Friday, November 14, 2014

Ezekiel James is here!

So tiny! So quiet! Welcome Ezekiel James. Melinda, stop being so gorgeous three hours post delivery!!

Matthew and Melinda had baby #3 on Monday!

 (I went to Omaha to watch the big boys for them.
I didn't want to tell on the blog because Katie was home alone most of the time...and the door might be open.  So I had to be kind of quiet about it. )

Doesn't Melinda look fantastic three hours post delivery?
That's just not right!

Ezekiel is very little. Burping time is a good time to see his sweet face and funny expressions. This is nearly a smile :o)

Burping time is a good time to see his sweet face and funny expressions.

I see a little smile :o)

He loves when I kiss him!! #asher

Here I am with Asher.  He is four now.  I am kissing him and he is trying to get away!
He was very sweet with the new baby.

There we go. All three boys up today. Patty cake with daddy. #matthew #malachi

Malachi is 18 months old.  He wanted to touch everything in the hospital room and push the baby bassinet around.  He is a beautiful busy boy!

Ezekiel is quiet and sleepy.
He weighed seven pounds even but looks so small....especially compared to his big brothers.

My friend Bonnie who also has three little boys told me something sweet she says when people tell her that her hands are full.

She says her heart is fuller!

I'm so proud to be Yaya to these three precious boys and their remarkable parents.

How I look forward to seeing the little person Ezekiel becomes.

More pictures tomorrow!

Encourage one another,


  1. Amy J in WI11:09 AM

    Great to have you back, Donna. We missed you! But you are wise to be carefully about Katie. So excited for you and your family. What a fun Christmas you will have :).

    We will see Katie tomorrow.....super fun!

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Congratulations on your new grandson! What absolutely beautiful children they are. There is no joy on earth like the arrival of a new little gift from God. Well done, Melissa and Matthew. May those three give you joy all your days.

    Debbie Z.

    1. Anonymous6:30 PM

      My apologies, Melinda, not Melissa. And yes, she looks fabulous!

      Debbie Z.

  3. YAY for new babies! Especially new GRANDbabies! So glad you were able to be there, Donna :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  4. Just beautiful. All of them! Congratulations!

  5. Great photos of your beautiful family - and so wonderful that you could be there to help, and love on those darling boys.

    And YES Melinda looks fabulous!

    Good to have you back :-)

  6. Welcome, dear Ezekiel! Happy, happy!!

  7. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Congratulations! As I was pulling up your page, I was thinking I hope all is well with Donna & how strange it would be if she hadn't updated since last Friday. I said a quick prayer for you & your family that all was ok... then the page loaded & it turns out all is FABULOUS. =)
    Rachel in ND
    (a blog stalker, but not a creepy one lol)

    1. Hi Rachel & Donna: I just wanted to say I was thinking the same as Rachel and also said a quick prayer for you & your family.
      Congratulations Yaya on your beautiful new grandchild!

  8. What sweet boys! Lucky parents, lucky you! Congrats to all!

  9. Oh, how sweet! Yes, she looks fabulous. And those boys are the cutest ever. How exciting to have another little boy in the family! Love his name, too. Hugs. And kiss that baby head for me.

  10. Well, congratulations!! That is a very happy occurance. So glad it wasn't something serious. Enjoy the new baby, he is precious!

  11. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Another beautiful Boucher boy baby!! Congrats all around! xoxo

    Mary Z

    P.S. I would like to look half as good as Melinda any day. Seriously.

  12. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Such incredible news. What a beautiful family!

    Bridget in Minnesota

  13. Radiant Melinda and darling Ezekiel!! Gorgeous eyes on those Boucher boys.

    My Zack and Rex are 18 months apart and are best buds at 23 and 21 1/2. Let's hear it for boys close in age! It takes a lot work for Mom and Dad, but MAN! is it worth it. Have fun, M&M.

    How is that I missed that Melinda and Matthew were expecting? QLCS Slacker!

    YaYa is the best name. Do you have the rights to it, or will you share? Not that I need a grandparent name, but I like to plan ahead (-:

    Welcome to a family full of love, dear Ezekiel.


    1. You may use Yaya. My sister Nancy and I both use it. It's Greek :o)
      We were much more formal in my family.
      Full. Names.
      Grandma Glyman
      Grandma Hansen

  14. Matthew and Melinda choose the very best names!

  15. Beautiful little boys! Glad to hear that that they (and you!) are okay. I read the blog daily, and I worry when I don't see you post.
    Dawn K

  16. I am so happy for you. I cried when I saw him. Melinda is beautiful. Ezekiel is perfect. I love his name. I love that you have a full heart. God bless those beautiful boys.

  17. Axelle the french reader6:12 AM

    OMG ! Did I was the only one to not know Melinda was pregnant :D !!!
    What a wonderful surprise ! The fastest pregnancy in the world : the same day, I know she was pregnant and had the baby !! :D
    Congratulations to them, a third baby boy !! He's awesome ! They have to try again to have the girl, now :)
    I'm really, truly happy for all of you.
    Kisses from France.

  18. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, baby boy! Hear the music? Three times over! Congratulations!

  19. Congrats and blessings! Do you have any idea how excellent these hospital pictures are? My niece had a baby boy yesterday and the iphone pictures are so sweet but your pictures are amaaaaazing!!! Beautiful family.

  20. Melinda always takes a fabulous picture!!!! Her loving spirit comes right through the lens

  21. I love that you are YaYa~
    I think that is special.

  22. Beautiful! Congratulations to everyone!!

  23. I think there is something special and exciting about being a mom to 3 boys! And what a perfect, beautiful trio of boys they are. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

  24. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Congratulations! What a beautiful family. ~Andrea


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