Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow is for the heart.

Let's go play in the snow!! #earlymorningromp

Early morning romp with Katie and Ginny.
Ginny loves snow as much as she loves water.
Which is a lot.



Encourage one another,


  1. I guess I shouldn't tell you that my daughter was out learning to ride her bike yesterday in her short-sleeves? Well, that's Florida for you! Enjoy the pretty snow and the novelty of it before it wears off!

  2. I am laughing, Beth - my son was out in his short sleeves, too! But, he is 14 and we live in Denver where it looks much like Donna's pictures. I send him out with his jacket ON every morning but it always comes home in the backpack.

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Happy Lab. Happy teenager. Snow is so much more fun before adulthood, or if you're a dog.

    It is pretty though. I like it.

  4. Anonymous3:14 PM

    The first snow always seems somewhat magical. We drove home from Marquette late Saturday night and it flurried the whole way. I thought that meant we should be able to listen to Christmas carols, but Greg would have none of it. Way too soon for him!

    Love Katie's hat! :)

    Mary Z

  5. Cyndi K G3:21 PM

    Looks like fun!

    I have been an adult for MANY years now, and I still get excited about snow! Not just the first snow, but right through the beginning of February. By March or April tho ...

  6. As a Californian I am a forever teenager when it comes to snow. So beautiful and magical! (Because it comes so rarely (-:)


  7. I find I like to look at the snow more and more every year. Look, not play in it. But I do, for Ethan. Good for you for getting out there with Katie and Ginny. (It snowed in SC on November 1. I'm kind of scared at what this winter holds!)


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