Monday, August 24, 2015

Short Stack Eatery. Madison.

Hungry. #shortstackmadison

#shortstackmadison Sweet for Katie, savory blind special for me. Absolutely delicious!

Katie and I went to a really cool restaurant here in Madison yesterday.  It is called Short Stack Eatery and it is right on State St. Katie has actually been there a few times with friends and since I had a photo shoot downtown in the afternoon we planned it so we could go there right afterward.  It was actually next door to the beautiful building I shot at.

The food was perfect!

 I did something that I have never done before...I chose the 'blind special'.
It's a dish that if you don't ask what it is it is 1/2 price.  You can only ask if it is sweet or savory!

The reason I went ahead and chose it was because the first two savory things I wanted were sold out.
Now.  You might think I would be mad about that, but Short Stack is very unique in how they run their place.  The hours are from Thursday at 7:00 am until Sunday at 11:00.  Straight thru.
Isn't that incredible?  So I can understand why they were out of the item.  We were there at the tail end of their week.  So I figured I would try the savory special.

Katie knew she loved the chocolate chip pancakes.
My blind dish was an omelet and I loved my omelet with fresh veggies and a perfectly dressed delicious salad.

Every thing is fresh and local and nothing is from a box.

I hear the line is out the door on busy weekend mornings and I hear they have the best
Bloody Mary in the world. time you come to Madison....go to the Short Stack Eatery!  It's on the corner of Johnson and State St.

I can not wait to go back!  Maybe I will see you there!

Miz Boo


  1. It sounds and looks DeeLISH!

    I am so impressed that you went for the blind special! What a great deal (and I love their business design).

    Breakfast is so fun to eat out :-)

  2. If it were just a little closer...

    I love the fact that you get it for 1/2 price! Those pancakes look ah-mazing.

  3. I'm copying down the Hunter Thompson quote just for those two words: terminally jangled! This looks like such a fun place to eat. I applaud your adventuresome spirit to order the Blind Special. "Half-price" feeds my frugality-loving spirit.

    A friendly acquaintance of mine makes it a practice to order Blind Specials at restaurants that don't have Blind Specials! When she orders she just asks for the chef to choose her plate. She says she has gotten some great meals that way.

    I have never remembered to try that, but someday I will!

    Happy Monday, Miz Boo!

  4. Anonymous10:47 AM

    What a unique approach to dining....I like it!
    Both meals look yummy. Thanks for sharing. love and prayers, jep

  5. Amy J in WI1:56 PM

    I took my mom there this winter before a show at the Overture. We enjoyed it too! A true Madison eatery. I think you are very brave to try the blind special. I am too picky to try it!

    1. Amy, I've never done something like that. I did say does it have kale??? They said no!
      It's all the rage and it would have been a deal breaker :op

  6. Ohhhh Those pancakes had me at the whip cream!

  7. ^^ Haha, KathyB! :)

    Both meals look so yummy! And love the quote, too.

  8. What fun!! I love the idea of the Blind Special!!! My 9-yr old daughter is in this phase right now where she'll tell me two or three things from a menu that she's interested in and ask me to choose one for her and not tell her what it is, so that it's a surprise to her when it arrives. Sounds like this would be the perfect fit for her! :) :)

  9. I so enjoy your blog!!!


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