Monday, March 24, 2014

Print those pictures!

I LOVE @socialps (social print studio) it's an app.... So easy and the BEST QUALITY!! #recommended #greatpaper

I tried a new app last week.  It is called Print Studio.  The app is free.  From inside the app you can chose your pictures to make prints, books, or even cards.  Then you pay for them with a credit card...and they send them to you.  It could not be easier.
And the best part...even better than the ease of the quality of the paper is fantastic!!!  Just the best!  I am so happy to have learned of this print co.  Thanks Susan Keller!
So you took one week to get my pictures.


2nd place Gold division!!!! Yay team!!

What a wonderful thing to be in the GOLD bracket at yesterday's volleyball tournament!  First time in GOLD!!  We came in second place overall.
We played locally too and that was so nice!

Only one more tournament and then club volleyball will be over for this year.
I think volleyball is my favorite sport to watch, I really do love it!

Wishing you are great week to come.

Off to the Luke House to serve meat loaf and mashed potatoes!

Bon Appetit!


  1. Printing phone of my least favorite things to try to figure out how to do!
    I've tried several places and the quality is horrid!
    Does this place you speak of print from Instagram and your camera roll or just the camera roll?

    1. Anything that is on your phone. You will LOVE the quality of paper.

    2. Besides the paper quality, what about color? I have had photos printed by other companies and been really disappointed by what they did to the color saturation and tones and sometimes some weird cropping.

    3. Hi,
      The color looks like it does on the computer screen or even on the phone. It is true to the original. The quality of Instagram images is not that of a DSLR image. The resolution and clearness is not the same. But these pictures look like what I see on my computer or camera.

    4. The black and nice was really nice!

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    A recommendation that is free?! YES! Thanks

    Congrats to Katie and the team!

    God bless the food at Luke House and everyone there. : )

    Have a good Monday,
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  3. Yay for Katie and her team!!

    I don't do instagram, but I do believe in printing photos or at least making good quality photobooks. I use shutterfly and have them sent to my house in Illinois. Or Picabo. Then pick them up when I am home for a visit :-)

    Hmmm meatloaf and potatoes sound very delicious right now !!!

  4. Anonymous10:52 AM

    The girls look so happy in the v-ball picture! Congrats to Katie and her team on a fantastic showing! Volleyball is my very favorite sport to watch, too. :)

    Thanks for photo app recommendation. I need to print pictures now rather than waiting until right before Molly's graduation in May. Time to get working on a high school scrapbook!

    Happy Monday to all!
    Mary Z

  5. Amy J in WI11:01 AM

    Congrats to Katie's must have all come together for them! Did the coach have her baby yet?

    1. Yes! The baby was born on his due date. He was about 8 pounds. A beautiful little guy named Rhys.

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Thanks Donna for the encouragement to print our pictures. We don't have an Instagram account, but maybe these folks will develop something for those of us who are Luddites. ;-)
    Congrats to Katie and her team and wow, those are great photographs. love and prayers, jep

    1. Jep, you don't have to have instagram. If you have a picture on your phone that you want to print you can do that too.

    2. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Thanks Donna, we did download the app, so maybe we can figure out how to go from there. Thankfully no one is around to see us muddle through…;p

  7. Anonymous6:53 PM

    We have lots of JO ahead, times two!

    I love the photos of Asher and Malachi. My brother's middle name (and his son's) is Malachy, with the y pronounced as a long e. Is your sweet boy's pronounced that way? Or with the long i sound?

    Wishing you a great day!

    Bridget in Minnesota

  8. Yippeee! So glad you like the pictures you got. I liked mine so well, I ordered some more :-).


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