Monday, November 16, 2015

Always get up.

Today is a tough day for me...because our Katie has had a big disappointment.
As of today, she is not on a club team.
Her team of three years closed down,
so she tried out for a small team that a few of her school friends played with.
(We try out for the smaller clubs because they cost 1/2 as much.)

The emails go out on Sunday night and Katie did not get an email with an offer.
Her friends got offers.

We do not know how many newcomers they had room for on the team. Maybe only two or three.

But what I do know is my girl is sad.

And I can't stand it.

She reassures me that it's going to be fine but I worry so.

I know it's important to face disappointments in life.
It builds character.

But that does not help me sleep.

Emma told me to make Katie pancakes for breakfast.
And so I did.

I think it helped both of us.


Life is tough.
But so are you.
~Kid President

First rule:  Always get up.

Encourage one another,

I just opened my mail and Katie did get an was sent yesterday at 4:05 but we did not receive it due to a email mixup!
Oh my goodness.
So happy.


  1. So we got to build character and get an offer :o)

    1. I was just coming to the comments to say that very thing.

    2. (P.S. and have pancakes)

  2. Yay!! So happy to read that update. As a parent it is so difficult to see kids disappointed or hurt and no matter how much we tell ourselves it builds character, it still hurts.

  3. I understand how hard it is to see our kids be hurt and left out. So wonderful that she did get the offer! So happy for you both! :-)

  4. Amy J in WI11:58 AM

    So glad for the happy ending! I knew it had to be a could a team not pick Katie??

  5. Anonymous12:14 PM

    awww, still a character building moment. Congrats to Katie.
    Kristi in LV

  6. Oh boy. I was so sad and now I am so GLAD. :) PHEW. AND YAY FOR PANCAKES. <3

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  8. The big lump in my throat that developed while reading your post is only gone because I burst into tears when I read the Update. So very, very happy for Katie -- and for you!

    You are such a wonderful mother. Katie is so lucky to have you and Emma.
    Love you
    Mean it
    Please give Katie a giant hug for me

  10. Damn technology! Yay Katie!

  11. Oh, Donna. So happy to read the update. I felt so sad, and now I am really happy. I do believe those email snafus are for the mom's character, don't you? (-:

    God bless Katie on her new team! May it be a year of great growth and tons of fun.

    I read the word "offer" and feel my heart basketball dreamer is really hoping to make a splash this season so he can get a college offer. Lamaze breathing will, once again, get pulled out of my bag of tricks. So glad we can trust God for all the details of the lives of our dear kids.

    Happy Monday.


  12. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Oh my, I am so thankful that I read to the end of the blog was a That's Bad, no That's Good situation. I used to read several books with that premise to my students: one by Margery Cuyler That's Good! That's Bad!, an older version of the same name by Joan M. Lexa and a book entitled Fortunately by Remy Charlip. So happy that the ending to Katie's story is That's Good!!! love and prayers, jep

  13. I told Katie she has a good story to tell now. 😊

  14. She was right! It really was fine! Hope she has a blast with her new team!

  15. Anonymous2:41 PM

    So happy to hear the good news--after you and Katie suffered through the bad. Those disappointments are SO hard to accept and almost harder for the moms to see our children hurting. Thank you for sharing your downs & ups!

    Sandy C.

  16. Anonymous3:17 PM

    My daughter went to several tryouts this weekend as well. We are new to this process and found it very overwhelming!! So many girls and so few spots with the bigger clubs. My daughter also got an offer from a smaller club. Who will Katie play for?

    1. She will play for the Oregon acers

  17. HooRAY!!! I love that you got to build character AND be happy and have a great ending!!

    And you can never go wrong with pancakes!!

  18. Anonymous4:00 PM

    This club volleyball deal is huge, isn't it? I wish we could all go back to the simple days when kids went outside to play with the neighbors!

    Congratulations to Katie!

    Bridget in Minnesota

    PS Emma is a genius!

  19. Only my oldest played club ball - and only through middle school. Once HS started, we stepped off of the club ball madness to play school ball and take advantage of things like busses. :) I have to say, i do NOT miss it... I'm so grateful to have my Saturdays back!!!!

    So happy for Katie Gracie. Glad she finds joy in it! And hope you do, too!

  20. Well, I went from sad to happy in the course of that post! Yay for Katie! I hope it's all she's dreaming of. And I hope you get some sleep now. ;)

  21. So happy that she ended up making it but, isn't it nice to know that she could handle the worse outcome with grit and grace ;)


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