Monday, November 02, 2015

The huggers.

I have always been so fond of Prince William and Prince Harry.  They are the same age as my boys and honestly Harry reminds me of my Matthew.

The little royal boys were both little soldiers.
And both became grown up military men.

William flies helicopters.
Harry has served in Afghanistan.

Now Harry's main interest is helping the veterans.
He walked with the 'Walking Wounded' group earlier in the year.
They met up again a few days ago.

Now. That a hug.  What a great hug!!!
Especially impressive since the Royals are generally hands off.
Hands clasped behind their back sorts.

Kristie Ennis gave Harry the dog tag he is holding....

I just love these pictures.

As Mr. Rogers says...
look for the helpers.

As I say...
look for the huggers.


p.s.  I love Diana's outfit.  I'm sorry she can not see how wonderful her sons turned out.


  1. I do wish Diana were here to hug her boys, but I also feel sure Diana can certainly see how her sons turned out. I'm sure she is proud of those grandbabies, too!

  2. I agree with BeeBelle that Diana can see how her beloved boys turned out, but wouldn't it be wonderful to see her with them now? These photos really touched my heart. Hugging is my love language for sure.

  3. Donna--we are totally on the same wave length on this subject. W &H are the very close to the age of my two grandsons. I am fascinated with everything Royal family---as for the hug------one of the best I have ever seen. I remember hugging hubs like that when his stomach and mine were very flat--way back in the day !!!! hugs to you


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