Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Wind.

I just drove Katie's lunch over to her at school.
With the window open I could hear a few old brown leaves skittering across the cement and it sounded so beautiful to me.

Blowing Pines.
Chriping Birds.
Skittering leaves.

They are my favorite sounds.


Spring Wind by Greg Brown


On the bacon front,
I made thick bacon today in the oven and it took 19 minutes.


Looks like a lovely week in the 60's....
it will be great softball weather and taking Ginny to the dog park for the first time.
I sprained my ankle two weeks ago so walking has been very difficult...
but I think I can make it around the dog park....slowly.
And I mean slowly.
Hello turtle.
Hello snail.

How you doin?

Happy spring!



  1. I'm doing great, thank you! I've spent the afternoon on the screened-in porch, writing/blogging. A bit warmer here in Ohio .... daffodils out! Spring is extra-wonderful this year after a brutal winter! So enjoy your blog, Donna. Thank you! (I pray your ankle heals soon; ouch!)

  2. Your poor ankle! I, too, pray it heals quickly.

    I was in Kansas City for four days and they are a good 2 or 3 weeks ahead of the Chicago area in terms of spring awakening. The birds! The flowers! It was heavenly. :)

  3. Spring has sprung here and it feels so nice to have the windows open during the afternoon.
    Be careful of your ankle; it can take a while to fully heal.

  4. Anonymous3:24 PM

    So green here...amazing what Spring rains can do and this is the first time in years that we have been this green with lovely wildflowers. We have a friend in her late 90's who says this is the best Spring of her life. ;-) Such a grand description of your favorite sounds...poetic! One of my favorite sounds is a flag snapping in the breeze...that stand at attention kind of sound. Praying for your ankle to feel much better. Hope you enjoy being with Ginny and the turtles and snails.
    love and prayers, jep

    1. I agree!!! Wonderful sound!!! Snapping flag!

  5. I'm so glad Spring is finally here. I love all the seasons but it was time for Spring to come. I was getting a bit crabby with Winter hanging on too long.

    Be gentle with your ankle so it heals completely.

    Enjoy your day!

  6. Hi Donna!! Spring has sprung here in New Jersey, finally!! We ate lunch on the deck, and enjoyed the warmth and spring breezes. My husband got laid off, so that's a bummer. Our son, the Marine, is all done with his enlistment. He and his family just moved back to NJ from CA. They moved into a house 3 miles up the road. The grandkids(ages 2 & 6) have been here almost everyday for the last 2 weeks. SO much fun! Happy spring everyone!

  7. Anonymous5:50 PM

    SPRAINED your ankle a COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO?????? SAY WHAT????? I could've helped you with something, I could've taken Gin Gin on a walk, CALL ME! Karen F.

  8. I really hate you sprained your ankle. But the positive side to it would be the slowing down is the best way to observe those turtles and snails along the path. I have to say the squirrels calling me down for walking to near their nest is one of the sounds that make me smile.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle and praying you are back to warp speed soon! :-) I agree with Southern Gal, though - sometimes God puts the brakes on our lives so we can slow down and really *see* the things we normally zoom past. Since resigning my job and keeping my little 2 year old grandson, I have again experienced the wonder of catching doodle/pill bugs in the backyard, of splashing in puddles, and watching birds drink water. I think we need that slowing-down in our lives, whether intentional or not!

  9. I'm so sorry you were injured. You made me laugh out loud by saying hello to the turtle and the snail.

    I took Bria to her mom's this morning so she could go to the prison to see her dad. She hasn't seen him since she was 7. So 8 years. He is a Muslim and I worry a little about what he says to her when he writes.

    Bri is angry with me every day. It's very stressful parenting her. She wants to go back to the city and live with her mom so there aren't as many rules. I told her I will wish her well if she chooses that. I'm just so tired of the anger. 😒

    I think I need to talk to you. I need Therapy by Miz Booshay.

    Happy Saturday.

  10. I love that song. We are going to my parents today so I will play it for my mom.


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