Wednesday, January 06, 2016

American Idol. Final Season.

Happy Hump day!

What I'm excited about today is American Idol is starting tonight! It is the final season.

I just love the judges and so look forward to this!

Here Phillip Phillips sings Home. I loved it immediately.   I would guess that this is the most successful original song ever written for a musical contest show.  It was on every commercial and on the radio for a few years!

Falling slowly. Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze.
So good.

I like when I hear a song for the first time and love it right away.
That does not happen so much.

I've only skipped one season of American Idol.  It was the year that Carrie Underwood won.
That's funny to me.  Something was bugging me that year but I can't remember.  Someone I liked probably got booted off and I got mad.
I can be that way.

I'm still not a fan of the Voice.

I'm sticking with my Idols.... even tho most viewers have abandoned ship.

That's okay.
I knows what I like.



  1. True confession: I have only seen AI twice. Total. Maybe this year I will change that.

    Love that Philip Phillips song, and it has one of my favorite lyrics: If you're lost you can always be found. Such comfort in that!

    Happy New Year, Donna dear. Love you!


  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    We don't watch American Idol anymore only because we don't watch TV anymore. Our TV set must think we are on an extended vacation...the only action it has is when the Grands come and watch their DVDs on it. We are like that little boy in the commercial who calls everything a television in Spanish. Our computer does get lots of attention with commercials! Those are both really good have a good ear to go along with your good eye for finding light. Happy Epiphany to everyone here at QL! love and prayers, jep

  3. You and me both on The Voice. I didn't watch AI the year Candace Glover won (and she's from my state!) because I couldn't stand the infighting between Mariah and the other girl. I voted for Bo Bice the year Carrie won. ;) I liked them both, but I am always drawn to the rockers. Thanks for reminding me it's on tonight because my guys will try to keep those things from me as they are channel surfing! Here's to a great final year!

    1. Oh, and that Falling Slowly song is from the Broadway musical Once which we were supposed to see in March. It may not happen and it makes me sad.

    2. I adore the film "Once" and the music.

  4. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Bittersweet for me. I watched the 1st season with my brand new infant baby number 1. He's now 14 and has watched his whole life.
    Kristi in LV

  5. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Donna, I still watch American Idol too! I know I will enjoy the last season. It's funny, but over the years some of my favorite contestants didn't win but I downloaded some of their music onto my iPod and I still enjoy it- songs from Jason Castro (remember his rendition of Hallelujah?), Alex Preston, and Amber Holcomb, to name a few. Because I love music so much, this show has always been a favorite. I, too, have never been able to get into The Voice, even though my sister tells me the winners have been more amazing singers.

    Debbie Z.

  6. All good things must come to an end? Loved it too ...

  7. The current judges are the best -- and "Home" is such a good song. Greg used it for his 8th graders to sing at graduation last year. Perfect!

    1. That is very sweet. I would have cried.


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