jep

    2. jep, I adore Blades of Glory. Pretty sure Donna doesn't !!! haha

  6. Janice10:54 AM

    I'm with you Donna but will they get the votes? I look forward to seeing Drew Carey, I find him endearing.

  7. best to stay safe inside !!!

  8. I see no one else in that picture except Maks. ;)

    1. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Janet, I totally agree!! :)

      Mary Z

  9. The interesting part about Meryl and Maks....she is so shy. He is so sexy. That is what I wonder about...

  10. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Speaking of dancing, I ended up doing a little ice dancing this morning in front of the preschool. I even had an audience...the bus drivers. Landed on my feet! Darn ice.

    Spring is in the air...I just know it.
    Sarah P. from Iowa

    1. yikes, I almost laughed but then thought I'd better check that you are okay!!!

      steady there, Sarah P.

    2. Anonymous12:57 PM

      Thanks for asking, Susan. : ) I'm ok. I didn't fall completely to the ground. ha ha I'm still laughing.

    3. I have visions of you doing a loop-dy-loop! glad you're okay. I have many memories of similar moves growing up in Alaska!

    4. I fell kersplat in front of the library a few weeks. I blame my progressive lenses as I had no ice within a 50 mile radius! Glad you are well and laughing, dear Sarah!


  11. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I dunno if I can watch UNTIL NeNe is off the show!!! UGH!! :/

    sis' cindy :)

  12. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Today in the doctor's waiting room I read in a People's magazine that Drew Barrymore has a new book of photographs out entitled Find it in Everything about finding hearts in the everyday. Made me think of sis' Cindy. love and prayers, jep

    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

      jep...I saw her on Jimmy Fallon and they showed some of the pictures!! I can't wait to look at it myself!!! :)

      sis' cindy :)

  13. Oh my word. Look at all of that snow. I am sorry. I wish it would leave you alone. I am glad your teenager will go to school in the snow. My teenager despises school. Today he had off from school and he was so happy. I have never seen such a happy face this morning when I reminded him he had the day off. I love Katie's new hair. I am glad the road got plowed.


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